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  1. Has any one ever wondered what " -12 " might feel like in June, Would it feel as cold as lets say February ?
  2. There is also a massive issue with new high spec big HP engines, engines are now that expensive & sometimes highly sensitive to patent filters, so we always use genuine fuel & also genuine hyd filters on this sensitive equipment, by using genuine filters if there is any sort of problem just out of warranty our suppliers are happy to help if we can give them a good argument. It also comes back to " down time " a local agg dealer rebuilt a New Holland gearbox using none genuine bearings " not once but twice " the customer took him to court when it failed the 2nd time & 12 months later, Rumour has it it cost the dealer about 20k & he was in the wrong for not using genuine parts.
  3. 100% agree with your views , I was referring to warranty on replacement failed parts,
  4. As a main dealer ourselves I can tell you guys out there the bigger the manufacturer " sometimes " the more expensive the part is ( manufacturer + importer = ££ ) , We pride ourselves doing a honest days work & for a fair price, It is always worth checking parts prices before you buy any machinery, Warranty also make's things tricky with the manufacturer if ( as a dealer ) we want reimbursing we have to use genuine parts. If your happy with the machine & the dealer gives service & back up to keep the wheels turning everyone is normally happy, once out of warranty we will always give the customer the choice of genuine or patent part where we can, We have been fitting patent suspension parts & breaks to all our service vans but it is false economy, THEY DO NOT LAST, we had a front lower patent wish bone fail after 90 mile last week & we have been fitting new brake disks & pads every 6 months, so we have now gone back to genuine main dealer parts, sometimes you just don't want the machine down.
  5. Kevin, I would 100% agree with your views, We have experienced Back Hoes on Skid Steers, Avant Loaders & also Tractors of all sizes & you are correct with your statement, We were that impressed with this one it was " worth telling folk ". Until we set it up on the machine we were not sure what we had, It uses a short top linkage arm to hold it firm & then there is simple pivoting quick-tach bracket on the attachment & when used correctly the pivot action forces / pins the back hoe to the ground, even digging @ 90 degrees to the machine or off set to the one side it's stability is very impressive and - Well worth a look, the best one we have seen -
  6. Our latest 7.2 loader thinks it is a mini digger,
  7. Our little Landini 2840 we use for woodland & Verge mowing, photo shows a Siromer Flail but we also have a 60" jungle buster swipe & also a 60" finishing mower we use behind it, She dose spend some time on a log splitter as a last resort due to low oil flow.
  8. In reply to the topic title, " whats your MultiOne loader doing today " This MultiOne 9.5SD is sweeping the yard & doing a cracking job according to the driver " Mo-Jo Jenkins from Hay on Wye.
  9. Hello Woodworks,, You are correct in what you say, Manitou own Gehl & Gehl own Mustang & the 3 brands are sold side by side around the world, We ( as a Gehl dealer ) have been selling the Gehl product, mainly skid steers since 2005. The " AL " range of loaders is a product the company expect to see global growth with, The range starts with a 2 series & stops with the 7 series ( the 6 & 7 series both having telescopic booms as options ) The 7 series with telescopic boom is more like a Matbro 200.
  10. They look mega Jumpy & really don't look safe,,
  11. I'v got a Massey Ferguson 130 alongside some old International tractors & the same thing, she had not been started "lets say" for maybe 3 years & a bit of heat & 7 or 8 seconds cranking,, She fired 1st time when I tried her a couple of weeks ago,, " you cant beat the old stuff sometimes "
  12. Nice crawler,, not many of these left anymore
  13. Had you thought of buying a cone splitting screw ( off a pto screw spliter ) & making an adaptor to mount it in the auger drive, " quick tip " don't get one with a replacement tip because if you reverse the auger in the wood the tip may come undone.


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