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  1. Evening all, I’ve heard tale of being able to swap the ‘off switch’ on my 390 for an auto return one, possibly the same fitment as the one on a 540 top handle perhaps? Also, I’m after some new fuel and oil caps, the newer style ones with the flip out twist part. Does anyone know which model I could order that would the 390? Lastly, I’m after some bigger felling dawgs for my 572. Are the ones from Husky decent enough or any other top tips? I’m looking at you @outinthewood for some top tips! 😁 Just putting an order together for L&S, may as well get a few bits at the same time. Thanks in advance.
  2. I went to Riga on a stag do, so a lot of my memories are blurry. Especially as we stayed in a hostel type of affair, where the ladies who served you breakfast would then take their clothes off in the evening for money 🙀 We went in February, and as has been mentioned, wrap up warm. It was cold, and now whenever anyone says “it’s Baltic” I ask them if they’ve been to Riga in February before?! I do recall the Old Town was indeed marvellous. Lots of little eateries and coffee houses etc. I had probably the best steak I’ve ever had in my life there. Can’t remember where, but it was dam good!
  3. Picking up some sticks on a nice flat site near Helmsley, after a recommendation from @bigtreedon Cheers bud!
  4. I'm running Sugi, Tsumura and GB bars, in a variety of bar lengths. I'm a bit like Matty in my Sugi opinion. I'm using a 15 on my 550 currently though and it's holding up well. The Tsumura lost all its colouring very fast, and I managed to take a chunk out the bar quite easily which was disappointing. It's languishing in the back of the truck. I have a 28 inch GB on my 390, and it's a thing of beauty 😍 All I can conclusively say, is I always ditch my standard Husqvarna bars for some aftermarket one. Maybe I'm being hasty?!
  5. As the old saying goes..... Cheap labour isn't good, and good labour isn't cheap.
  6. Mark Beach not got anything about mate?
  7. I've just put two and two together Tom, and worked out it's you! How do mate! 👍🏼
  8. All great info as always, most appreciated! Hand pump seems to be the easiest option, interested in hearing more on barrel stand and tap solution though. I must admit that idea fills me with worry about pissing it all over the floor, I'm presuming it uses gravity to fill rather than a pump? To answer the question regards price on 200L drum.... I've been offered it at £400+vat. The equivalent Aspen is £480ish I think, so decent saving. I'm picking it up from a local dealer so no delivery to pay.
  9. I am making a switch from Aspen to Stihl’s offering as I am fed up of having empty 5L cans knocking about my shed, and I can get a very good deal on a big old drum of Motomix. I have a 200L drum coming next week, and I now need a way to get said fuel out of said drum and into my combi can. I could probably get away with a manual pump, as I’ll only ever be decanting 5L at a time. But I am a big fan of mechanising as much as possible, so I’m open to getting a 12V or mains powered pump also. Anybody got any recommendations/top tips for what’s out there? Have been toying with the idea of getting a similar sized drum of bar oil too. Clearly I’ll not go through that quite as quickly and I can imagine it’s a bit of a bugger to pump especially in the cold! So I might stick to 20L drums for now. Cheers.
  10. Buying any secondhand vehicle is a gamble. Avoiding a pup can be possible, but sometimes you end up with one. I've not had many over the years, but a MK4 Golf I bought once cost me dearly. I was blinded by the sexy sound of a 5 cylinder engine though ..... I remember hearing the saying "there is no replacement for displacement" and quite like this idea for a tow vehicle! My Shogun has a meaty 3.2D engine, and I've had it fettled up a bit so it's got 240bhp and 500nm torque so yanks the Logbullet around with ease. I personally would be fearful of using say a 2 litre with a set of turbos on for a prolonged period of time, just because the engine will be getting so much more abuse. However, that's certainly the way things have gone so maybe I'm living in the dark ages? Unfortunately most stuff these days seem to have built in obsolescence. Stuff just works to an expiry date effectively. Sometimes you get lucky and have care free motoring, but a lot of folk end up pouring money into something once it reaches a certain age or mileage (myself included) You convince yourself the next fix will be the one that stops the rot, but invariably it never is!
  11. Have a search on Instagram if you want to see the merhcandise.... https://instagram.com/outinthewoodagain?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. It's like an only fans account following you on Instagram 😂 proper saw p0rn!
  13. Wasnt a bad start to the day this morning 😎👍🏼


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