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  1. Sena for me too. Got 20S and 50S, both excellent. Buy from www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk for best price.
  2. Question for my fellow 572 owners. Bar oil adjuster...... does yours adjust in the traditional way? By that I mean, you put your combi spanner in the slot, and you can turn it to one of three positions, low, medium or high? the reason I ask is I have just collected mine from the local dealer after going in with issues relating to the above. They were remarkably quick vs most people’s experiences of getting things repaired! Now more fool me for not checking, but after I was reliably told it was sorted, I appear to have the same problem. That is unless Husqvarna have changed the way the bar oil is adjusted on the 572. Mine turns and turns and turns and eventually comes to stop in either direction, but this doesn’t seem right to me. It’s different to every other saw I’ve ever owned if it supposed to be like that. I wanted to check with other 572 owners to make sure I’m not losing my marbles, and before I ring them back up and give them both barrels down the phone for wasting my time again.
  3. Speed isn't always the answer though. When I had my incident I was going downhill and gaining momentum very quickly. It went from 50 to 65/70mph very quickly. I slammed the auto box into semi manual and knocked the gears down. The engine breaking slowed the rig sufficiently enough for me to regain control. Then I soiled myself a bit
  4. Looking at video again, it might actually be a Shogun! In the video it looks like he has a wobble on as he passes. Speed is clearly the biggest issue here but I wonder if when he pulled out to overtake the vehicle filming he started the wobble then?
  5. Reminds me of my own fishtailing adventure I had with the Logbullet earlier this year 😳 I must’ve been close to losing it, scary shit!
  6. Managed three consecutive days without failure mate, fingers crossed! 🤣
  7. It was what was lurking in it that I was most afraid of matey!
  8. Had the Logbullet on some steeper terrain today. It did very well! Been a bit cautious as had a string of breakdowns of late. But she performed admirably today.
  9. That is a beast! I’ve always had a soft spot for Jensen chippers.
  10. Had mine since April, and only got it's first proper use last week. Bar oil adjuster shat itself. I know of a few who have had other issues including total rebuilds when less than 6 months old (under warranty) and I know others who have had no problems. I'd take a 372 over one at the moment if I had the chance! 🙈
  11. Just started watching Ozark on Netflix last night, first episode is gripping! Also just finished recently watching The Sinner, really good. The Boys, also very good and new series starts very soon. Me and the Mrs enjoyed a series called You on Netflix, but might now be everyone's cuppa tea. Banshee was also very enjoyable but tailed off a bit towards end. And for some light relief, I've just started watching Brooklyn 99.
  12. I ended up felling some decent sized Ash with my Spud fettled 390 the other day as my nearly brand new 572 had issues. Got a 24 inch bar on it currently, and used it all day without incident. The incident happened when the 390 had drank all my Aspen so I had to use my felling buddy's Stihl 462 and ****************ed my cut up. I now owe him a new front handle and chain brake handle! 🙈
  13. I have a large bonce also. Got myself a Protos helmet and it seems to fit well. It's getting its first run out in the woods tomorrow actually.
  14. Here is a snap from the day we were there. Not in leaf but you get the idea.


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