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  1. Self preservation and effective personal analysis and responsibility! That is a fantastic phrase. Those qualities went out the window donkeys years ago. When the wholesale adoption of the nptc idiots guide became the standard to measure yourself by. HSE and large company compliance procedures ensure that we have rules designed to keep people that shouldn't be in the job safe from hurting themselves. Backed up by the insurance people. When will the AA start looking into why the training industry is such a mess. This is just another rule to stop the lowest common denominator from hurting themselves.
  2. I think that's been hanging around ebay for a while. For a little bit more you could set up with a mid 90s tractor and trailer crane. Much more nimble in the wood and far better manners on the road. And spare parts should be far easier to source. I sometimes get a County itch but would only want it for winching.
  3. Hmmm. Indeed an interesting article al on the beeb regards Romanian timber industry. Tried to link it but failed.
  4. Climber required on occasional basis as usual chap is emigrating. Experienced well equipped outfit. If interested in mixing it up with a bit of handcutting we could keep you busy. 07900243572 for more info. Thanks
  5. I stick 46 in all my machines so that's no bother.
  6. Thanks for that. Pretty similar to what I was hoping to do. Agree its not a cheap solution once all the bits are sourced. But should be a lot more flexible to use and not run the tractor hours up unnecessarily. Thanks for getting back that's very helpful.
  7. That's a tidy job. Just looking into doing this myself to save tying up a tractor. Any chance you could give details of the engine size etc? Looking at a 24hp Honda to drive it so hopefully enough flow for a decent ram speed.
  8. Any further feedback on these a few years on. Are they holding up well?
  9. Based near Bath and working throughout the South West. Mainly hardwoods and the occasional softwood job. Currently working near Bath on an Ash thin/clear fell job. Usual certs required but would consider a less experienced op looking to build experience. 07900243572 will reach me. Thanks
  10. Okee dokee. Perhaps there's a reason I generally work alone nowadays 🤔. Just seems to be putting the cart before the horse. Spending money on what might be a perfectly usable winch to be compliant with legislation that possibly doesn't apply to it, only for it to be used by someone who seems lacking in basic knowledge of the machine. Apologies if it seems I'm knocking the bloke. That's not my intension, just giving a point of view based on information given. Each to there own I'll bow out now graciously. Cheers.
  11. Fair enough if want you want to spend money to scrap what might be a perfectly good cable. Wouldn't want to buy a new rope every year as they last for many years if treated well. However if the OP is needing to ask such questions should he really be in such a position of responsibility? Let alone let loose with the gear. Inexperience and or experienced but complacent ops only ever drive up accident rates and premiums.
  12. If your crane fails and you get hurt you couldn't of been operating it from the approved position within the protective structure or you guarding is defective(puwer). Loler is only good at the point of inspection it comes down to the operator to confirm its fitness for work before using on the day. And using it within its limits. As timber has no label giving its weight and the terrain can vary greatly not sure it can be an exact science like regular crane operation. I find the what if, what if, what if thing annoying. Competency, experience and a sensible attitude to matainance and operation should ensure you'll go home at the end of the day in one piece. No amount of box ticking and scaremongering from insurers backed up by trainers churning out poorly trained operators will change that.
  13. Not sure insurance would accept an agri fitters cable inspection. That's if it is really necessary at all depending on application. Puwer records should suffice if used for its intended purpose. If breaking cables are a problem then the gear is either shagged or being used outside of its limits. Competency and experience when planning and executing work more of an issue maybe.
  14. My understanding is forwarder cranes are exempt if used for its intended purpose. Lifting timber in the wood and stacking roadside. The operator should be in inside a protective structure and no other persons should be inside the clearly marked exclusion zone. It's only outside of this scenario that the waters get muddy. Arb work could be considered outside of this intended use. Interesting point about winches once but plate is lifted. Never had a loler cert for a three point link. However competency and training comes into play here and not putting yourself in harms way. Puwer is still applicable so equipment should be good order anyhow.
  15. Svts

    Ecoplug Max... Fakes ??

    We used to get the purple plugs on the rail. Rail ones were blue at one time not sure why it changed. They defo look genuine to me but may of found there way onto ebay by some nefarious route!


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