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  1. Need a Groundie for 20th,22nd and 23rd October as I've been let down. Not hard days Potential for future work. Stroud Gloucestershire Interested call Hugo on 07929353641
  2. Try Josh on 07794247886 he's Bristol but happy to travel, good lad I've used a few times!
  3. I lived in Braunton a good few years back and had to move away to get a decent wage as pay even in line clearance was crap! When I first started the best you could get was £30 a day where as in Bristol or Gloucester it was £75 a day! Even working for yourself it was a struggle as there's always someone cheaper as they have zero overheads,farmers sons got a saw and tractor n trailer!! Consider getting a bike or camper and commuting to get a sensible/living wage with prospects, harsh but unfortunately a reality if you want to live in one of the best places in the country!!!!
  4. After much deliberation I bought one about 18months ago, cost a fortune but I parted with my hard earned! It was fine on straight grained stuff but no quicker than a maul or any other axe to be honest, but when it came to anything hard say beech that had been dead standing for 5 years or knotty lleylandii it was rubbish and I mean really rubbish! I had the knack which takes time to get if you've been used to gripping your axe hard but still couldn't get it to work on anything more than birch or poplar!! I ended up selling mine on the Ebay to someone that like me had been intrigued, he got it much cheaper than me and I made a massive loss!! Still it stopped me wondering if it was any good! Just cost me a fortune to find out! Got a Fiskars X25 which is 100times better on the sort of timber I cut which is 90% arb arisings,(don't need the x27 as I've got big shoulders) If you want a new axe buy a fiskars!
  5. Its also listed on Ebay.com(american ebay) not Ebay.co.uk which although not a crime means that it is not covered by UK distance selling rights/regulations and consumer protection so when you pay for it and find youve been screwed over Ebay will not assist in any way shape or form!! I know as I came a croper with that one a few years back after buying a van which turned out to be completely fecked with all the faults deliberatley hidden/covered up!!
  6. I'm looking for a splitter for Billets at the moment aswell, has to be self powered though as I don't have the luxury of either elecricity or a tractor! I was thinking Posch but I'm open to suggestions, cycle time is most important to me as I work fast and dont have time to be waiting while the splitter head fights its way through the log or creeps its way back up!!
  7. I think were going to go down the Billet route as the storage will suit the new yard much better, still going to have to do a couple of heras crates aswell though as we get quite a few rings in aswell, all our timber is Arbwaste!! Thanks for the advice people!!
  8. So that would be a stacked 2.4m which would be far greater than a loose 2.4m! How many bags would you get from your 300m of stacked billets??
  9. I've just been offered a new yard thats totally secure, flat with great access only problem is its smaller than my current yard by quite abit! My current yard has no security is wet, boggy and difficult to work so am really considering the smaller yard for all the good points. My cunundrum is this I will have to utilise all the space to the max and be really organised as there isn't enough space to store cord for any length of time, so do I split into logs stored in Herras fencing made stores or do I split and stack in Billets and then log to order?? Which storage method makes best use of space?? I know theres around 34to36 cubic meters of split logs in a single squared Herras store but how does that compare to a 12ft square stack of billets 8ft tall?? Any advice greatly recieved!!
  10. I'm taking down a whopping great lime next week it a good 6ft in the base, unfortunately not in very good health! Didn't think there was much use for it as its so soft but if anybodies interested it'll be down by Thursday so I can update on condition! its near Stroud Gloucestershire with reasonable access!
  11. If it's only occasionally you need it higher why not get a set of telescopic ladders, nice and light and compact and will add an extra 12ft to the height without going overboard with all the elf and safety stuff!!
  12. What did it cost you with the Honda engine?? Looks like a useful machine!?
  13. When I did my winching course years ago we only ever put the winch as high as we could reach! I've never had a problem doing this and most of my winching is with a 5tonne Tirfor which amazes me on a regular basis at just what it will pull over!
  14. I sell more mixed bags now than pure hardwood! I do 50/50 split of quality hardwoods mixed with stuff like Poplar, Willow and good old Lleylandii!! and I'm in an area full of Log Snobs, however I think its the price they like!
  15. Had my splitter nicked a couple of weeks ago, just at the wrong time of year! What make is your mates?


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