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  1. Still a lovely part of the world, I don’t blame you for spending a few weeks here. My Wifes friends took over the Boat a few weeks before Christmas, talk about savage time to take on a Pub, but hopefully they’ll get back on track when this mess is all over.
  2. Moorlands Specialist Excavations Ltd, kit lives at Cellerhead or Rugby depending on where work happens to be.
  3. Small world, I’m in Chedd. Black Lion is a regular walk in summer, lethal range of real ale and cider there, towpath always seems to have a few more bends on the way back!😀
  4. looked at using the excavator and grab, that with the lorry to haul the stuff would have been too heavy and the client doesn’t want any potential damage to the deck or the stone works,the crane will do it from the road side. I’ve not done any of it, WM Plant do an awful lot of it for the EA. In reality Kevin Russell has the tool in the Wheeled Sennebogen 718, which weighs in around 24 tonne all up, and combines a fantastic geometry/telescopic arm combined with a hi rise cab to give the operator a much better view. When I had the Sennebogen it was one application that really did spring to mind as you would very quickly be in and out to the next location in times of flood. If I ever get my new Telescopic extension to the Liebherr, it again will be a great tool for such work, with around 19 metres reach, excellent geometry and hi rise cab. Around 34 tonne and rubber block pads for the road. Another option is Al Wallace with his Truck/Felling Head, 30+ metres reach and great geometry. Radio remote so able to have great vision of the operation. Eddie.
  5. I pretty much stopped supplying fuel as I've been caught too many times having a bowser on site and then a load of other kit turns up either without fuel to even begin the job, or needing filling up after a day or so. Long faces all round if I refuse to fuel them and the job has to stop, but very short memories when it comes to paying or replacing it. My clients will have to supply white and I don't like the though of machines left full of it. Eddie.
  6. A lot bigger market for stolen white than red, machines and bowsers will be like cash machines!🙈 Eddie.
  7. I don’t care if they want more money, just take it fairly instead of propping up something that if it was normal business would be made to stand on it’s own two feet. Eddie.
  8. No it’ll not happen, Farmers will as ever be exempt for whatever reason and then continue to diversify into cutting a slice out of anything they can with a bit of exemption help. Eddie.
  9. The abuse will increase as they really have the advantage then, plus the Farm off sales of red will flourish nicely! White straight through would sort the job out and if food goes up so what, it’s too cheap anyway and half of it is pure shite in a packet. Eddie.
  10. Same as when they haul Diggers to site with their Tractors on Red, and undercut all the Plant lads and Hauliers, we feel it massively too thanks. Eddie.
  11. If they’re going to do it, then just do it! No exemptions or tax back for anyone, level the field finally. Eddie.
  12. Triggers broom I suppose? But machines somehow seem to die a natural death of getting ever more shagged out, sold onto more occasional users who aren’t so fussy as long as it digs, or exported to countries that will be more than pleased to see anything that replaces manual labour. Some quite fresh machines can end up straight in the dismantlers these days for Computer, DPF, Engines etc. They don’t build them like they used to as they say, and they also don’t train old school fitters. No disrespect to anyone but hard to disagree the industry is geared to quick diagnostic and full part replacement, instead of old school take it off and fix it! Eddie.
  13. Probably the best small setup I’ve ever used. It’s got the Engcon DC2 system that I’m not a fan of, but the rest is a great setup as it’s an Ec02 with the correct S30 Hitch for this size machine, and older style top hitch which is far less bulky than the latest version. Operating it you hardly know the Tilty is on. The Cab’s are a good size for a zero tail and it’s capable of a serious amount of work in a day. Shaun kept it 100% in terms of maintenance, and always has his kit mint looking. Hours go against it, but you’d have to buy on condition I suppose. Eddie.
  14. My good friend Shaun Gratton’s old setup just come up. This had the very best of first owner and is a brilliant setup to use. The Komatsu mini’s are totally overlooked by most, but are fantastic bits of kit. Eddie.
  15. I don't know a lot about them, some are factory Two piece boom units and some have had them done third party at huge expense. I'd agree with you, would have been expensive new and will make someone a nice setup. Eddie.


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