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    Brenig smock

    I just ordered myself a set of waterproofs from the sample sale at Magic Mountain. I got a Mountain Equipment Maluku jacket and matching over trousers, both for what I deem to be a bargain of £275, which is half price! Mega tough Goretex fabric, plus the jacket is in a nice orange colour. They only really have stuff in size large or small bu there are some bargains to be had for sure.
  2. Busy morning here, got the harvester out and wagons getting filled quickly. New foreman keen to get paid right away, card reader in hand! (The boy picked these toys himself, I'm a proud dad. We have misplaced his Fendt tractor unfortunately, but so far so good with his selection!)
  3. IronMike

    Brenig smock

    Some interesting info here. I’m on the hunt for a full set of decent waterproofs to use whilst I have a day on the machine. I’m used to getting really bloody hot whilst at work, but I’m discovering that sitting down mostly static doesn’t create that much heat!
  4. Hello, I am looking to get in touch with any self employed cutters in the North Yorkshire area. I’m after some help on an ad hoc basis doing first thinnings work, so lots of brashing and felling and processing small/easy stuff. Work would be located just outside Richmond, and would probably be a day or two a week for a wee while at least. No massive long days as I balance work and family life well. Might suit a recent college leaver or someone newly qualified looking to get some experience cutting. I can supply saws and fuel if needed. I’m equally happy to hear from any fully qualified and experienced folk too though! Basically its it’s an easy going situation doing straightforward work, that could well lead onto more work in the future. Send me a PM through here or click on the link below to get contact details from my website. Many thanks, Mike Low Impact Forestry Ltd
  5. There is a small zipped section/pocket where the symbol is. Isn’t big enough for much. I have my first aid kit on my belt so I’m sorted.
  6. I like the red too! And yes, mine are looking decidedly less red now. But honestly, I’m very impressed. Pockets are well thought out, everything seems great quality and the price is excellent. What more can you ask for!
  7. Ps I had a pair of the Innovations, and these Solidur ones wipe the floor with them.
  8. I recently got myself a pair of these after a recommendation from a mate. So far they are excellent. Comfy, lightweight, massive vents on the back and seem to stand up to Forestry work fine. All this for a reasonable price. Only downside is is the colour choice. You can have any colour you like, as long as it’s red! Solidur Infinity Type A Trousers WWW.TREEKIT.COM Solidur Infinity Type A Trousers have 5 layer front protection and 4 pockets including ruler pocket and back pocket with...
  9. Evening all. I’ve had a mate from back in the motherland get in touch, needs some work doing at his recently inherited house. Not spoke to him for a wee while so he didn’t know I’d moved away. Anyone in the local area keen for a bit of work? Sounds like some pruning and possibly a removal, maybe some hedge cutting and general garden maintenance. Unfortunately I know nothing about access. If anyone was keen, PM me and I’ll pass details on. Westfield in Workington I think. Cheers.
  10. This is very interesting mate. I'm constantly battling signal issues in the woods, so this might be the answer.
  11. Got my local dealer to price one up. It’s next on the purchase list I reckon!
  12. I’m sure I saw an advert for the new L200 and in the small print at the bottom of the screen it’s said the 3.5t towing capacity was only when towing a triple axle trailer with brakes. Single or double and it was less (3.2t perhaps?)
  13. I’ll try and loosen up a bit, see if that works. My unstable and weak shoulders ain’t helping. Off to see a private quack to have them looked at, and find out whether the operation I had was actually the wrong one for me (out of a choice of two). The aim is to be on the Logbullet pretty much full time eventually mate, but for the immediate future I’m having to muck in and do plenty of cutting myself unfortunately.
  14. Hmm. Interesting point J. I have been wondering if I’ve been clinging on a bit much recently, possibly due to my shoulder issues? As of yesterday I’m using a brand spanking 550 Mk2. I was looking at these gloves: Anti Vibration Gloves Hi-vis Reflective Safety Work Gloves, Touch Screen, Flexible Spandex Back Anti Vibrant Gloves Hi-vis Yellow & Orange Large: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop Anti Vibration Gloves Hi-vis Reflective Safety Work Gloves...


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