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  1. Wording it correctly

    Rodger, over and out!
  2. Wording it correctly

    Right "for once" and "half right", all in 24 hours!! Watch out, I might start getting cocky!
  3. Wording it correctly

    What do you mean "for once"??????????
  4. Wording it correctly

    If you want to be "main contractor" you have to accept the sh1te! Why bother? Let the sparkie do his own thing and don't lose sleep over being the "main man"!
  5. App not updating / not available

    This is what I get at AppStore think it's the one before the last one?
  6. App not updating / not available

    Hasn't worked for weeks for me, I was on old app I think, didn't update last time it changed.
  7. New Forum feedback

    Unfortunately not everyone's!
  8. New Forum feedback

    Mmmm? of course I appreciate steves efforts, but I'm pretty sure even he wasn't expecting a constant stream of only positive feedback. yes I'll get used to it. i find it more difficult to use! What can I say?
  9. New Forum feedback

    It's feedback! As per thread title!
  10. New Forum feedback

    Too fiddily and difficult to navigate, don't like it at all. and still no app?
  11. Songs I Am Listening To

  12. No ones posting.

    As far as I'm concerned the app was great, hit the icon, latest posts came up! Simple! Putting a pic was simple too! ill just have to wait
  13. No ones posting.

    Bring back the app bring back the app bring back the app....
  14. No ones posting.

    I think they mean it's not exactly the same as the old layout!


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