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  1. it was up for £7500 few years back, dont know if it sold for even that. All i can tell is its had some paint
  2. think you can still get them on german ebay and amazon although i heard were being discontinued
  3. Ive used both, 461 runs a longer bar better but does have the extra CCs also will be better built than the 462 but heavier. Stihl did go all out on the weight saving in the 462 to make it a lighter saw but with that comes problems, the top cover is single piece and will break from a light strike also the rear handle/trigger area is fixed by a prong mechanism and has come apart in my hands lots which has lead to wear in the throttle assembly as its a series of rods and pivots rather than a cable. 462 is a really good saw, Ive cut hardwood and softwood with for a year now and you just have to be a bit carefull with it whereas the 461 was a solid unit
  4. I doubt you will find any fencing grade oak in kent/ sussex area as sandwich are hoovering it up at moment as the price is strong. If you do be prepared for a high price!
  5. So that would ideally be the whole lot going then! I spoke with them today and they said it was more a discussion with input from different contractors experiences dealing with harvesting of dead ash/chalara and butt rot trees
  6. There is a euroforest meeting/discussion next month regarding dealing with ash dieback trees should be interesting!! I would commission a tree safety survey, then take out all the trees within striking distance of the footpath if that is possible?? seems crazy that you have to have a licence for alive trees with signs of chalara, what did they say about half dead?? im guessing some will have but rot too? so i would go round with a hammer tapping trees whilst wearing a hard hat and marking the hollow ones then taking them out. we had perfectly health trees on one job but lots were hollow so were taken out, public safety would be my main concern!
  7. I have a 462 and its coming up to a year in June in the woods, i was asked recently by a dealer if i wanted a 500i? my response was for them to tally up how much the 462 has cost me in spares. I have had 2 chain brake handles, 3 shroud covers, rear handle cover and recently bent the front handle!! If you want a 70+cc saw that will last and is not made from cheap plastic and a front handle made from tin foil( it is ridiculously light/ thin) then try any other brand!!
  8. I read somewhere few years back on their own website they pay £150( not sure if vat was included on top) for a experienced hand cutter, so up to medium tree and first aid, Problem is they moan like hell if you charge this even though the website states the above!!!
  9. if it plays up again try the wiring harness from the coil to the carb
  10. the crane has always been the limiting factor, ive seen many a purpose built skidder haul wood out they just get the cable on, winch it tight then lift the butt plate and drive out which keeps one end out of the mess the same with a grapple skidder. The plus side being there is a winch on site to manipulate trees and pull yourself out the mess when the weather turns, cheers for the input
  11. so your saying a hsm 805 wouldnt have the guts to pull 150 + cube timber? however i look at it its always a 2 machine operation but many wanting the timber carried out these days rather than skidding due to the mess made
  12. thanks for the response, yes basically using crane to lift butt end on to toothed butt plate and a winch cable wrapped round for safe measure then drive out, yes i mean shortwood Ive seen a cat 525 grapple skid out timber but then a forwarder go in to collect the shortwood Ive looked at the specs on the crane types and not sure if some are up to task, just seeing if there is one piece of kit to do the job really
  13. looking for opinions on machinery to extract 150 plus cube hardwoods? are the crane type skidders like hsm, noe, wf trac and kotschenruther up to task ?? reason being you can haul out the tops after with a trailer attached or is it excavator and forwarder ? any thoughts welcome
  14. id say its the fuel solinoid playing up from talking to others with same symptoms, not sure of cost to replace though


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