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  1. LGP Eddie

    Adding a hydraulic divertor to a digger.

    Yes a standard 12v 6 way diverter valve would do the trick no problem to change from offset to another auxiliary circuit. You may be surprised just how well you get on with a semi-hitch. I rate them very highly and properly maintained provide a very quick and safe solution to smaller machines. Just ensure you don’t have a welded in pin on the Buckets as you’ll need to swap holes if you need to reverse the bucket. If you ever thought of a straightforward Grapple with the Powertilt, it can be done. Use a 3 point linkage top link or propshaft with uj’s to make the stay bar, that’ll allow you to actually tilt the Grapple and will make a cheap, handy setup. Anyone with a non hydraulic thumb like a Digbits item, swap the stay for a top link anyway. Allows you to adjust it with different buckets and get it setup just how you like it. Eddie.
  2. LGP Eddie

    Adding a hydraulic divertor to a digger.

    Ideally you want to keep away from diverter valve setups if possible, as contentious as it may be, you simply can't get the same control or production having to switch from one function to another to operate the grab. Many have gone this route based on cost which is fair enough, or simply not exploring enough other options that may be available to gain another completely independent circuit. Based on the fact Takeuchi already offer it, my first call would be to Summit Hydraulics to see what they can offer? These guys make up many kits that come straight out of dealers yards often passed off as OE lines. My Kobelco has a Rotate circuit done by them for Molson as an example. Another route is to put your diverter on your offset circuit and pipe that up the boom/dipper so you have what is generally a low flow controllable circuit for your rotate without interrupted operation, and if required you divert back to give the necessary offset operation. You may have to use the a foot pedal for control, but again that's better than any changeover setup. Manufacturers in general are catching up, and anyone purchasing is wise to opt for the 4 pipe setups if they can, as the extra will always come back in residual value. We just need to educate them on case drain lines now! Eddie.
  3. LGP Eddie

    AWD panel van?

    I switched from a work Defender to an AWD Transit due to the change in my work, and in all honesty I wish I’d had one years ago! It’s been brilliant for me, only had it stuck once and so were the two double cab pickups following, would leave my current Defender for dead on Snow/Ice covered roads until it gets really deep. I put four winter rated all season tyres on it, soon after purchase and well worth the money. I get a consistent 30mpg, and the only issues have been the DPF not doing the odd regen and needing a plug in to force one. Hope to be in a position to get a new shape version as they’re starting to come through now off the fleets. Tows better than a Defender 90 on the road, stable, plenty of torque and a nice spread of gears. I was mad after the lovely looking Sprinter version, but nothing about at the spec I wanted, I’ll be staying with the Transits now. Eddie.
  4. LGP Eddie

    zero tail swing diggers

    It all depends on the applications, the TB225 gives guys who simply loved the TB016 exactly what they wanted, a bigger more powerful one! You have to remember this machine goes down almost as narrow as a 1.5 tonner, so has a fair chance of getting where required. Plenty of capacity left for buckets etc without being right on the towing limit all the time. All the pipework required is available from the factory, and I don’t think I’m sticking my neck out much in saying this will exceed the almost legendary TB016 in terms of residual value if it proves a solid performer. It may yet be a pile of crap, but I’d doubt it. Can’t wait to have a go on one to see what they’re like. Loads more options out there if you’re simply chasing the maximum power reach etc, but for a lot of guys here this gets 2.5 tonne plus into a back garden with little hassle. Eddie.
  5. LGP Eddie

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Just an image of a Komatsu mini with full Engcon setup that's gained a bit of counterweight to offset the Engcon setup on the other end. This has the long stick and top quick hitch fitted above the Engcon, so going this route, should give the best of all options.
  6. LGP Eddie

    zero tail swing diggers

    Full fat machine all day long if you can get them in. Some nice machines to look at, but watch the weights if you're intending to tow and need to carry attachments. The Takeuchi Tb225 really has to be most peoples starting point now, such will be the versatility and stability of the expanding undercarriage, and the weight falls spot on to leave enough spare capacity for attachments. Having the necessary pipework available from the factory is a huge bonus. If you have other means of moving the machine that gives you the ability to go over towing weight, then you have a fantastic range to choose from. Eddie.
  7. LGP Eddie

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Personally no, you can always stick a bit of weight under the other end if required.
  8. LGP Eddie

    New Digger

    Nice setup, you’ll not go wrong with Kubota.👍 The preferred way is for the changeover to cut out the Tilt function when utilising the Hitch or Grab. It won’t show up much now, but when you come to use a Grab the Tilt is the one function you can have removed and still keep operating fairly normally, as you’ve basically just got a standard rotating Grab. Tilt is available if something is a bit trickier. It’s as close to the limit as you can get on the towing, I assume you’ll use the capacity of the tow vehicle to carry some attachments, I don’t know what is the ultimate vehicle for the 3500kg tow/payload ratio? Cabstar, Hi Cap Defender, a whole thread in itself?🤔 I think that’s where the new Takeuchi Tb225 is going to end up selling in boat loads, they’ve hit a great weight target to leave plenty of capacity, but I’m certain it’ll still pack a fair punch. Eddie.
  9. LGP Eddie

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    You have to compare like for like. It’s not a towable version, it’s a full fat machine three tonne machine with a Tiltrotator and basic control system. It genuinely would be 40k plus new. Plenty of life left in it and remember all the Tilty will transfer to the next base machine no problem. It’s clearly from someone who knows their stuff and not a self drive fleet, so hours aren’t that scary. It doesn’t have to be bargain basement money, the season is on for a lot of guys and there’s money to be made with that. Seems a lot of love for the towable machines, people forget how many guys have ditched Transits and Double Cabs to go for a bit more capacity now in other forms.
  10. LGP Eddie

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Brand new Kubota setup like that?
  11. LGP Eddie

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Can of worms with the 14 tonne zero tail, I’ve been doing much research on them of late, simply trying to find the one that will tick the box of highest capacity on the load chart at full reach. It’s taken some doing as only a few offer an extra counterweight. The CAT ended up blowing all out of the water, but she’s a big expensive girl and lacking a few hp for attachments. They have become the weapon of choice for a lot of guys, they make great all rounders, but always lack a bit of reach over conventional. Harvesting is not my thing, but I see the benefits of such a Harvadig setup, and know a guy who runs a similar Doosan rig. I’ve just supplied him with a big Intermercato Shear and Grapple Saw, he’s getting all he can from one machine and a great Operator he has. I’m as from today fully available again for anyone to hire the Liebherr and will go wherever there’s a suitable project for it. Eddie.
  12. LGP Eddie

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    3 tonners fit the 7.5 tonne guys. After that things get a bit more complex and certainly much easier than a 5 tonner.
  13. LGP Eddie

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Your just thinking like someone who wants to use a Trailer. Plenty don’t and have the kit already to move them. A larger cab, air conditioning, more weight, reach, power etc etc etc. You can do a job with one class of machine, but if you can get the next size up in, it usually becomes easier. Eddie.
  14. LGP Eddie

    Mini digger flails- are they worth it.

    As long as both are to the correct level and all the systems good, it’s not going to make any real difference. He can change all his after the season at less cost, and yours may run longer.
  15. LGP Eddie

    Mini digger flails- are they worth it.

    Yes absolutely, you need to ensure your hydraulic system is in good condition, actually has oil to the correct level, (so many don’t) Keeping the rads clean is a top priority, and ensuing filter changes are done on time or sooner if required. My Kubota’s would soon darken the hydraulic oil when the Mulching season kicked in.


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