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  1. It was a close call, as was Scot Indy, the country is split, awkward, but feck all we can do!?
  2. Mull


    Andy will be anything you want him to be I’d reckon! I see him as a wee Dundee prostitute, not sure why really!🤷‍♂️ I’m sure, in reality he’s sound as fuck.
  3. Mull


    ^^this is the best and most accurate post so far on the whole Arbtalk site! Thank you Mark, you’re not so bad yourself[emoji106][emoji38]
  4. Mull


    A thread entitled “overloaded” + folks getting uptight about vehicles being “overloaded” #forumlife
  5. If you believe the present global warming is the result of humans trashing the planet I’m not sure I believe you. If you believe it’s a natural phenomenon then I’m not sure I believe you either.
  6. The brexit shambles is entirely the fault of everyone who didn’t want or vote for it? Heard it all now guys🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Mull

    Painted Ladies

    Tiger moth, not in it all it’s glory! No idea! But obviously just emerging.
  8. Mull


  9. Bad roads are a great deterrent from incoming foreign settlement.
  10. As the yanks would say, there is no substitute for cubes.
  11. Oh, sorry. You’re definitely not a Tory then[emoji849]🤣[emoji2][emoji2]
  12. Aye, typical Tory, everyone else has to pay but he wants it buckshee, on top of his favourable tax allowances. Well, maybe not his favourable allowances, but certainly his masters.


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