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  1. Someone qualifies in arial rescue but doesn't like working at height flags up a big problem in my book. Yes from conversation with said trainer he has been involved with the writing of best practice etc. I'll dip out this now as you don't seem to like any honest opinions formed over the last 30 plus years that differ from your own. Cheers
  2. In a way your right. But the bigger picture is that the training industry isn't serving actual tree work industry very well. The number of trained lads I've given a go in the last 10 years that didn't last a year before jacking it in stands testimont to it. Pretty much all of them had spent many thousands of pounds with various trainers but still struggled with very basic things and struggled to cope with the physical demands. One or two still had a fear of heights ffs. The two rope thing is a silly distraction imo.
  3. I won't name names but I've been on a few very poorly delivered courses. One particular refresher delivered by a pretty prominent member of the training establishment comes to mind. Everybody came out wondering why they'd bothered. Chap deliveried it parrot fashion all while being massively distracted by a new facet of his business he was setting up. To the extent that the one new lad on the course was tutored by a couple of the old hands in a few things he couldn't grasp. I had had previous training from this guy years before. He was very good then. But that was while he was employed by a college, before he set up his own outfit, and the training didn't come second to the £sss. Not total crap, volume of bums on seats pays the bills. There are some cracking trainers out there for sure. But there are a few shockers too.
  4. Spot on. Time for the aa to pull their weight maybe.
  5. Indeed it is an industry created training problem. When the owners of training companies are involved in setting out best practice and course content there will always be a conflict of interests. If the shortcourse route into the industry wasn't so easily available lot of these training businesses would be unviable. Yes there are a fewowner operated arb firms that treat rescue seriously. However most of the large compliance heavy contracts nowadays only go to the lowest price. In my experience this increases pressure to drive down costs. Lesser skilled ops on poor rates is a easy way to achieve this. All backed up by lots of paperwork and crap training to cover thier asses . This is just from personal observation over the years.
  6. Indeed! No disrespect to anyone but should a lad like this be put in charge of aerial rescue after a week of this? Surely for it to be anymore than tick box compliance the rescue element should be left for a tried and tested climber? Best practice my arse!
  7. By all means sounds interesting. Moving onto better ground now so fingers crossed that's the last of the mud for a bit.
  8. That all makes perfect sense. The trouble is having a huge range of machinery means having to generate a huge turnover to keep it all rolling on. I've gone down that route in the past but don't want to do it again. Missed a fair bit of the kids growing up as was always at work. So a middle of the road agri type setup seems to be a happy medium. No eye-watering repayments to keep up with but a living to be made. If I could find enough work to keep a small machine going I would deffo look into it.
  9. Thanks for an honest reply. I'll have to stick with the tried and tested I think. I can't seem to find these niche jobs that demand dayrate very often (unfortunately). Usually piece rate take it or leave it is the way it goes.
  10. Just get over there! Turns out my wife has a long list sister in North California. After a few years of saving she surprised me with plane tickets. I'm not known for getting over excited about this sort of thing, but it blew me away. Always wanted to take a gander after reading Mr Beraneks books many years ago. But nothing prepares you for the scale of those Coast Redwoods. Work over here. got a little bit duller after that trip for sure! 20190214_125021.mp4
  11. Will try and massage you. Sorry for late reply, just seen your reply.
  12. The lads I know that jumped from tree work into irata, then working there way up through the ranks. To eventually get on the oil rigs etc, used to say otherwise. Aside from the obvious similarity of a cockup possibly resulting in a fall. But there you go, you know what they say about opinions.
  13. Yes they do use two ropes. However unlike arb work they are also subject to a rigourously enforced system of control. Various levels depending on hours and work logged are subject to strict supervision. Rope systems are set up and monitored ed by higher level ops. Not a few days course covering basics then let loose to get out of your depth and hurt yourself. Comeplety different ball game from my experience.
  14. Hope the aa chap is taking this all in. Just maybe this daft 2 rope will be a catalyst the industry needs. Or will the aa just ignore the real issues and let the big boys carry on with the shambolic box ticking compliance, ensuring they can tender silly prices and keep the industry on its knees.


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