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  1. I've been using an Akimbo for a while with a drenaline... Mixed reviews from me I think. I like it but it has some significant flaws. -the comfort in the hand is not great, not a major problem but can be uncomfortable if you need to pull it hard -the major thing I dislike about it is it's not consistent at all on wet/dry/damp ropes. It can go from working well to shit very quickly. And need adjusting. Which leads to another problem.. -i need to run mine on the minimal friction setting on both adjustments when the ropes is dry. So when the ropes wet and It locks on I have no means of reducing friction further. Mainly resulting in it being pretty useless in the rain and I go back to the rope wrench. So would I recommend it? Probably not. I'm looking towards that new rope runner next which I've heard does not suffer with the wet rope syndrome It has converted me to mechanical mid line detachable devises though. Nice and compact and less faff to put on and off to a wrench. Maybe the akimbo mk2 may be better if that's ever a thing Has anyone found similar?
  2. How do you find the balance of the DCS-2500T? I'm dubious that with the battery at the rear and with the smaller option of bar on would it feel unbalanced? Thanks
  3. He was out, robin took the call but I've not much interest in birds
  4. Hi, I'm wanting to add bat surveying as a service I can offer. Does anyone have experience in this? Are there recognised organisations that provide training? Any help at all really would be great to point me in the right direction. Thanks
  5. Thank you. I shall give them a call
  6. Hi. I'm looking for similar info here. Could anyone recommend any companies to get Indemnity insurance with? Thanks
  7. Great thanks for that
  8. Hi, I have a harness to sell. Is there still a classified section on this forum? I can't find one on my mobile browser? Ta
  9. Reading other comments as well, I'm not a great fan of the 'What if' scenario of getting out the tree with a cut arm, for example, if you have 2 ropes. Don't cut and hold with a chainsaw, simple solution... Silkys can still catch you out of course but generally much less severe.. the other I don't quite agree with that I've seen on this thread is having a second substandard anchor, for example if you main anchor failed and you would have to descend on the substandard one. It seems in the 'what if' scenario youd be in a worse place had you have not had the second anchor, substandard or not?! maybe I misunderstood what people were saying on that one, but kinda the point of having a second TIP.
  10. Had a first go with two ropes today, so limited tries so far I know. but overall I'd say it was pretty positive. It was slower yes, but i'm not practiced with it so this will speed up, and it wasn't that slow anyway. I used the following method, which I'm going to try and refine some more to see how it goes. as an idea the tree was perhaps 18m high and a Sycamore, so usually a fair amount of solid points to use as anchors. 1 Main line, SRT set up as usual. 2nd shorter line, DRT (could also be SRT to get extra length out of it, but more moving to retrieve it each time) today was a 5m line, I have a 15m one also If needed. (Also one of the points in the original post was about space on the ground and extra ropes etc, This second line doesn't need to reach the ground mitigating that problem) 3rd short line 2.5m I think. This works as this article, in the FAQ bit, states only 1 has to be long enough to reach the ground uninterrupted...hope its not that one that gets cut! I used the 2nd shorter line as my 2nd Anchor always around something that could take my weight fully on its own, in case the main line/anchor failed. and used the 3rd short line to strop in, also always on something that could take my weight, whilst moving the 2nd anchor point around the tree. Then whilst cutting I had 2 points of attachment, on independent anchors, 1 long enough to get to the ground and a 3rd and to hold me in place as usual. So rather than look for 2 anchors to set up and leave for the duration of the job, I moved the second anchor around with me. I think it worked pretty well. Takes a bit more forward thinking to plan a second line as well as the main line. But on this tree is was more than possible to implement it. As said only tried it on one tree so far and I'm sure there will be times it will be annoying. But today was fully compliant and easy to implement and work with.
  11. OK thanks. So likely a secondary fungi then? I wander what did cause the beech to decline so quickly if it was not that
  12. This is on a mature beech. It's pretty much died in the course of a year. I always expected to find Kretzschnaria lower down hidden in the buttressed of beech trees. This spreads 5+m up the trunks. Thanks
  13. My first job working in the council we were taking a Large Beech down with a crane. one resident went off on about how we shouldn't be killing trees and taking this one down was a great act of vandalsim. My boss at the time calmed them by reassuring them we were only taking it down temporarily so we could inspect inside the trunk for decay and it would be put back up tomorrow, hence the use of the crane to carefully dismantle and rebuild it... amazingly they bought it and walked of quite happy
  14. Does anyone know of any specialist arb shops in Cumbria that have a decsent stock of climbing equipment? cheers


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