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  1. First job is to ask JCB how much to upgrade what pipework you’ve currently got to a 5cx Wastemaster type setup. Basically this gives you a two way auxiliary circuit that is operable in conjunction with the extending dipper for attachments like the Jaw Bucket, Tilt Bucket and in this case a Shear. You can see the extra pipework here and how it sits extended and retracted. There’s also an image of a 5cx with the twin auxiliary circuits that will run a full rotating grab setup or the like in conjunction with the extender. If you watch the short video at around 1.20 is what you’re trying to achieve basically, in this case running a Jaw Bucket. Handy if you set it up properly, as good power and reach available. Eddie.
  2. You would need to let me know what controls you currently have? Sticks or Servos, Foot pedal or Roller for Extending Dipper? Eddie.
  3. Various options are available depending on your application. I specialise in high compliance or short window of time applications as that’s where this machine comes into its own. Minimum hire refers to the fact I’m prepared to turn the machine out for single day hires, where it’s use under possessions or closures can have huge benefits over simply trying to flood a job with men. This was a single day under a road closure and Powerlines being dropped. In and out, Hans Habbig Shear, Grapple Saw under the Engcon and last step cuts by hand. All laid out for following Biomass Chipper guys. Gives some idea of what it can achieve in a short window. Before After Eddie.
  4. Big Feller Repowered, back doing it’s thing. Available nationwide, no minimum hire. Eddie 4583F93D-8837-4ACA-BEC0-B07C6A874D11.MP4 E89694DF-389B-47D1-9EDE-9D74413549BF.MP4
  5. Oh really? So why was I able to give guys Matthew Johnson’s contact details to buy it direct before Ross from Sandhill Plant beat everyone to it? 2k change actually! Eddie.
  6. Shaun Gratton is now on board with Rototilt covering the North of England and Wales. He's very experienced in this end of the market from running his own full Komatsu setups, and is assembling somewhat of an in house dream team in terms of installation and backup for Rototilt UK at present. With Molson now supplying SMP units directly in a 'one stop shop' format and Kinshoffer with some superb looking next generation NOX units launched at Bauma, it's going to be a real battle on the Tiltrotator front this year. Plantworx show is coming soon, that's going to be the place to buy. Shaun Gratton 07779 332167 Eddie.
  7. The Kx030-4 is what I recommend to guys calling me for solutions in this class. Rototilt R1 is the only thing to put on the end of it in my opinion, it has this class sewn up and the option of a removable gripper. The Takeuchi TB225 is the other main contender and makes for easy legal towing with a good range of attachments. Both these machines will command top prices used guaranteed if looked after. Eddie.
  8. I always say Kubota Kx161-3, brilliant in its day and a few days before Christmas on one confirmed they’re just as current and capable now. Steel tracks if you can drop on one. It’s a lot to do with what budget you have to spend, and what’s about at the time. Eddie.
  9. Can’t say I didn’t give you a heads up. Dealer snapped it up, now on Mascus. https://www.mascus.co.uk/construction/used-mini-diggers-excavators-7/kubota-u-48-4/0ish0dxd.html Eddie.
  10. This might loosen it!😀 Eddie.
  11. I’d just opt for a bolt on top bracket, as in the sizes you’re talking it’s really not going to be huge money to have a few made up to fit the various machines you’ll be thinking of using. I can source them for you if you’re stuck around £120-£170. Loose pins slightly more. Things can be shared using different hole sizes and ‘dog bone’ pins to reduce the size and keep the Dipper arm central, mainly working for the 13 tonne and 20 tonne class, as they’re almost standard at 65 and 80 mm pins. In the 5, 6 and 8 tonne class you’ll vary from 40 to 60 mm and because many quick hitches simply won’t have the ability to cope with multiple pin centres due to their size, you’ll need an accurate fit. This is a typical 13/20 tonne multi pickup top, you’ll see the ‘dog bone’ pin fitted for when using it on 65mm pins. Almost all 13 and 20 tonne hitches are what’s called multiple centre and will cope with a fair range of difference to pick up attachments from other brands. Eddie.
  12. It's their type of road construction that has a very wide drainage ditches, often in the central reservation that suits this type of machine. Long transport distances need to be covered, but once on site they can use the telescope to grade like a long reach machine. The Tracked carrier they do is a different proposition and I've actually looked at these myself for certain applications. Eddie.
  13. Fairly simple because it’s wank, just look at the clumsy thing, you’d need 10 acre to turn it around! Eddie.
  14. I believe it’s all Parker Hydraulics, mini Joysticks and a real trick setup. Absolute fingertip stuff, effortless. However if you’re a bit bored just get out for a stroll and do it all Radio Remote, and if it’s lunchtime just knock a sandwich up whilst you’re at it!😀 Eddie.


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