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  1. IronMike

    CUMBRIA-looking for work

    Good luck finding something lad. I'm from Keswick originally myself, but live in North Yorkshire now. Not a huge amount locally unfortunately. You could try Precision tree services, see if he is after anyone. Other than that I don't know anyone else local to you. You'll probably have to subby but I did and was never really short of work.
  2. IronMike

    WANTED: Husky 555/550/560 rear handle assembly

    Splendid, cheers Ratman! And thanks adw, appreciate it.
  3. My 555 unfortunately got a random knock today, and seems like I’m gonna need a new rear handle assembly. Quick call to local dealer and I’m hit with a price of £120 ☹️ Quick look online and cheapest I could see was £102. But still hoping I can pick up a second hand one much cheaper! So, does anyone have an old saw laying about? I’m 99% sure the 555/550/560 are all the same part. Based in North Yorks but happy to pay for postage if needs be. Thanks in advance.
  4. IronMike

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    If you've still got it in a month or two when my bank balance has recovered from the bobcat and grabs purchase I might just get it touch about that If you thought the journey to get the digger was long, then you’re in for a nice treat if you drive to Jonathan’s! Ps. I don’t recommend you get it, what you need is someone local with a small forwarder 😉
  5. IronMike

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Superb mate. I’ll be down for a gander soon!
  6. IronMike

    Beech Takedown close to Building

    Yep, good work all round.
  7. What about adding a digger to your fleet?! Or another Logbullet 😆
  8. IronMike

    LED worklight supplier

    It’s actually quite useful you reminded me about them, as I’ll be after some myself soon for the Logbullet.
  9. IronMike

    LED worklight supplier

    I’ll answer for our John, he’ll be working hard no doubt. Company you want is Wilderness Lighting.
  10. Oh and worth ringing around. I’ve managed to knock £800 off the original quote I got. Model I will go for is LM186T
  11. I’ve been giving this lots of consideration of late, as I’ll be ordering my Logbullet soon. ive settled on a tri axle Ifor, but got good feedback and recommendation from Big J about Meredith and Eyre. I approached them for a quote and they swiftly replied with all the details. The resale on the Ifor was one of th big considerations. Apparently the one I’m looking to order is not that common and a beast of a trailer (one of the salesman said that) so should hold its value.
  12. Is that a winged creature flying above the timber stack mate?!
  13. IronMike

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Get that cheque book out John! Looks like you could strike a deal on it, just tell them you’ve got a lad who’ll drive it back to Richmond 😂 (ps. Not me!)
  14. IronMike

    New Truck Advice

    Echoing the words of others.... Grafter has a decent turning circle and is quite manoeuvrable for domestic type work. The one I've driven a fair bit requires constant attention to steering though. Bit like steering a ship perhaps.... Not sure if they're all like that though. It has a very bouncy ride, particularly effective if you want your passengers to nod off! And yes, quite thirsty but they all are when loaded to the hilt with chip and towing. But pretty reliable on the whole, and does the job. Spent a lot of years using a transit and still rate them, even though they get a bad press.


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