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  1. steve collins

    How much do the FC pay for cutting work?

    I read somewhere few years back on their own website they pay £150( not sure if vat was included on top) for a experienced hand cutter, so up to medium tree and first aid, Problem is they moan like hell if you charge this even though the website states the above!!!
  2. steve collins

    Ms362c being a right pita

    if it plays up again try the wiring harness from the coil to the carb
  3. steve collins

    extracting 150 cube plus hardwoods

    the crane has always been the limiting factor, ive seen many a purpose built skidder haul wood out they just get the cable on, winch it tight then lift the butt plate and drive out which keeps one end out of the mess the same with a grapple skidder. The plus side being there is a winch on site to manipulate trees and pull yourself out the mess when the weather turns, cheers for the input
  4. steve collins

    extracting 150 cube plus hardwoods

    so your saying a hsm 805 wouldnt have the guts to pull 150 + cube timber? however i look at it its always a 2 machine operation but many wanting the timber carried out these days rather than skidding due to the mess made
  5. steve collins

    extracting 150 cube plus hardwoods

    thanks for the response, yes basically using crane to lift butt end on to toothed butt plate and a winch cable wrapped round for safe measure then drive out, yes i mean shortwood Ive seen a cat 525 grapple skid out timber but then a forwarder go in to collect the shortwood Ive looked at the specs on the crane types and not sure if some are up to task, just seeing if there is one piece of kit to do the job really
  6. looking for opinions on machinery to extract 150 plus cube hardwoods? are the crane type skidders like hsm, noe, wf trac and kotschenruther up to task ?? reason being you can haul out the tops after with a trailer attached or is it excavator and forwarder ? any thoughts welcome
  7. steve collins

    Ms362c being a right pita

    id say its the fuel solinoid playing up from talking to others with same symptoms, not sure of cost to replace though
  8. steve collins

    Which Forestry Safety helmet ?

    Im all good mate!!
  9. steve collins

    Which Forestry Safety helmet ?

    no i didnt, but the helmet did the trick just a massive bruise on chest/shoulder as it glanced off The protos does have better adjustability than others and also replaceable top if you take a hit
  10. steve collins

    Which Forestry Safety helmet ?

    Just got a protos, have used the husky helmets for years then got twatted by some blow back felling and thought i need to invest in my head as much as i do my feet and legs for protection. Good Boots and trousers are £150 + each so why save on protecting your brain as that's the most important part, just my thoughts
  11. steve collins

    661 or 500i??

    I believe there are problems already with the 500i, i keep hearing about the oil cap protector breaking of when snedding, not seen any pictures though!!
  12. steve collins

    661 or 500i??

    was it darren you were speaking to?? saws are going same way as cars, just glad i got hold of some new 3 series husqvarnas as i have a big box of spares so should keep me going till i cant cut no more
  13. steve collins

    572 users - experience

    not in the same league!! might have something to do with the extra CCs but if it has some "work" i think it could be close
  14. steve collins

    Husky vs Stihl

    both are great, one is better made but heavier the other lighter but with fast throttle response but not so good on a 24" bar
  15. steve collins

    572 users - experience

    Okay, so i got to use a 572 the other day in some scabby horrible beech and oak around 20" which was the ideal test material for me!! it wasnt quite broken in yet but you could feel the power was always there when you needed it compared to the 462 which has a slight lull when introduced to some wood at full revs but carries on through- its kind of hard to explain!! Its well built and the rear handle didn't come apart in my hands!! air filtration is miles better than the stihl, ive owned a 462 for 9 months now and you can notice the weight difference. Overall i think its a more all round saw compared to the 462 which has super fast pickup which is good for snedding but is more suited for softwood.


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