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  1. Where did you get one from ? Jansen said they won’t ship to uk
  2. Evening Does anybody use a kinetic petrol log splitter ? currently running 2 petrol road tow oxdale splitter, but thinking kinetic one for all the small clean stuff. any decent machines available in the uk ? cheers
  3. How do you see if the site has a felling license or not ?
  4. Been researching alpine tractors lately as that was my initial interest for investing in some new equipment, but the price and a few other reasons are putting me off im now toying with the idea of getting a timber trailer and finding a suitable tractor for it. what tractors do people recommend? looking to spend about £25k for both the timber trailer and tractor. will be used for my own extraction of firewood as well as hopefully getting some work for it. Also would be doing some topping etc too many thanks
  5. Hi guys. possibly looking to buy an alpine tractor. what are people’s thoughts on Antonio Carraro hst. Would be looking to pair it with a timber trailer also
  6. Hi guys. possibly looking to buy an alpine tractor. what are people’s thoughts on Antonio Carraro 4400 HST
  7. The other option I've been thinking about are the alpine tractors? Anyone use one, pros / cons?
  8. Cheers for all the replies I have been looking at the case tractors, which seem to fit the bill quite nicely. Not sure what they would be like for forestry stuff, although won't be major Forestry work
  9. Evening all. Looking to purchase a tractor and timber trailer. Would be to help with extracting timber, firewood production aswell as Paddock maintenance ie topping, harrowing etc I probably have around 10-15k to spend. Have been looking at a few valmet tractors but not many about Any tractors you'd recommend?? Cheers
  10. Morning all. Thought I'd put up a little post about my small Ash dieback site.. Now the grounds started drying up, I have managed to start sorting out the timber I cut in the winter. I spent last Saturday moving the cut timber into stacks with the quad bike and Just by hand. I have hired my friends avant with log grab tomorrow to move more of the timber to either roadside or to the other accessible woodland track. I'm hoping to move the majority of the cut timber out and stack any remaining brash in a lump to burn at a later stage. Hoping to get everything moved ASAP so that trees etc can start to naturally regenerate this year Liam
  11. What tractor is that mate?? Kabota? Do you get stuck much with that? I have been looking into something similar but didn't think they'd be any good
  12. Also just spoke to my mate who has an avant with log grab. Can hire in machine for around £90-120 a day with the grab. That way I can move everything to the road side?
  13. What sort of money are alpines??


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