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  1. A wee guy I nearly ran over a good few years back. Cracking wee beasts!
  2. Ahh, right, I see your point, to a degree anyway! If you build it green it can’t get tight! But if you build it dry you don’t allow expansion?? Why not?
  3. What are your options? Building green and building seasoned? If that’s the case , why build green?
  4. Thickness cut will obviously shrink to a lesser degree than width cut considering it’s 5 times smaller, so will require less oversizing
  5. Yeah, if only it was that simple.
  6. Sentencing is an insult to that young human life. I feel I should be more shocked by a story like that, these stories are too commonplace now, maybe that’s down to social media, I don’t know. The more we hear the less shocked we are, that can’t be good.
  7. Yeah, try not looking at forums bud, you’ll feel better for it!
  8. Didn’t read it, but It’s so you! A link[emoji1]
  9. Try chilling with the kids instead of chilling afterwards, it’s more satisfying. Pissed up turkey.[emoji106][emoji3]🤣
  10. Give it up man!! Ffs, talk about bleating on! You’ve lost it! Now dragging covid into a different thread because no body is responding to you in the covid thread🤷‍♂️ spend some time with your family or something instead of staring at a screen daring someone to disagree with you.
  11. I guess you’d have to calculate how much effect Mark j and his likeminded tax dodging mates have on the economy and compare with BP’s and their likeminded multi nationals effect on the economy? I’m sure a smart guy like you has that info to hand! I await your breakdown of figures, or at least a dodgy link!
  12. What’s the alternative to big pharma?
  13. RT almost mainstream this one..
  14. Mull

    The Cooking Thread

    Interesting, honesty box here sells them them at just over a pound a kilo, raw! Rope grown, seems a sustainable venture, it’s farming but they feed themselves, quite like the process that mussel farmers have developed to give us a healthy food.


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