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  1. I keep meaning to ask you if he's used the little four pot Falstone (?) skidder yet?
  2. Indeed those chaps do know their stuff. His son is on here occasionally, he knows his stuff too. All a bit of a setup for the filming from what I gather.
  3. This is my mates Dacia Duster. Drove 300 yards up a ride like this, backed in and parked. Drove straight out with absolutely no drama. I fully expected to be pulling him back out to the stone road with the winch tractor. A bit small in the back but stripped out it should be similar to the old Astravan I reckon. And a realistic price too.
  4. I've found the ms400 to be bullet proof. 18 months old now and has cut a couple of thousand plus meters without a hitch. I did give it a fresh sprocket etc a while back. Bit not because anything had failed I just thought I shod show it some love! My 462 purchased at the same time is still yet to give any trouble, although it's probably not cut as much as the 400 to date. And the 400/462 are possibly the best saws I've used in 30 years to boot.
  5. What sort of daily mileage will it be doing? The 4x4 pickup looks the part and is occasionally useful. But it takes a heavy toll on your wallet for the occasional benefit. A small van will half your fuel costs and make your insurance premium more paletable. Very rarely I put more than £60 a week in my van. But can easily put £120 a week in the 4x4.Personally I hate the cost of running a 4x4 just to save an occasional longer walk in. Most woodland roads will be driveable with 2wd ime. I've recently been impressed with the Dacia Dusters off road ability. Thinking of stripping the back out of one to use for work.
  6. The Wild Rover! Blimey that's brought back some good memories of post match rugby singing that have lain undisturbed for 30 years. Does that still happen I wonder.
  7. Spot on. They want theme parks now. Where the rosey cheeked children of their subscribers can run free on a Sunday morning. After driving there and parking in the new car park!
  8. There was a bloke looking for someone here recently. Scroll down a bit. Might not be your end of Somerset though. 👍
  9. Svts

    Handcutting work

    Looking for handcutter. Bath /Frome based. Regular estate based work. 079002243572 will reach me cheers.
  10. Svts

    Stihl ms400

    Oregon red semi synthetic from new here. Although I always mix it a tad stronger than 50/1.
  11. Svts

    Stihl ms400

    We've had two for the last 13 months. One full time cutting 5 days a week and one used a few days a week in between extracting. Neither has had any issues. Cracking saws with a 16/18 inch bar. Possibly a bit thirstier than a 560. I rarely pick up my 462 now. Will be getting another no question.
  12. I've no love of either organisation but neither are going away. And as I contract to at least one business that insists on fisa membership I have no choice. From what I remember fisa came about when the AFAG was disbanded and hse wanted an industry led body to take over. Indeed I'm sure the bloke that's developing it will see some financial return. Such is life. Although I believe its a monthly sub of a tenner to use it so not unaffordable.
  13. From what I've seen of it it looks a great step forward from the silly nptc merry go round. Obviously it's aimed at forestry sites but a lot of the issues it addresses are common to both industries. As an employer you'll get a good record of potential employees experience. As an employee you'll get somewhere to record your skill set and log any skill progression. And no more yawning your way through refreshers. I believe its also possible to record loler/puwer and risk assessments etc. It seems a pretty complete package. And something that's industry specific rather than a construction led scheme that's been bent to fit. Or the aa thing that's just unrealistic/unaffordable to the average Joe. From what I know of the guy that's heading it up (Callum Duffy) any comments re clipboards and pricks are way off the mark!
  14. I did take the recommended supplements for a few years but now consume a good share of the world's tinned mackerel supply in the hope its doing some good to my joints.


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