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  1. Agree with Matty here. I love my AGT850 but it most certainly is a low slung machine. The low stump police definitely need to be out when your using it in the woods!
  2. As a general rule, if a customer says “do you want a tea?”, it’s best not to ask for coffee and vice versa. Folks tend to offer what they like/feel comfortable making. I remember someone fetching our brews once, I’d asked for coffee, my colleague for tea. You literally couldn’t tell them apart by looking at them. Both got sloshed in the hedge at the first opportunity!
  3. IronMike


    That's interesting to hear about the remap. I spoke with my local dealer about it, and he was adamant it would void the warranty, even though it has Isuzu's name on it. He has spoken at length with a few of the higher ups in Isuzu UK who all said the same thing. I'm the end I went with the Nav as it has 190bhp standard, and once the warranty is up I'll be taking it to Pendle Performance for a proper tune up.
  4. IronMike


    I’ve always been of the mindset that there is no replacement for displacement. Before I recently bought my Navara, I test drove a brand new Dmax for the weekend. I felt the 1.9 was very lacking in the power department. I’d have hated to have strapped the trailer and Logbullet to it on a daily basis. I know a few lads with the 2.5 and they rate them.
  5. I can confirm, a Crocky ported 572 is flipping sensational! And he has also done my 550 MK2 and my 390, which is equally as breathtaking to use 😎💪🏻
  6. I’ve just gone down this route myself or at least done similar. I had a LWB Shogun for work, and a Passat CC for home. I’ve sold the Shogun (the Passat is still for sale if anyone is keen!) and bought a 2020 Navara. It has towing and load capacity I need for work, and it can accommodate the family easily enough too. Comfy to be in, getting 30+ mpg on longer runs, I’m happy with it.
  7. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
  8. I use these guys. Just renewed with them for second year. Good on price, absolutely top level customer service too. I can speak to a number of different folks there, they will all bend over backwards to help out. Highly recommended! H&H Insurance Brokers - Insurance for Farm & Business HHINSURANCEBROKERS.CO.UK Your Farm & Tourism Insurance Expert - Secure Your Business Today. Get a Quote for a Worry-Free Life. Friendly UK Service
  9. We cut 2.5m or 3m usually. Stacks well on the wagons, and 3m is perfect for my little forwarder.
  10. 🤣🤣 I’ll message it to you matey!
  11. I’ve got all my insurance (PL, EL, fleet etc) through H&H, my contact is a chap called Luke Conn-Goodman (yes, the name is real!) and he and the rest of his team are superb.
  12. I was down at Kirkland a few months ago, and I can testify as to how nice this tractor is. The former owner really looked after it, and it’s truly a mint secondhand machine.
  13. I’d recommend Skyland Equipment and L&S Engineering.


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