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  1. I didn’t do anything specific with my Instagram, it has just grown organically for the most part. I was offered some sort of incentive by them so I had one of my posts “boosted”for a nominal fee. Not sure what difference it made. I have just been paid for a job though that I got directly through Instagram. So it is useful for business, and I have also made some decent connections with folk on there with similar interests. I like it, I find it much better than Farcebook in comparison.
  2. And for those of us with a growing business who just started last year..... 🤬🖕🏼👎🏼
  3. Sure John would have popped along and mentioned the place he got his stuff from at some point, but I'm here so I may as well! GK Jackson & Sons - Vehicle Recovery Services, Priestbrige, Morpeth. WWW.JACKSONSGARAGE.COM
  4. IronMike

    Lock Down?

    I’m not envious of your situation! Two are bad enough! The pain is savage, and continuous. I had pain in my left one to start with, but the real pain is above my tackle. The GP prodded and probed me and my god did I know about it.
  5. IronMike

    Lock Down?

    In a remarkable coincidence, I have just discovered I have not one, but potentially two hernias emerging! 🥴 so I am laid up now for quite some time. Started with aching balls on Sunday and got worse. Took a reluctant trip to GP last night (out of hours) and he was baffled. Went to regular GP today, and he strongly feels it’s at least one, but likely a matching pair. Normally he’d be referring me to hospital, but not essential so I’m resting at home. Well I say resting, I have a 2 and a bit year old son, a 3 week old daughter and a highly anxious partner at home. So rest is difficult!
  6. That's my job, thank you very much! 🤣
  7. Decent mate! West Wood? I can nip in next week back end, if thats any use?
  8. A factor often overlooked, keep em low folks! 👍🏻
  9. This was one I did a few months back, thought it was worthy!
  10. Ps. @Big J your bolster line and head stock extension are off to be galvanised so should be ready soon. I’ll text you the details.
  11. That doesn’t look like much fun gents! Murray, I notice in one of your photos you’ve got a ground saw just sitting there in the LB cab floor. I foolishly forgot to add the holder to my original order from Pekka, but he kindly gave me the details of where to get it from directly. It comes from a company called Iron Baltic, from a Estonia perhaps? Anyway, I ordered through their website and it arrived fairly quickly and I can not sing it’s praises enough. Such a simple thing, but boy is it handy. All I need now is the new Husky battery saw to go in it, so I don’t have to go through the process of starting a petrol saw every time!
  12. IronMike

    Chain oil

    I think the stuff I’ve used is essentially Rotatech stuff. I’m fairly certain it came from Northern Arb Supplies. I have been very happy with it, so will probably order more of the same.
  13. IronMike

    Chain oil

    Morning all. I’m sure this topic has been covered multiple times, but as per usual I can’t seem to use the Arbtalk search facility correctly! I buy my chain oil in bulk (well, 20/25 litre drums) and I’m coming to the end of my current batch of Super Sexy tackle. I’ve been very happy with it to be honest. I’ve used Oregon before but didn’t like it, it seemed extra flingy rather anti fling. I recall using some John Deere stuff before that was supposed to be for a harvester head, and found it very good. Does anyone have any recommendations for other brands to try? I was looking at Gator ET30, Rocwood, Westway Supertack, etc etc. I predominantly do first thinnings work, small scale forestry. Thanks in advance.
  14. Second vote for the 550 mk2. I got one and it’s been absolutely awesome. A major upgrade from the mk1 and just an all round weapon. Get one, you will not regret it! and if work are paying, get the xpg and enjoy warm hands!


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