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  1. Morning all. Thought I'd put up a little post about my small Ash dieback site.. Now the grounds started drying up, I have managed to start sorting out the timber I cut in the winter. I spent last Saturday moving the cut timber into stacks with the quad bike and Just by hand. I have hired my friends avant with log grab tomorrow to move more of the timber to either roadside or to the other accessible woodland track. I'm hoping to move the majority of the cut timber out and stack any remaining brash in a lump to burn at a later stage. Hoping to get everything moved ASAP so that trees etc can start to naturally regenerate this year Liam
  2. What tractor is that mate?? Kabota? Do you get stuck much with that? I have been looking into something similar but didn't think they'd be any good
  3. Also just spoke to my mate who has an avant with log grab. Can hire in machine for around £90-120 a day with the grab. That way I can move everything to the road side?
  4. What sort of money are alpines??
  5. Thanks everyone for their thoughts/views, much appreciated. I'm now possibly thinking that on the Ash dieback site I'm doing, that I hire in a friend's tractor and timber trailer to shift the timber. The only issue is that access isn't great, several ditches etc. I'm thinking try and get some of it moved with the quad and trailer to near roadside where the tractor/trailer can then grab it. The Copse Is only about 0.5 hectare.
  6. Hi all Toying with the idea of doing low impact forestry. There is alot of unmanaged woodland around me so think there would be plenty of opportunities. im looking into getting a timber trailer for my quad bike, possibly the kelfri with crane or looking at others without a crane I would be planning on using it for my own little bits of woodland management, but was also wondering whether I’d be able to drum up any work for it as well as the setup being useful/beneficial. please let me know your thoughts. Many Thanks liam
  7. Yeah everything will be extracted to roadside/rideside. Then I will either hire my mates tractor and timber trailer to move wood to my yard, or will be left on site and I will log up when I need to and take away in my transit tipper. They have decided to let it regenerate naturally although they are worrying the the FC will sting them for money if nothing grows?
  8. Hi all im looking into getting a timber trailer for a quad bike. I would be planning on using it for my own little bits of woodland management, but was also wondering whether I’d be able to drum up and work for it? would a quad bike and timber trailer be beneficial? please let me know your thoughts. Many Thanks liam
  9. A couple more photos from a day Ash Felling last Friday. Nearly at the end of this site now, only a few roadside trees to do and around 10-20 at the end of the wood..... Once dry enough ill be able to get in and extract the timber. Probably looking at purchasing a timber trailer for my quad bike
  10. Hi guys I'm selling my fordson major. Has been used to run log splitter but am selling all my farm machinery to go more into forestry equipment For sale I also have topper, trailer and log splitter Based on West Sussex
  11. I’m 22 years old based in West Sussex. On this site the owner wants the brash burnt, although we have been leaving a few piles for the wildlife. At the moment it’s just me and the saw, often have someone with me stacking the wood and put brash on fire. Planning to buy a timber trailer for my quad bike to make moving the timber easier. Had a leyland 272 synchro tractor but unfortunately that died last year so ended selling for spare parts. Have a Fordson major but that is up for sale as doesn’t get much use. The arrangement I have with the landowner is that i get all the wood that I cut. I was previously just doing thinning work and taking out and dead etc, but ash dieback hit hard this year and has wiped out most of the wood. The woodland is predominately ash with several birch and small amount of hazel couple as well as some oaks. Once the ash ash is all done there is interest from the landowner in thinning one of their smaller copse by their house which is a mix of birch,alder etc. I want ant to get more into woodland management but currently have been running my own business for 3 years doing garden and tree work. Then come the winter I sell logs. Lunch??? Usually forget to take any lol 😂
  12. I've been out on one of my small sites Felling Ash dieback today 🤙
  13. Evening all.. Just thought I'd post an update. Currently around half or just over half way through this site now and all going well. Not easy going doing everything by hand without any machines at present. Hoping to have everything down by spring and then once it's dry enough I can get in to extract timber Liam
  14. Thanks. But ideally I'd like some money for it, if not I'll just log it for firewood
  15. Hi guys Felled this maple today. Any use to anyone and if so what's its worth?? Easy access based in forest Row, East Sussex


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