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  1. Husky balance xt is probably the best out there. had mine 5 years now used 3 days a week and not worn out yet.
  2. George Theodosiou is the man to have. Find him on Instagram and send him a message. You’ll never look back 👍🏻
  3. I have the self propelled version of this and it’s a really good bit of kit. Collects really well and is good on battery life. I only have a small garden with lots of steps and it’s ideal as it’s so light.
  4. I’ve had both 462 and 500. 500 is an amazing saw but wouldn’t want to be running it in forestry it’s way too thirsty. 462 isn’t much slower, slightly lighter but will do way more cutting to a tank than the 500. Can’t comment on the 572 as with all husky’s they are never in stock.
  5. Weibang are a really good wet collecting mower and won’t break the bank
  6. The pump replaced the air con pump so is ran off the aux belt. If it is constantly pumping air around would that mean it needs the whole system bleeding?
  7. Hi, I’ve got a cpl (socage) a314. It recently had a hose blew and got this replaced by the local hydraulic place and a few other parts that needed changing but few weeks later after that it seems to have lost its power. Sound like it’s really struggling then when I brought the machine down one day it spewed oil out the filler when it had bubbled in the tank. Now have I got an air leak, wrong oil or is the pump on its way out? The pump when the pto is off does make a metal spinning sound sometimes so don’t know if clutch is gone for the pump. It’s running off a hilux if that makes a difference. Hopefully someone can point the right direction before I have to send it to be fixed. Thanks Tom
  8. Just get a compact tractor with a loader. 30-50 hp compact should have relatively good lifting power on the loader and the deck will be more than enough for what they would want.
  9. The reclaim on all previous big purchases should out way the loss you’ll make on the 8 weeks of work. Plus from now on all purchases you make will be 20% less and it’s surprising how much it all adds up when it comes to the end of the quarter. You’ll be fine just a new learning curve!
  10. My local dealer told me you’d be lucky to see it till February now.
  11. I have 2 ifor Williams plant trailers. I know there are better plant trailers out there but you can’t beat the resale value of a ifor. Barely lose the vat when it comes to resale
  12. I run 2 of them one is 2 years old the other a month old. Really good brush cutters the 2 year old one had a gearbox straight away upon using it. But husky fixed that very quickly. They are really good on fuel as well will do an extra 20 mins compared to a 535rxt which is surprising as the same size fuel tank. I use mine more as a strimmer than a brush cutter but the balance xt harness is the best harness out there and will spread the weight of the machine lovely. Also my harness is not about 6 years old and no signs of giving up. Only negative thing is the handle bar mount is weak and if dropped or knocked hard will snap the mount. I keep these as spares as I do at least 1 a year. Could be me or just a weak part in the system.
  13. As much as I love my 540ixp it won’t replace a petrol saw just yet. Will do 80% of the work but if you’ve got a removal that is mainly cutting full bar top handle length will soon drain the batteries. But still I use it everyday except for the odd removal. According to the app I’ve put 152 hours on mine currently.
  14. Got to be a difference somewhere as I get an extra 60 miles to a tank using shell standard diesel then if I fill at the supermarkets I get a lot less to a tank. This is the same for my father as well who has a petrol car.
  15. I had a custom with the 2.2 it sounded like a tractor when cold but soon drops off once warm. Also they sound rough when on idle if they go into regen sounds like a blowing exhaust on idle


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