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  1. Cheers all. Will contact some of the suggested places. Do most people earn there money off the wood, such as selling logs etc rather then getting paid to do the trees?
  2. Cheers. Yeah I already do firewood, around 100-200 cubic metre a year.
  3. Unfortunately this was going back some years and unfortunately my grandad passed away several years back
  4. Hi guys. I've always had a strong interest in forestry work due to both my dad and grandad running a business doing chestnut coppicing and using it for fencing etc. Im 22 years old and have been doing some forestry work for the last 3/4 years for myself cutting for firewood to sell. I manage the owners woods in return for the wood. I now want to turn my business more towards the forestry/woodland management. Few things I would like to ask, in which I hope some of you may have answers for 1. How do you get the clients, that will pay for you to manage their wood etc? 2. What's the best way to get the type of work? If it's small woodland, I'm happy to do it in return for the wood but would really like to be making some money from it now. I have my cs30/31 tickets and public liability insurance. I have several bits of kit to haul timber out such as tractor and quad bike etc. Any advice etc would be much appreciated Liam
  5. Hi guys looking at purchasing a new saw for forestry work. Something with a fair grunt behind it, not to heavy. looking at the 560xp, what would people recommend cheers
  6. Hi Guys Ive been chatting to a local guy who has several plantations of fairly young willow. They have no use for it apart from bio-mass. I was thinking about making a deal that we cut it and use it all. The brash could be chipped and the stems used for making furniture etc.. Would there be any use for it in hedgelaying ? would I make much money from it ? Cheers
  7. Hi Guys....Im applying for the first time as an agent to fell some woodland containing a lot of ash dieback. I don't understand a lot of the info etc on the form and was wondering if anybody would be willing to help me as the forestry commission don't seem to help. Cheers :)
  8. Wish I had some of the barns your lads have lol
  9. How much do you sell per winter mate??
  10. Hi guys just wondering where everyone stores their firewood? I'm currently on the look out for a new storage place... Here's what st I have currently
  11. I spoke to local fc bloke and he said the same. These are the ones I'd take down as hardly any growth on them
  12. Hi guys. Am I right in thinking you don't need a Felling license to fell Ash dieback?
  13. Don't you need to get the client to sign a agent agreement form?
  14. Hi.. Do you need a Felling license for coppicing? Such as chestnut or Hazel? Or is there certain exceptions?


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