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  1. Job done. That’s a 6 tonne Hyundai on the far side for scale, from a cab eye view. Sound bunch of guys to work with, no slackers on here, and boy can that Takeuchi Tracked Loader move some stuff. It’s built like a Tank and shrugs of some serious work. Eddie.
  2. New Felling Head setup going well on a 22 metre. Eddie.
  3. Could pick it up backwards I’d have thought, might just be enough crowd at full reach away from yourself to actually use it to move the odd big piece.
  4. Had a few messages about running a Flail under a Tiltrotator and can you simply ‘T’ into the lines and run the Flail with the Tilty piggybacking off it? This is my own experience some 10 years ago now and yes I was able to simply ‘T’ into the lines, the SVAB controlled the Flail via a latching button, and the Tilty would work normally by robbing a bit of flow when I activated a roller to manipulate it. Trick was to use small movements and adjust it out of the cut to keep the head fully spinning. I only did it occasionally, as I never really had much I couldn’t get with the head fixed. With regard to Case Drain, it was simply T’d back into the return on the mower itself, no need to run the pipe any distance, and to protect it come the worst, just install a 5 bar crack off one way valve free to air. Basically if you ever get up to 5 bar it would allow a tiny bit of oil past to prevent the motor seals blowing. Pipe it and catch it if you like, but I only run bio oil and in all the time I used it, it never blew off anyway. Eddie.
  5. Just an example of exactly the same thing installed on the same machine, no names of installers. You have to remember that the cost of either would be the same, but one installer might be making a bit less than the other due to using up a bit more pipe than the other!🙈 Which one would you want on an Arb machine? There’s quality out there, finding it’s the hard bit, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for in the first place it’s even harder! Eddie.
  6. If you haven’t the kit skills or inclination, best thing is to do what you’re best at and leave others to it. If I send you an order for a 20/13 multi head bracket with dog bone and normal pins, converting down to JCB JZ70 Semi Hitch on a Wednesday in Scotland with no drawings, could you have said item to me Saturday morning in Staffordshire completely finished by Coded Welders, Traceable Steel, full computer design etc and my arse completely covered should the worst ever happen. Go poking about for the Cheapest kit and your pound saved could often be the most costly or expose you to the maximum risk. It all depends on your applications, facilities and ability. Not everyone out there is shite, some incredibly talented guys all over the country, the hard bit is finding them, and generally when you do they’re flat out with no need to particularly advertise their services. Eddie.
  7. No hoses is the way that things are normally supplied unless you pay the extra and have a full install. You simply can’t account for everything on attachments, so the best installs are always made on the machine. The standard of pipework you see up and down is atrocious, I really wonder if people actually stand back and take a realistic view on installs with regard to working in this type of environment. It’s unreal how much downtime I’ve witnessed from badly setup Shears, Grabs and Flails just in the regard of hoses, when with a little thought most could be eliminated. As for the service issue, I’ve been at this a lot longer than most and I generally know who to use and more importantly who will be there when the s@@t really hits the fan. No way of getting away from the fact that driving suppliers in the ground for a deal and going elsewhere for a couple of quid saved doesn’t make for the type of long term relationships that can be called upon when you’re up against it. If there’s no fat left in the deal, there’s generally not much backup either. I’m lucky, only this week I call Wednesday for a specific bracket to be made, quite a task and would be three weeks of a job ringing around getting someone to do it. It’s now in the back of my van collected direct from the distribution centre this morning and I know the owner of the company was burning the midnight oil on the welder himself for me. Like everything it pays to shop around, but won’t pay if there’s nothing left to go back to. I won’t buy tyres online for the simple fact I pay a tenner more perhaps at my local tyre place, but the internet won’t help me Saturday morning when yet another tyres blown off the ifor. Eddie.
  8. Some good points here and that’s why I figure a dangle mount Felling Head will be a nightmare. At least with a shear and collector you can take a couple of bites, hold it vertically or steer it if required and land it fairly gently. Logbullet certainly won’t be going down any other route than making provision for a Felling Head I’d imagine. Get a call in to John Craig J tell him you want a narrow Elliator building but leave the Excavator dipper on for a Shear!👌😀 Eddie
  9. At a couple people of hundred pounds a week for a machine, hire one and buy the Shear which will always sell on without losing a huge amount. Eddie.
