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  1. Depends entirely on what your labourer is like, useless bugger probably less than a tenner then tell him to do one, grafter, 14-15 quid at least, cheap workers ain’t good, good workers ain’t cheap.
  2. One of the pioneers of rock’n roll, quite an accolade to take to the grave. Well done little Richard making it past 27.
  3. Promote? It’s a simple choice really, give the farmers the dough or the supermarkets, won’t change the economy much, just depends if you want any money in the rural sector or just cut it out an drop it like a hot potato. It does matter.
  4. I think it’s scrote, not scroat.
  5. I think happiness is wealth, if you are happy and contented what else really matters? There is no doubt that having “loadsa money” makes shallow people happy, but family and contentment is way beyond money. Just my opinion of course.
  6. I’m going on stick this on here too! What do you think my English friends?......
  7. Throwback....you grow up, work, then that’s basically it!.....[emoji2]
  8. Great stuff in this thread, I guess it’s a wood forum but do any of you use other materials for your knife handles? I’ve only done a few crooks, mostly in horn, obviously ram horn and water buffalo horn, great material and very similar to timber to work with, make good knife handles too..
  9. I think ‘closing the loopholes’ is what J is suggesting? And now you too?
  10. Of course scale is relevant! Hundreds or millions? If someone owed me a tenner and someone owed me a grand...which would hurt me more?
  11. You’re worse than my brother, fucking Norway. Two on four off! Expensive
  12. Yep, agree with that, a great leveller. Quite expensive to taxpayer though.
  13. Mostly you talk perfect sense Andy, although you often do it in an ‘absolute tosser’ sort of fashion. Where do you see Scottish independence coming from if not through the vehicle of the snp?
  14. Saw this on news just now, absolute f***ing scum, depressing really! Labradoodle puppy stolen at knifepoint on morning walk Puppy stolen at knifepoint on morning walk WWW.BBC.CO.UK The six-month-old labradoodle called Waffle was taken after its owner was threatened in Cornwall.
  15. Circumcised? + an extension?
  16. Again, all about your own agenda! Surely you can see a counter argument, and understand it?


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