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  1. Sadly I haven’t any images of when I first started out on machines, that was a 2 wheel drive JCB 3cx with no Extending arm. Promotion to an old C registration 4wd non turbo black cab Sitemaster and finally given my first new machine a Case 580sk non Turbo. Sadly this burnt out, and it’s replacement was a Case 580sk Turbo in this image. Took me an awful lot of years of operating for others to be able to have a shot on my own.
  2. Obviously I used to load the Ifor, but I was utilising Grab Wagons back then and a lot of work was barn conversion stuff where you literally just had to get stuff outside for larger machines to take over and materials back in. I just go where the journey takes me, I’m shite at business and not that great with people, but I can get by with kit.
  3. The Hinowa was great but just needed the tip angle modding a bit (I never got around to it) as you end up giving them a jolt to get the last bit out when tipping. If you zoom in on the engine, you’ll see an additional downward pointing silencer box. Best mod ever, just a simple Mini silencer box from the local exhaust place, it totally transformed it with the noise reduction. Be a nice Log Splitter platform if you could pick one up cheap enough.
  4. These setups have always been handy and good enough earners. My setup all fitted on a 10ft ifor tipper and was one of the very first hi tip tracked Hinowa in the UK. It would still be a decent enough setup now.
  5. I really rate the 1390’s as a great size, takes anything you really need to chip, and a cone splitter can sort out the odd bits after that. Drums will keep going to the almost death if you have to, I’ve been on Rail shifts where literally you’d think the last hours worth got burnt not chipped, but nothing ever took any harm. Trouble is the latest engines with all the crap on literally need unbolting and putting in storage, whilst you lump on a proper engine for your own use and swap it back when you sell it. Some fancy stuff coming through now from several manufacturers, but can’t see them standing the rest of time like a B’dit.
  6. I’m in Chedd, so literally a stones throw away. I was done in Bath for my Defender as it’s a commercial, and I would assume it’ll be the same in parts of Stoke. I believe Fenton/Joiners Square will be in, so a small thing like nipping down to Gunn JCB would add £10 to the trip. Just have to plan better, and you can get a lot delivered for £10 these days. Had a quick look, basically they’ve been given 60k grant to look into it, they have to bring something in to meet their obligations, and it’s seemingly a Victoria Rd corridor and the town centre. The idea they have “most businesses here have newer vehicles” is of no use if their Customers don’t!
  7. Hope they share some revenue with the business owners when people simply go elsewhere. Part of Stoke is about to have the same, it’s going to be an absolute tumbleweed only zone, as people will simply find alternatives. You have to feel for the business owners having this stuff inflicted on them.
  8. I’ve just had notification from Bath of prosecution a month later. Didn’t see any signs, too busy trying to stay in the correct lane and stuck in the traffic chaos due to roadworks on a major bridge. Said to my Mrs, nice here, we’ll have to have a weekend, and I’ll be down there working anyway after Christmas. No surprise in that I’ll not be visiting town, and will stay Wiltshire side to avoid driving through again. We pay enough already for driving without this load of shite lumped on top.
  9. SWB low roof Transit MK7 AWD with 50mm lift and BFG All Terrains all round would be an ideal candidate to run an iron horse or the like in the back, and be one handy setup. Brilliant steering lock on them too which saves driving miles to turn a double cab with rudder around down a track. Best move I ever made was into a panel van for my own uses, far more useable space, much better on distances. They can double as a bit of welfare/workshop facilities too which is handy if working remote. The MK7 Transit still has a good few years left in them, most places can fix them and parts are readily available new/used.
  10. Can’t see insurers doing anything on Trailer towing with regard to training requirements for ordinary users, but it would be very simple to split off towing entitlement into an add on that you were charged extra premium for should they see an increase in incidents. The database is all there if drivers are stopped to see if they’ve paid the additional premium, although as we know many think actual insurance is optional anyway. Employers should check any restrictions they may have applied to policies like ages, and they have a duty to provide some form of training as it’s work equipment. I’m no fan of the ticket for everything, industry riding on the back of everything, type culture, but a full day for a trainer to do a few guys shouldn’t break the bank and you may just learn something. Eddie.
  11. I doubt it. A cscs card is just a health and safety training scheme. If it's on your licence why would you need training. Because it’s Work equipment if you’re an Employee, and the Employer has a duty to ensure you’re properly trained and competent to operate it. A good example is a Tractor, your car license covers it, but if an Employer lets you near one they have to ensure you’re adequately trained. Not saying Employers will, but the point regarding insurance is valid and how the CPCS cards for Plant Operation first gained traction, with Insurance companies insisting Operators had it. Why as an insurer wouldn’t you insist on training of employees it’s a straightforward no brainer to reduce your risk, on paper at least, as almost any training competency can be purchased without much requirement to do the training if required to tick the box. What you do in your own time or setup is totally different. Having Trailer and 7.5 tonner given to me without training, never did me any harm, and it’ll cause some shake up in certain areas of business, as 2.6 tonne Diggers, and 3.5 tonne Chippers, and Ifor Tippers, get on everyone’s radar. Eddie.
  12. Client has to be responsible in both instances, you can only offer a sound solution to mitigate the risk, and give a very worst case scenario price per m2 to replace the Tarmac if it came to it. Merlo running on 75mm thick timber bog mats where access is required and put it on 200mm thick crane mats where it sits. Plenty of pictures before and after. Timber mats aren’t huge money to hire, haulage being the main cost, the Merlo will unload/lay them for you and you can use the same track to get trailers etc in for heavy stuff. It’s one for a pot of tea for all involved, it needs a common sense solution, but for yourself only take on the risks you’re paid for.
  13. Try Richard at RG Blakey Forestry, has some great setups and top guy, but I imagine pulled out the place considering the aftermath of the storms out there. Eddie.
  14. Both just cans of worms nobody wants to get involved with. It is however certain to be evidence if you’re paid this way, that indicates you should be running White diesel on such projects.
  15. If I have Red in and the site requires White it’s got to come out, and in theory you should do the Filters. The other way around you can suck the White out to save it clean, or just crack on and put Red in and contaminate it, the Filters won’t matter that way around. As I said before, I can’t guarantee any client it’s not going to have some contamination. I don’t make this shite up and Bob makes a brilliant point, seemingly nobody has got organised to push back against any of it being implemented.


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