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  1. Hi dude! Just been reading on the forum here you've got the husky 572xp. After working with it a few weeks what's your thoughts on it? I'm finding plenty of people putting up the YouTube vids but no real reviews regarding how it performs, I'm about to lay down the money for one this week but if it's crap then it's gonna be the ms461. Cheers dude!

  2. Yeah we're based in Carmarthenshire, Wales - they should be readily available from the beginning of March apparently.
  3. Today we got our hands on the Husqvarna 572XP, from first start it was running in a slightly held back manner however our dealer informed us that this is a "running in setting" on the carb. Just short of a tank of juice it really opened out, cutting full (20inch) bar depth in oak with no real struggles. As far as first impressions, it's light, plenty of power and very comfortable to use. I'm keen to test it next to a 372XP on the same bar and see how they compare, it certainly feels a lot different to a 72. After running 550's and 560's we know what to expect with the auto tune and to be honest the 572XP does adjust a lot quicker than the 560's. The build quality looks to be of a higher standard than the recent models released, although time can will tell on that front. Anyone else got their hand on one yet? Would be keen to hear other opinions! We will be putting it through it's paces over the next few weeks and will add the ongoing feedback to this thread.
  4. The reason I'm saying it wipes the floor with the competitors is because of the build quality, the design and simplicity of engine and hydraulics (easy to maintain). Admittedly, my opinion is going to be biased no matter how impartial I try and be. The fact that the operator is sat over the rear part of the articulation means that when you're manoeuvring you are following the front wheels rather that being on the front with the rear then protruding past the route of the front wheels. On a tight site this comes into it's own. No plastic - need I explain? I'm not here to sell you a Norcar, I'm just giving you my honest opinion of an absolutely great machine, I'm not saying a Avant or Multi One don't have their strong points but for a tough, simple, quality built and well thought out machine this ticks all the boxes for us. Please tell me where this 'top heavy' rumour has come from? Cheers
  5. We've had a Norcar A75 for almost a year now, we looked at buying an Avant or Multi One but then we came across Norcar and the build quality jumped out at us. Forget what anyone is saying about them being top heavy or overpriced. They are competitive and the build quality is second to none! Our Norcar has transformed the way we operate on site, we have forks with a hydraulic beak, grapple and bucket and the machine is involved in everything from moving brash to clear up. Get in touch with Andy Cox at Moorend (07867426919) for a demo guys, this a totally understated machine that wipes the floor with the other mini loaders out there!
  6. Hello, I've just been handed the task of thinning a 12 year old, 6 acre plantation of Sitka spruce. Trunk diameter up to 16" I was wondering what price I should expect per tonne or per lorry load if picked up from roadside? Thanks.
  7. Ok thanks guys. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  8. I have just purchased a lockjack sport, I'm wondering what 11-12mm rope works best with it? I have been using Yale Blaze, I have been told that Yale Blue Toung works well. Anyone got any experience with different ropes?


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