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  1. IronMike

    generic risk assessments

    Hi Paul. I've just signed up to the AA (super basic junior level admittedly!) I can't seem to find the download section for risk assessment templates etc. Am I being daft or missing something?
  2. IronMike

    Win a year's supply of Aspen fuel at the Arb Show 2019

    Do you have to be in full PPE?
  3. I really do hope I can get going and keep busy like Big J! Life would be a dream! 😁
  4. It would be my pleasure Khriss. Be sure to let me know when you’re next up and if I’m about and available, you’d be more than welcome to see the machine in operation.
  5. Following on from my 50k budget thread..... I am happy to say I have finally got my Logbullet mini forwarder fresh off the boat from Finland. I'm just having a few minor modifications made to the machine, but I’ll be effectively ready to go from next week onwards. Hats off to @Big J who has been a great help so far (and continues to be so I must add!) and inspired me to mimic his low impact route. Ill be offering introductory rates as I need some time to familiarise myself with the machine, but I have experience using lots of different machines (Botex trailer and Valtra, 360 with grab etc) so I’m safe and competent, but learning all the time. I’ve been working as a self employed groundie for last 7 years, so I have experience in arb work and forestry. I have saws etc if needs be. Most people on here know of Big J’s exploits in Devon, and the kind of work the machine is capable of. Low impact is the key, as is productivity in areas where others can’t help. I am based near Richmond, North Yorks. So I am happy to travel in most directions if I’m needed for up to about an hour/60 miles radius. Please feel free to get in touch via here or call me 07772655759. Steve, I’m happy to donate to running of site (although I still need to get that website sorted and I am giving serious consideration to a tracker too!) This is an exciting new chapter for me, and I am looking forward to getting the machine out working soon. Thanks, Mike.
  6. IronMike

    Husqvarna 550 XP silly prices

    Phew. I nabbed myself an ex demo 390xp for £825 last week. Think it was a dam good deal. Sorry to hear you have had no luck Mick.
  7. IronMike

    Haix Protector Ultra

    Well my trusty old Protector Ultras have finally expired (well, they've been relegated to gardening work!) They have split on the uppers, so are no longer watertight. But the soles have loads of life yet so they won't be getting binned yet. Over 2 years of abuse, I'd say they have done well. Would still recommend them.
  8. IronMike

    Freelance climber Leeds

    @Rick light
  9. IronMike

    Freelance climber Leeds

    Get in touch with Rick Light, he posts on here. He was after someone I’m sure.
  10. IronMike

    A woodland trundle

    I got an update photo from Pekka of how mine is coming along..... Excitement is building!
  11. Once I get mine, can we officially start a Log Bullet Owners Club?!
  12. IronMike

    CUMBRIA-looking for work

    Good luck finding something lad. I'm from Keswick originally myself, but live in North Yorkshire now. Not a huge amount locally unfortunately. You could try Precision tree services, see if he is after anyone. Other than that I don't know anyone else local to you. You'll probably have to subby but I did and was never really short of work.
  13. IronMike

    WANTED: Husky 555/550/560 rear handle assembly

    Splendid, cheers Ratman! And thanks adw, appreciate it.
  14. My 555 unfortunately got a random knock today, and seems like I’m gonna need a new rear handle assembly. Quick call to local dealer and I’m hit with a price of £120 ☹️ Quick look online and cheapest I could see was £102. But still hoping I can pick up a second hand one much cheaper! So, does anyone have an old saw laying about? I’m 99% sure the 555/550/560 are all the same part. Based in North Yorks but happy to pay for postage if needs be. Thanks in advance.


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