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  1. Mull

    Making the news today....

    Good on you eggs, my mate is piping at one of the local memorials at 06:00 tomorrow morning, as are many others, I should be making the effort but I’m sure I won’t, I’ll be thinking of them though![emoji849]
  2. Mull

    Making the news today....

    Apathy costs nothing. You should know that Eggs! Mr Dempsey is a forum whore, he has no values. But at the same time, can sometimes be a tad interesting. Of course, that’s just my opinion! I’ve been wrong in the past.[emoji849]
  3. Mull

    Tech help

    You’ve lost me now eggs!
  4. Mull

    Tech help

    Think it means you’re a technophobe imbecile! That’s probably not a surprise to you!
  5. Mull

    Making the news today....

    I expect the conclusion will be that the rest of the world see you as a bunch of arrogant pricks, but I might be wrong. Personally I’d see that as a bit of a generalisation, I know at least three English folk that aren’t arrogant pricks.
  6. Mull

    Making the news today....

    Maybe this will have some answers for you Kev [emoji3]......
  7. Mull

    Making the news today....

    Mmm [emoji848], wonder why?
  8. Mull

    Making the news today....

    It’s “tongue in cheek”! At least that’s what he’ll tell you! He often diguises his Tory leanings with humour. Little England is slowly but surely isolating itself and gradually disappearing up its own arse.
  9. Mull


    Aye they’re not daft, never had one of these emails myself tbh. They only target the wealthy apparently!
  10. Mull

    Question Time

    Haven’t watched it yet, been early to bed recently, but if JRM is being considered as a leader of a country it just goes to show how far we have fallen. It’s easy to please “the few”!
  11. Mull

    Question Time

    This is democratic eggs! Great innit!
  12. Mull

    Question Time

    We voted for brexit, now get in line and jump over the cliff, if you don’t then you’re not democratic! You imbecile!!
  13. Mull

    Question Time


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