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  1. I have not bought, however I am very pleased with the one I made for demo, show purposes. I have tried the Easy-Lift Harness on a Henchman Tri-Pod ladder several years ago at the APF. I believe it will only work with this kind of ladder configuration. The Easy-Lift Harness Can not be used with an extension or step ladder under no circumstances. I hope this information helps slim. All the best. easy-lift guy
  2. If you choose to use the fronds as mulch just remember the seed pods will be your undoing and you will have more palms in your garden than can tolerate. easy-lift guy
  3. Vermeer, Morbark. Just don't go crazy loading to much in at one time. Like any other material that is fed into a chipper don't over do it. I would not wast my time converting the end product into mulch. easy-lift guy
  4. TBH I have no idea how running palm fronds through a chipper would be a problem. Having chipped thousands of fronds over the years the only tip would be to not to over load the feed chute. We have all the same species of palms that you have and than some. easy-lift guy
  5. Sorry Mick, I think your already there. easy-lift guy
  6. Sadly your gross ignorance of world politics and my countries politics once again show through and through. There is nothing funny about pretending to be one thing when in fact your actually something very different and dangerous. President Trump and his father were and by far better for the USA than the last 8 years of occupation my country and its elected officials were forced to endure. Your hesitation to judge someone based on history and what has actually taken place proves to me you really have no clue about the past mush less the present. I can only base my opinions based on my life long citizenship of the USA and ability to call a spade a spade. easy-lift guy
  7. There both communist. Just in case you couldn't figure that out by now. easy-lift guy
  8. The technology is still paying for itself. Furthermore more times than not existing technology generally transfers the cost to other products and technology in order to milk the consumer for every penny. May not be fair or right, just business. easy-lift guy
  9. If the video is not doctored that person will be pretty sore by now. Usually the physical shock to ones body may not appear immediately after such an impact has occurred. Perhaps he needs to purchase some lottery tickets after that event. easy-lift guy
  10. For the price, a single video of this tracked machine in action I would think twice about such an investment. A viable and functional alternative would be www. easyliftharness.com With thousands of satisfied customers around the world, "It ain't bragging if its true" easy-lift guy
  11. TBH. President Trump is taking his job very seriously and unlike all other presidents before him he is working for the USA. He also is not receiving a penny in salary as president. First time for that and first time as a business man for president instead of a politician. I am not on the payroll for the president, however he did receive my vote and unlike the last 8 years of occupation sustained by myself and many like minded Americans this president is not Communist. His father was also not a communist. Unlike the last renter at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. easy-lift guy
  12. The jack ass party has for years bragged about their get out the vote efforts for years. Sadly fake I'd is ready for purchase and generally when these people enter the USA. After all benefits are applied for registration to vote is soon to follow. These efforts don't go unnoticed at the time if elections and many a vote has been cast by an illegal alien to continue to support and defend the welfare state which is a primary reason for the existence of the jack ass party. Perhaps the only one. easy-lift guy
  13. He would of. The name "Crazy Bernie" really fits this tired old social communist. easy-lift guy
  14. Crazy Bernie is a rabbit socialist/ communist. He must be to have traveled to Moscow for his honey moon!. Seem his keeper of a better half is under investigation for money laundering, ouch!. Crazy Bernie was the fall guy for the the carpetbaggers election nomination and eventual loss. This knucklehead hates all things that have to do with capitalism, yet as all good social communist know none of them are poor. He has multiple homes around the country and deep pockets for him and his extorting wife, alledged!. He will be known as the fall guy who lost to the carpetbagger since the fix was always in for his rival and never for him. easy-lift guy
  15. I don't suggest. Claims for first time unemployment compensation are down and factories and companies are taking on new employees. Consumer confidence is up and so are wages for working folk. Illegal immigration is down by 50% over same time last year, when the flood gates were wide open so the jackass party could register more illegals to vote for them. Seems that did not pan out very well. easy-lift guy


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