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  1. @bigtreedon bet the owner of that red VW was popular! 🤦🏽😆
  2. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s impossible to please everyone Rob. There will always be some who are left disappointed or annoyed, and some times it’s justified, most times it’s not and is due to a breakdown in communications somewhere along the line. Unfortunately in this digital age everyone had a platform/soapbox on which they can vent their issues. Because everyone is entitled to other people’s opinion! The service I’ve had from you and the clan had been top notch. You even helped me out when I clearly had my brain plugged in backwards and I thought my bar had its oil holes on the wrong place! 😆 Keep up the good work, I’m sure your skin is thick enough to weather the rough times that pop up occasionally.
  3. Just pop the cheque in the post mate. Looks like I might need the money to pay back my BBL 😆🤦🏼‍♂️💩
  4. Sullivan’s Engineering Log splitters | website WWW.SULLIVANSENGINEERING.CO.UK
  5. I think is is what my mate did come to think about it. The one he had wasn’t specific to the Avant. Good knowledge.
  6. A mate I used to work with a lot had one of these, but it wasn’t the Avant one. It was from an Irish firm if I recall. I’ll try and remember what it was. It was straightforward enough to operate and quite productive. It used to creep down on the boom a fair bit so we used to find some logs to pop underneath. That’s one thing I liked about it, because you had it on the boom you could adjust the height for each user. Saved getting a wrecked back. Let me get back to you with more details.
  7. IronMike

    Mot testing

    The worst part is it’s all recorded in the MOT history check you can perform on the DVLA website. Some twunt listed my car as having corroded sills, I’ve checked and there is no sign of this at all and it has never subsequently came up on any further MOT since then. I tried to sell the car a while ago and a few folk said they were put off by this advisory on the history. Also the DPF light was on, and all this means is a service is due (on my Mazda). Another pointless thing.
  8. Me and John have spoken about this, but cheers for the thought htb.
  9. A decent alarm clock so folk aren’t late! I’ll second the vote for what three words. Very useful and easy to use.
  10. That joke is legendary in our family. One Christmas that was the only joke in an entire box of crackers, we laughed a lot!
  11. And it’s still snowing so could be a decent sledging day with the boy 😎
  12. Rough with the smooth mate! Chin up!
  13. Mint! 💪🏻👌🏼


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