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  1. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    No, it's not that often it'll be that high, more about the outreach to be honest. That will work pretty much where a standard 13 tonner won't , and if you can take another 5 metres or so in pass, it's a lot of area in a shift. A hi rise cab would be lovely on it though.
  2. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Thanks, it’s when it’s on the Liebherr I’ve got the problem!😀
  3. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    So finally got an attachment that has taken a fair bit of time and effort top get sorted all up and running. Basically a telescopic extension to carry the Mecanil Head, that can be used on either the Kobelco or Liebherr. John Craig of Jcc Group has done an incredible job on this, it all connects on the Engcon Ec-Oil system from the cab, and he's even managed to get the extra functions for the Mecanil Radio remote control running on my current Joysticks. Hopefully this has given me another dimension, and certainly made this Kobelco some setup for Roadside applications. She will work in a single lane and has all the Prolec setup to restrict any aspect of it's working envelope required. The Mecanil is completely different to a Shear, incredible control and capacity. I've not had the tape measure on it yet, but she's heading for 15 metre reach out of a single lane closure and plenty of height! Eddie.
  4. Show your tractors

    I like the 4 arms rather than two on the nisula and twin rams definitely increase the crushing forse and I like it can be locked with a simple value in vertical or horizontal and like you say the price is quite sensible, could do with a damping link in it as swings about a lot more in vertical than a normal grab. I have a damping link on the Mecanil Head and wouldn't be without it.
  5. Show your tractors

    Looks a great setup, I nipped up to do a deal at Wilson's and this JAK gear looked excellent quality for the price.
  6. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    I’ve had a few guys contact me about doing different ones for them. The ‘Pocket’ type works brilliant for the Engcon SK type Grab, and the wider pins for more traditional timber grabs is one simple way of doing it. The ‘Steel Log’ as it ended up being named turned out to be a superb addition, and lived almost permanently on the Kubota blade. Nothing to touch it for tidying up and levelling chip.👍
  7. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Another way to do that, simply get the manufacturers to put taller side plates on the Head Bracket, and space the plates at the correct width so the Grab will go under the pins and fit snugly between the plates. Obviously this makes the pins too long for the machine, but the trick is to get them to fit a larger diameter pin for strength, turned down to the correct size in the centre like a ‘dog bone’ so when on the machine it remains centred. You’ll get a nice solid bite at a better angle then and the machine won’t bother about slightly higher side plates. Eddie.
  8. new digger option

    Yes been on the Alpha, does everything asked and a top quality machine, but the Dash 4 is showing it’s age now. I think the Takeuchi at present is the safer bet. The Wacker Neuson ET90 is for the brave almost certainly class leader, and as discussing the JCB, who would have thought that possible from Neuson products 4 years ago? Things move on, and we all like to think we bought the best out there. Plenty on here will remember the Blue and Red from the Tractor days, it’s just human nature. Eddie.
  9. new digger option

    Usual story and unlikely any have ran any for years now. Again the example is a four year old machine, a huge amount has happened since then. Makes no odds to me what brand snobbery anyone has, I get asked to spec all different makes of machines for people, some I question in my own mind why on earth they choose that brand, but it can be as simple as a good local dealer that sways them. The 85z I specced is proving to be a classic example of a guy simply finding out for himself what’s currently on offer and so far having enough success to be placing an order for another. I recently had a guy on about an 8 tonner, and he literally expected to get his thoughts on having a Kubota Kx080-4 alpha confirmed by me. He was slightly surprised I didn’t even have it in my top three. I’m not a stick of rock brand guy, Machines move on and some get left behind, you’ve got to lose the blinkers sometimes. Eddie.
  10. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    The Westtech is simply a case of if you can get it in there, it'll cut it, but it's not the tool when you want maximum manipulation and totally secure hold to section something awkward down. The Hans Habbig under the Engcon can get in some incredible places and do the business, cut capacity is poor for such a large unit, but I'm working on that at present. Absolutely nothing whatsoever in terms of any losses, JCB Insurance were brilliant, but what a nightmare process and I can't convey just how much I just want to be back in the seat putting it all behind me.
  11. Any bargains out there . . .

    Thanks, simple is good. The jak is very similar to the nisula I have already priced up so will be taking to wilsons shortly about this as hadn't actually realised they sold them even though I'd said to Simon I was thinking of fitting one to the botex. They perhaps just concentrate on the Shears for Excavators, but quality from them looks good and there may be a deal to be had. I'd say Nisula would be well up any list. Be good to see how you get on, should be a great setup. Eddie.
  12. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Thought I'd add a few images to this thread now I'm starting to get back on my feet a bit. Unbelievably the big Liebherr is still not back out to work almost 12 months after the Arson attack, and without going into all the details, it's been an horrendous experience dealing with Loss adjusters, Insurance and worst of all Liebherr. However an awful lot of people worse off than me and just keep moving forward. I've specced up the Kobelco and that's out to work doing a fantastic job and I'm extremely happy both with it, and being back at work. The Liebherr should hopefully be out later this week, they have made an incredible job of it, it's just like new, they just manage to make a couple of tiny sagging jobs into a full blown crisis! I've taken advantage of the time to sharpen up the attachments into some great tools that fit either the Kobelco or Liebherr, with the Engcon Ec-Oil system common on both. Plus a slightly trick extension for the Mecanil Head that should make a huge difference. Eddie. Eddie
  13. new digger option

    Some rubbish paint out there on some premium brands. My own Kobelco isn't a patch on the Liebherr or the best I've ever come across, Kubota which needs an angle grinder to get to bare metal! Volvo is just primer I'm certain and a few brambles can have 100k of machine looking secondhand in seconds. I think there's a clear split on what are the latest generation machines in terms of quality, the Hydradig is one clear example that really stands out as having moved up several notches, with their 8, 5 and now 1.5 tonne models having received the full treatment, but only time will tell if the paint sticks so to speak. Quite how they used to be able to paint them no issues and then went backwards is a bit crazy, but you're not wrong it's been dire on some past models. Eddie.
  14. Any bargains out there . . .

    Sorry to derail slightly but do you have any recommendations or avoidance list for swinging tilting shear grabs as thinking of getting one for the forwarding trailer to clear roadside and trackside regen without having men on the road cutting and chipping. I'm have great success with the Mecanil, fantastic quality and really incredible performance, however that's a saw type. I was at Wilson's dropping something off and had a look over the JAK range of Shears and I liked them. Just by coincidence a guy with a Kubota asked me my thoughts on them the following week and I said I'd have no issue in going with one, he's been delighted with his since. A long way around saying maybe have a look at this one, it caught my eye as just about as straightforward way of doing whats required as possible and that's usually the best way. Eddie.
  15. Any bargains out there . . .

    if you want a quote on any of the Intermercato Grabs and Shears just DM me, I supply a few now at competitive prices and know how to spec them. Eddie.


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