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  1. Aspen for me in all my saws, blower etc. Never had a a problem. Like others though, I’m fed up of the 5L drums.I had to take all mine to the recycling point recently….. there was a colossal amount! I was offered the motomix at £400 for 200L, how does that fair up against what other are paying?
  2. Is that an upgrade or will you be employing another driver, to run two? The plan is to get another operator onboard. But it’s going to take time to get it all in place. The opportunity to buy the second one came up and I couldn’t pass it up in reality. These little things never come up for sale, so to have a back up machine that is dam near identical to mine was to good a chance to miss.
  3. There is still a plentiful supply of Devon red mud coming off the dam thing!
  4. I bet the fella I paid to get me through my test will be pissed. He was a grand fella, no nonsense and a big part of his living came from trailer tests. Now he can do something else I suppose, HGV driving perhaps?!
  5. Sounds like you’d need a Logbullet! 😁 Give me a shout if the need ever arises 👍🏻
  6. Think it’s about £16 per month, so 50p a day. Service has been great from them.
  7. You need to speak to the boys at Abax! 👍🏻
  8. Could you not employ a manager of sorts, who took care of the majority of the day to day running? This leaving you with more spare time, but still a viable business running in the background perhaps?
  9. I’m sure there is a joke in here somewhere 😂
  10. I'm the baddest man on the planet 😎😂
  11. I run an 18 on my Mk2, it doesn't even flinch.


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