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    <p>Hi Stu, we are a small tree surgery firm based in Reading. </p>

    <p>We could use a hand now and again. We just do domestic stuff,trees,hedges and stumps. If you're interested please ring me on 07779118685. Thanks, Daren.</p>


  2. Hi there I'm looking for a couple of days a week doing groundy work or site clearance. I'm based in reading but would be willing to travel 45mins or so. I've been in the forestry industry for 6+ years. The tickets I have are cs30 31 32. Mo1 for tractor fmo for both purpose built and Agri cranes. Pa1 and pa6aw. Npors cherry picker, chipper, lantra telehandler and forestry first aid. I've operated a tractor and trailer crane for the last two years and can pretty much drive all types of machinery, I've got all my own saws and a clean driving license. If anybody has any work or knows anybody that does message me on here and il forward a contact number over. cheers Stuart
  3. Hi guys I'm looking for 2 or 3 days work a week doing whatever. I got a lot of work from a local estate but my boss is leaving and my role there is at an end also as he's leaving, i used to operate the estate forwaders But another contractor who has his own equipment has taken over the haulage and extraction which leaves no work for me. I have cs30 31 32, pa1 pa6aw, FMO (agri) FMO (purpose built), Telehandler, MO1 CSCS a full clean driving license. If anybody has or knows anyone pm me through here. Stu
  4. Ul get good visibility with those windows! Theres so many blinds spots in the n series tractors
  5. Stuff that! 6p a tree! £90 for back breaking work ain't enough IMO
  6. I've been asked to look at a large yard area that someone wants spraying. I havnt done masses amounts so not really sure what the rates are? Il be supplying all chemical and equipment Cheers stu
  7. I'm sorry for your loss mate! My thoughts are with you and your family.
  8. The tractor I operate at work.
  9. There was a article in the forestry journal a while ago with the exact same machine I think following a small harvester think it was owned by a small tree firm.
  10. Hey guys Gunna buy a new helmet soon, I've always bought the husky forestry lids but would like something with a bit more comfort ability and padding, was thinking the new protos but heard there not worth the money! It potentially might be used for a bit of climbing so one where you can take the chin strap off. What's people opinions?
  11. Stu


    How's it growing, we have some that's 2 or 3 years old and it's about 10 11ft tall on the good soil
  12. Maybe the uk just has a growing population of young people a lot are probaly hard working but there will always be the ones that don't wanna work or make excuses, I know a couple of guys that have there own company's at 20 od and are pretty successful so it's not every young person!
  13. A company based not to far from me in Reading


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