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  1. I wonder if you can buy Canopys like that but made to measure? Have a look for ifor williams canopies, should be some on ebay second hand. I have an old pig ark one for when I chip into the back or have logs on, and a sign written grp truckman for best. I paid about £50 for mine but it is a bit tatty, and only has a grill back door, so not weather proof.
  2. First tree of the day and we have wifi, so thought I would join in
  3. I would avoid the vistaprint ones, not good quality at all And deffo don't stick one on your bonnet!
  4. Thats horrible On a lighter note, and as no one else has said it.......................... Smack break!
  5. I got one about a month ago, its a great saw imo. I have been doing a lot of softwood felling in the woods lately and its a real nice saw to sned with, although not sure if it flicks aswell as my late 346xpg? But that is probably just nostalgia I have it on a 13" with 8t and its soooooo quick. I do nurse my saws so cant really comment on durability but other than a brake band no probs. I broke it in on aspen but soon changed over to normal mix with no ill effects.
  6. All of the above. Keep strong, keep your mind sharp, keep us updated.
  7. I hire a tw230 and like it a lot! It is super fast and munches anything that will fit through the opening! I don't own or maintain it, so cannot comment on that side of things, but the grease nipples are all banked together which should help things. My only criticisms are the hopper seems higher than on the tw150, so loading heavy long stems can be a bit more difficult. The taper of the hopper changes just before the infeed, and I find branches don't find their way in so easily as with the 150, although the letter box design is better than the square. Final issue is the quality of the hitch/jockey/handbrake is not what I would expect on a machine of this value, perhaps this is the French version?
  8. I feel that eclipses are over rated. Its been like it here since October!
  9. These are nothing but trouble in my experience, It disengages the free wheel hubs to the front once out of 4x4, instead of the old style where you had to get out and turn a dial on each end of the front axel. Its not easy to diagnose the exact fault or fix it would seem. Avoid Have a search on here and google about it and you will see I am not the only one
  10. This is one I have stuck in my head at the moment [ame] [/ame]
  11. Lottery numbers, I keep them written down on a bit of paper and always kept in my pocket. This way, when some crazy old professor in a DeLorean screeches up next to me and says "wanna go for a ride kid?" I'm ready! That, and lifting, always get someone else to lift that heavy object/log/sofa etc. I would take the opportunity to track down a certain Mr. Silky on the day his "silky saved the day"
  12. Get well soon, never good to hear about an accident, so glad to hear your on the road to recovery. Best wishes. Adam


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