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  1. Mull

    Euro Vision

    Aye I think cleavage is the only way to judge a competition like this. Public vote is certainly changing it round a bit🤣
  2. Mull

    My first mallet

    Will the fact that it’s greenheart make it ok for use as a mallet? I know the grain is wrong way round, but it’ll still be pretty solid! ( obviously it’s cracked so is buggered anyway)
  3. Mull

    Euro Vision

    It was very poor I thought, her vocals were grim on the 1st song and electronically enhanced on 2nd, falling backwards off the steps was the highlight for me( sad bastard that I am for even watching this drivel)[emoji849]
  4. Mull


  5. Take the wall away( or a least to a suitable distance from tree) plant a hedge, privacy, beauty, wildlife friendly, what’s not to like!
  6. Mull


    Same thing.
  7. Mull


    Pied wagtail. Usually get thrush nest, last year eggs were taken before they hatched.
  8. Mull

    Songs I Am Listening To

    Old but extremely special...
  9. Mull

    Show us ya birds !

    White tailed eagle here last week, the ewe that has an udder full of milk to feed her lamb and the usual mother/ child bond was distraught to say the least.
  10. Mull

    Songs I Am Listening To

    Yep, absolute genius, terrific talent and bandleader, A’s was Petty.
  11. Mull

    the future for food, farming and the environment

  12. Mull

    Songs I Am Listening To

  13. Mull

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Two completely different events, not really comparable I don’t think, I’d go as far as to say it’s a bit silly to compare them and even sillier to try and tell people what they should be sad about and how much sadness they should give to certain events. Crazy.
  14. Mull

    Songs I Am Listening To

    On Churchill’s command they went.....
  15. Mull


    Aye, you could be right🤣, knew it was along those lines, poor Jordan, I’m sure she doesn’t deserve all this slagging, after all she’s just trying to be a genuine, down to earth spunk bucket.


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