  10. If you’ve any cables down to the business end, the only way to get reliable operation is to run them inside a hydraulic hose if possible using bulkhead fittings. People put up with all kinds of control setups, the Sennebogen was one of the worst I’ve ever come across. The difference was unbelievable once I’d shaken it all down and switched it around to something more intuitive to use. Manufacturers would do well to review their Dealers more often and add a few Product Specialist. Far too many machines and attachments being sold by people who have the Dealership for nothing more than profit and no practical experience or passion for the industry. Eddie.
  11. Always had a pair of decent bolt cutters as they never go flat and a nice thin chain with a hook each end long enough to reach back to the blade. Incredible the messes of wire etc I’ve had wrapped around the rotor, but a few moments finding the end and hooking it back to the blade and rolling it back out. Scariest thing I’ve ever had was losing a tooth tip with plenty of sparks and a hell of a bang!🙈 Eddie.
  12. Something wrong there as Approved turn Head Brackets around in a couple of days. Only Adam knows why you haven’t had it delivered yet and I’ll happily give him a bit of a prod for you even though I shouldn’t have to. Engcon have a habit of shipping a big chunk of stuff together, obviously makes commercial sense and a good media shot of a pile of shiny stuff being unloaded. Yours may be in the latest, and no it’s not in the slightest bit unusual for nobody to know where something is! Machines, you deal with a Salesperson, their knowledge is probably 50% of yours on the product, they haven’t a clue when it comes to anything out of the ordinary and this happens almost 100% of the time if you’re not all over it. Not their fault, they have to sell a huge range of kit into many different applications and that’s why things like this happen and most don’t even know what’s available on their machines from the Factory. I do loads of this for people, they message me on their arse having got all sorts of ideas on their wish list and having visited a few Dealers have their head in their hands! If it’s not a standard machine with a hitch and three buckets, you’re wading in treacle! This weeks I believe Eddie.
  13. Use the logbullet for what it was intended for and put an Excavator with Shear and Collector in front to Shear/Stack and sort a path for the following Logbullet. Greg and myself used to do loads of this type of thing with myself on the Kubota 8 tonner and him on the Tracked Dumper Forwarder. Used to get laughed at, until a couple of days in with the stacks piling up and no ruts or damage anywhere. Couple of ideal Shears about now with Collector that size, you don’t want anything dangle mount really or you’ll have everything crashing about and anything with a Saw brings its own issues. Eddie.
  14. Blatant advert, but might help someone out? I’ve got to rig the Felling Head onto a 22 metre Long Reach for a project starting shortly. If anyone has something they think this could be a solution for, shout up as if you can piggyback on you’ll save ££. Eddie.
  15. I think some need a good dose of the reality of trying to get hold of kit, the nightmare of the annual shutdowns and knock on effect for months, plus the seemingly never decreasing lead times on what are absolute best sellers and should be in stock from manufacturers. We’re all the same and for good reason, doing the legwork on new kit/attachments, but often hovering over the button until a project has the go ahead, then needing it Now! Sadly the reality is far different, my last Felling Head took 11 months of slog to get sorted, I’m waiting on one Grab I’ve sold around 7 weeks and still no sign, I can order a Westtech and that will say six weeks for generally anything. This is all standard units, start throwing in specials and needing things like Ec-Oil tops adding, and you’re into three months sometimes. My latest project is built around one key component, it has taken 12 months to source and is due 17th of October, and that’s before it begins it’s conversion that’ll add another three months no doubt. When Adam at approved or Andrew at Engcon tell you they’re doing all they can, they almost certainly are. They don’t make them, they’re Dealers end of, and if what you’re after isn’t available, is awaiting more orders for a batch production or a special, you’ll have to wait. Things like the APF in September are deadly, everyone gets sight of shiny metal and wants it now, we need a straightforward Mechanised Arb/De-Veg show in April for guys to plan their next move from. Eddie.


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