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  1. Well they don’t do a brain scan that’s for certain. If you can talk a good job, tick a box and turn a drama into a crisis you’ll be fit for the Rail! Eddie.
  2. Put the big slippers on the JS145 long reach yesterday. First time I’ve swapped them and certainly an effortless process if you follow the procedure. Having an Engcon and Grab makes life easier, but a set of pallet forks on the Engcon would be the tool for the job. Main thing is I now know I’ll be happy to do them on site without the aid of another machine and the JS can lift a full LGP track no drama. The one application I’ll say makes a cordless grease gun welcome. Eddie.
  3. Australian Crowd, Holland Customised Services, do some nice work. Eddie.
  4. Here’s one with Westtech’s version of the Mecanil on it. Big mistake going with the 3 arm configuration, you actually look for limbs to wrap the 4 finger type around to ensure a 100% hold at times. Having used such a setup and another in build, I’d say 20 tonne under it to make it worthwhile. I ran mine on my SK270SRLC Kobelco with the Mecanil, she was pushing 32 tonne plus and 3.4 metres wide with no tail, but rock solid with the extension. https://vimeo.com/371818202?ref=em-share Eddie.
  5. Yes obviously the old gag about needing it whilst you wait for the fitter, may or may not apply!!🙈 Eddie.
  6. Fair spec of a used 4cx here. Sadly lacking the extra rotate circuit for a grab by the look of it, but certainly a two way auxiliary that’ll run a Shear and the extra long legs will get you up a fair bit higher. Plenty of options got ticked, would have been some money new. https://www.sandhillplant.com/inventory/?/listings/plant-equipment/for-sale/184466959/2013-jcb-4cx?dlr=1&pcid=3998399&sfc=0&ssc=0&ftr=1&ssf=0&lo=3&ftld=co.uk&sbc=0&snai=0&culture=en-gb Eddie.
  7. Seen this on Instagram this morning, nice example of punched plate to compare against mesh. Eddie.
  8. Go with some punched plate not mesh would be a much stronger solution. Eddie.
  9. Yes this confirms that they’re almost certainly using Electric Joysticks and a Control System. He was obviously just pushing his dipper out on the Roller, but the trade off was he had to cut the Mulcher off. Someone smart enough would switch that to the other Roller on the left stick that does the Slew function as you’ll not require it as much in that application. Done that way you could continually Mulch and Track keeping all arm functions. Brilliant tech, but that counterweight really is a triumph of oh shit this thing needs more weight, hang on there’s this lump we can bolt on in the nettles! Absolute shite, someone should be shot for it! Eddie.
  10. They’ll be Electric Joysticks as most are going that way with Control System a little like a Tiltrotator setup, so basically yes there would I’m certain be no issues in when Stick Steer is selected they can move the Dipper and Slew function to the right lever on rollers and then have forward/reverse left/right on the left hand stick for travel. No dedicated pump on the 306 as I’m aware. Eddie.
  11. Interesting little video of some of the features the new CAT 309 Hi Flow has. On paper now the benchmark machine in the class for Arb/De-Veg type work and the just launched next generation 306 will I predict take the top spot for the forward thinkers in the 6 tonne class due to one specific version of it. Interesting bits are the solely dedicated Auxiliary pump on the 309 giving 140ltr/min and the ability to truly track/mulch simultaneously. There is the ability to have the Mulcher on continuous operation, which some uneducated refuse to setup on the machine. 10 hours holding a button on and your finger would be dead! The machine has stick steer, which means you can steer with the left hand joystick and cruise control to set a given speed. Combine this with the 2 piece boom version and the fact it has a long/wide undercarriage from a 310 under it and you’ve really got a fair setup from the factory. I’d certainly like a go in one and the next generation 306 when it lands.
  12. Be interesting to see how this goes in terms of ‘Hire Only’ or ‘Contract Lift’ as discussed elsewhere? I would assume you’ll stay out of the Lifting Operation territory a little like Tree Shears do when cutting and lowering with the Felling Head, but as soon as you hold a limb and have someone in the Tree cutting it for you, there’s no way around the fact it’s a straightforward lift and doing the work of a Crane? Going to impact rates if it does turn into a full Contract Lift service as the whole operation will have to be planned and supervised correctly. I predict a few stand offs on site as the details of who covers what is sorted out. I’d suggest you look into going with the CPA for their terms/conditions/backup. I have the T shirt for having a specialist setup being torched, and 12 months is a long long time when your main earning machine is away being mended. Eddie.
  13. Absolutely, but it’s right at the top end of big but not massive I’d say and probably represents where a lot of guys who take on more including some commercial work will be looking. Going the small Hookloader with low sided bin with removable boosters for roundwood/rings and moving Excavator/small loader etc about, plus a chip bin and a 1390xp would certainly be one of the most versatile setups out there for year round work. The 1390xp should we hope fit on this brilliant small hookloader, and with the addition of a chip box and a few boosters for the low sided skip would make a fantastic setup that can access many places. Eddie.
  14. That’s really nicely done, do you remember if that one had two speed tracking? Eddie.
  15. You’ll easily be worth your money and I’ll happily pass on any projects that require the extra reach/capacity and mobility that a Truck can bring. I know what these can do first hand and there’s no comparison to traditional methods. Best of luck with the new venture. Eddie.


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