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  1. I often think my memory has reached maximum capacity. I tell folk I have to forget old stuff to be able to remember new stuff, and I’m 39! 😂 I’m not sure the years of going raving and chomping down pills has helped my cause unfortunately. I didn’t stop to think about at the time as I was young and foolish and having a good time. I’m sure me and my friends will all be effected by it at some point. On a side note, a few years ago I noticed my old man started to repeat himself a lot. Sometimes he’d tell me the same same thing 2 or 3 times in an afternoon. I was a bit worried, but ultimately I think it’s just his age as he is 76. I mentioned it to my mum and she wasn’t bothered!
  2. IronMike

    Chain oil

    Well when I started this thread, I was close to running out. But since then I've done hardly any cutting at all as I've been working the Logbullet nonstop! With that in mind I think I'll have to avoid the bio stuff as some times my saws can sit for a while unused. I'll likely stick to the super sexy stuff but could be tempted by the John Deere harvester stuff I tried once...
  3. Haha! Yeah because some twunt chipped a load of conny laced with sand before you hired it! 😂
  4. Two words: Hired chipper 🤪👌🏼
  5. https://youtu.be/OjScM9nfB88
  6. Just to chip in and say Steve did my website, and I’m very happy with it. Click the link below should you feel the need to cast your eye over it.
  7. What happened to him? Has he buggered off or was he pushed?!
  8. Bonny day mate, and look at that beautifully presented timber! 😍
  9. Aye it’s not a bad place to call home these days! The Lake District will always be my proper home but I do enjoy living here these days. We have friends who live Scorton way, North Cowton to be precise. We ultimately would like to end up that way as it’s a bit more rural than where we are now.
  10. If you’re bored and have 45 mins to kill, you can listen to me waffle on about Low Impact Forestry and the mighty Logbullet. Big thanks to Tom at All Things Arb for having me on for a chin wag! All Things Arb - Podcast.co POD.CO Listen to your favourite writers, thinkers, and experts in the world of arboriculture & forestry. As we dig deep on the...
  11. Another two stunners less than 2 minutes from my house.


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