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  1. Back on topic.... I was chatting to a dealer locally about Aspen/2 stroke/Motomix etc. He can do me a 55l drum of Stihl Motomix for £150+vat which seems very reasonable to me. So I might be migrating back from 2 stroke, but just not to Aspen!
  2. I got chance to have a play with a Mk2 550 on Friday...... Wowsers. What a saw. It has truly surprised me, it is so quick to rev and was absolutely flying through timber at full bar length. I'll be buying myself one in the very near future, very very impressed.
  3. Finally made the purchase tonight! Got Dewalt 18v Li-on jobby, with a case and a spare battery for £243. Saved about £43 with a eBay discount code, bargain!
  4. And how could I forget my anger at those who perform the most heinous crime of all the shit reversing toss pots out there?! Those who don’t wave when you’ve backed up for them! 🤬🤬🤬
  5. People’s inability to reverse does make for a good spectator sport, and really lets you train your poker face as you try not to laugh! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve got out and reversed someone else’s car for them to save time. Doesn’t save their pride or dignity, but speeds the day up!
  6. ‘R’ on the gear stick baffles folk doesn’t it? And as for those shiny things sticking out both sides.....
  7. One more meeting and he’ll be off the road mate!
  8. SWB Shogun only has 3 ton tow capacity. Could you get it updated J? Quick search on Autotrader and there are a few out there, not too old, but still a bit of cash involved. I know you said you drove one and it was a bit agricultural but I really like mine.
  9. I can second the motion for McClarrons, they sorted all mine out for new business venture etc and for a very reasonable price.
  10. I’m probably going to get gunned down here, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’ve been djing for neck on 20 years, and have been busy uploading my mixes to Soundcloud for the last few years. I’m fairly certain the vast majority of folk on here won’t be keen, but if anyone likes Progressive House music then my stuff could be right up your street! https://soundcloud.com/parttimesemipro Enjoy! 🤪
  11. Maybe in the future I’ll go back to Apsen, but for now I’m afraid it’s back to the old dirty 2 stroke for me!
  12. I've had this conundrum myself lately. I had always used two stroke until Mr @Gray git introduced me to Aspen. Once I set up on my own, I decided I'd move to Aspen solely. However, I simply can't justify the extra cost in my line of work. I was using on average £16-18 worth a day! When you compare that to the equivalent quantity in two stroke, I'm near as dam it saving £10 a day. I must admit I prefer the smell of Aspen, but I can deal with it!
  13. Think Ace Fixings in Penrith have a good range, or they used to anyway.
  14. That they can mate! If you're up this give me a shout as I'm working just close to Richmond. I'd be more than happy to show you the machine and the site etc.
  15. Yes, I am after something a bit lighter. 562 weighs more than 555 so not a good idea! 550 is 600g lighter than 555, which doesn’t sound much but might make it more tolerable for my kinda work. I am predominantly doing first thinnings and brushing out, so light and good bar length are important.


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