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  1. Scott is a close college of mine, and we have trained and assessed many candidates together as well as done joint presentations. I have pushed many people in his directio who are closer to hislocation than mine. hell do you proud., he
  2. Hi chap. all the stated reasons, but the phisics is the back uncut strip holds a leaning tree from moving while you boear throough and cut forwards, to get the hing thickness correct. when that is done you sever the strap and hay presto safe fall. i should say if you have done a chainsaw felling qualification you should cover this cheers
  3. Hi the arb industry in not exampt. the work t height regs were implimented through the guide to good climbing parctice 2, nd also the standards set by the training and assessment provision. the only part which is slightly differant for the arb industry is when 2 rope working is expected. the current stance is not during asent with multiple change overs, and certain moves in the canopy.but especially when cutting with chainsaw, 2 ropes is expected, also when the risk of a large swing is present.
  4. Tree fella 01702 216766 neil carter 01277 213 834 kev
  5. Hi all hope everyone is enjoying the sun and nice and busy, Just thought Id post this. I know there are some spaces left and the evening is FOC. so if you want go go give the BTS shop a ring on 01449 721983. Hope to see you there Arbocop.
  6. Ahh a 2 stage clutch, one forhte box nad one for the PTO. we recently bought a ocmpat alpine. really happy with it lots-power, ok a bit 'agricultural' and a little tight in the seating position, but good value for money. I think it may e a bit of overkill for grass cutting though. Why does it have to be smaller than the good old 135, you can still get those and the small holder version too, and for back to basics cheap and cheerful there still la good option.
  7. Hi Baz I open my mouth for fear of getting shot down, but Ill try ot keep it short Yes & NO lol. in a nut shell lots of bits of H&S legislation talk about 'adequate training' the best practice further clarifies this by for instance identifying chainsaws as needing very specific goals against national recognized criteria. there re lots of ways of demonstrating this training, but the easiest is to get a 'ticket' . following on from some training (formal or informal). so do you need the chipper and grinder tickets, you need to demonstrate training. and again easiest way a recognized ticket. having said that a much higer risk operation would be rigging, and you are more likly to have a mishap doing rigging than chipping just because of hte built in safety of a chipper. so in short id do all 3 but lay out a plan, think what you are most likely to be injured by or what you are least experienced at. and plan to do them over a 24-30month period? finally just remember that the training and tickets arnt just about getting the bit of paper, god training will always give you something, your knowledge skills, etc should always benefit from a refresh or an increase. and as a finishing note from a point of view of employees, dont forget the biggest risk there is the no win no fee crowd, so yes training is vital to create a great culture and improve safety and skills, but heavens forbid anything goes wrong those vultures will be all over you looking for the slightest weakness, and they make the HSE look like cute kittens.. cheers arbocop
  8. Yeh I know Them LOLER inspectors fancy getting upset by something like the law, the legality of selling it in the EU unmarked and the desire for a consistent and predictable performance LOL
  9. For LOLER assessments it is still the same . There are only 3 assessors Chris, Simon Holmes and I think its Graham in scotland. All assessments are booked via an assessment center and in advance. once the assessment is done it takes a journey via a lengthy verification process. If you want to contact the assessors to find out what centers are running courses chris's infor has already been given simon can be contacted via Land Based Training - Land Based Training hope it helps arbocop
  10. Where I used to work we were Lucky eough that he would visit and reserch one of our woodlands so I not only got to meet him but also hear him talk on several occasions. A great shame he's gone,
  11. since cam savers were arround varying makes have done this, it seems to be 2 causes, some like the Komet always prone to the rings rubbing together and taking the damage on that face, others like mt Multi saver, where the rope runs. too have the Stign saver and the anodosing gone on it. Just monitor it. Just another note the ring damage will be accelerated by using the lock jack, simple Physics, conservation of energy/1st Law Thermodynamics, all the energy caused by climbing needs to go somewhere and the less friction at your hitch ie now loc-jac very little friction, the more will go elswear eg the camsaver/rope interface. hell fire my science teacher was right, it does come in handy through life... the rule of thumb for wear on metal items is 10% just minitor it
  12. 1. You are never too old to have a go at the climbing comp, but just like driving, it some how seemes esier to get lost ...... 2. the beer in Cirensester is stronger than Essex 3. Met new freinds, and and old ones too. 4. Was really nice to see hte interest in the rigging workshops.
  13. Have used Harris fencing to build a quick and cheap cage around them to protect them on the past. 6 pannels a cage 4 wall 2 for the roof. kev
  14. The 3 way locking Kareabener issue cam about following some resurch by the HSE. Now i just whentto dig it out and cant find it on their site, so cant give you the word forword, but it is not due to loler. There were an umber of incidents involving undone clips, and change overs etc, there was also some high profile incidents that made it on to the telly, i think one was a noel edmunds show where a man was killed in front of his wife. any way the long and the short of it, is the HSE in cosultation with variuse eliments ofthe Arb industry agreed that the safest way forward was to use auto closong clips, 3 way, at the time there were a lot of screw n 2 way beiners in use. I will find the document and referance it but may need to be pages n pages of paper stuff. As an interesting aside following a number of incidents one particually hi profile at a colleg, the hse revisited careeabener safty http://www.hse.gov.uk/research/hsl_pdf/2003/hsl03-18.pdf the long and the short of it, 3 ways still offer the best collective safty in arb. changeovers the real dodgy bit, training to cheak before changing system vital. Sorry for the lack of referance, but you will find in the industry best practise, that while not law would be used to inform any prociutions or enforcment, referance tothe use of 3way auto locking clips . As to the CE mark, all life support beiners weather for work or or sport, must carry the CE mark, the notifiying body who gave the mark, and the standard they are made to. All the malions, Kareabeiners are made under the sae standard, but difefrant styles. its the industry BP in htis case that informes the exact stlye used. Hope that helps kev
  15. Well thanks chaps, I think David has it with Silver leaf. Odd how I've spent years looking at the Leafs of cherries and spotting silver leaf but never looked at the fruiting body. Cheers


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