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  1. Happy New Year all. Has anyone used the helly hansen overalls, 'Alta Suit' (not the quilted winter type)? These come in at about £50. I am after a new pair of unlined overalls that are water resistant, not too much of a sweat bag but can do me crawling around on/under muddy or wet machines. Usually have a lump of cow mat i can put down but still get covered at times. Cheers
  2. Had a discussion over out bait today, one of the lads is in need of a new work vehicle (freelance hand cutter/estate worker). Whats the preferred forestry vehicle? We have a fair selection here at the moment; pick ups, a defender and a Clio (!). It's difficult to decide on an ideal vehicle - dont necessarily need large pickups if your just carting tools, saws and fuels around. Having said that its grand to keep a vehicle smelling fairly fresh and not have loads of stinking kit loose in the cab/car with you... Thoughts?
  3. Appreciate all your input. Looks like I am going for the super cab - friendly keeper down the road let me have a nose at his, with 2 child seats in. Disco idea was a good one but a pick up is a must as I'm not sharing a cab with some of the stinking loads I need to carry! Cheers
  4. Many thanks for your input gents. I shall post again if the tractor ends up being purchased. Cheers
  5. Morning all, I appreciate there are many threads on this but none answer my questions.. To those running crew cabs and super cabs ('1.5' cabs). What is the actual difference in bed length. From what i can see an average crew cab bed is 5 foot and a super cab type has an extra 8 inches on that? I know super cab axles are positioned better for weight distribution but do the 2 models vary in overall vehicle length much? Modern crew cabs look long and numb. I need a new truck, must be 4x4 pick up, but it will need to do the occasional school run. Has to be a crew or super (hopefully with suicide doors) but it pains me,coming from a single hi-cap 110, that it looks like i cant even sit a digging bar or stock post flat in the back!! I'm not an arb so chip capacity isnt an issue, it will be on estate and forest duties, though bed space is still important for logs and materials - when a trailer isnt in play. Any help appreciated, Dave
  6. Appreciate all the responses. Steering drawbars do make life easier! Sounds like I am correct in thinking it would be a useful piece of kit still. Any photos of county forwarding set ups? Thanks again
  7. Hi all, A question for the County owners and operator's.... In the past I ran a 764 as a winch tractor, Igland 5000 and a blade on the front. For its age (and lack of mod cons) it was an excellent machine. I have heard a whisper that a machine I know (unsure of model) is coming up for sale. The machine in question also has a highland bear roofmount crane. Are the County's with roof mount any more stable than other newer machines? Will the tractor unit and a trailer for forwarding be unproductive on sites other than clearfell? Whilst i know County's are actually very nimble machines I cant see them doing well with a trailer on anything but a gentle turn.. Any input appreciated or just post some images of your County set ups! I also know there are other machines available and they are brill but its about budget for me. Thanks
  8. Afternoon all, Could I have some input on what chainsaw trousers, type A, your all using at the moment. I am nursing mine along and they need replacing. I currently use stein and Arbortec Breathflex's. I am looking at a pair of Arbortec Breathflex Pro's or Stein Krieger Guardian's. They worth the money? Cheers
  9. Morning all, I am looking to get back onto the freelance scene to fill 2 - 3 days a week. I have spent the past 10 years as a climber and hand cutter. I climb and fell safely, professionally and to a high standard. During my career so far I have been involved in most types of arb/forestry work and have used a variety of equipment, machines and appliances. I can think for myself, am mechanically minded, have a sense of humour and enjoy my work. If you need a hand then please private message me on here or call my mobile, 0798 6894 012, to discuss things further and in more detail. References available, if required. Cheers, Dave
  10. Thanks guys, I have been keeping busy but will always need more work and contacts. I'm not fussy and just want to pay the bills and stay outside. Pete, nice to hear from you although the landy comment could have been worded better . Thanks for keeping in touch, may finally be moving into the new place in a week or so!!!
  11. Thank's for your responses and PM's guys, much appreciated. Dave
  12. I’m starting a degree in Forestry with the University of Cumbria and thought I would start this thread to find any other applicants on the course and to also get chatting to the local arb and forestry guys. We have sold up down South and will be located in Gatebeck, just outside Kendal. I will be looking to get on a local beat so any suggestions for shoots will be welcome. If there are any rock climbers, cavers or cave divers out there then give me a shout as I’m always up for getting out and having a play. Plus see my post on the employment section if you want a hand cutter or climber with up to date work and first aid tickets… I think it’s good to know the local lads and firms, so make yourself known on the tread or with a PM! Cheers, Dave
  13. I am moving to Kendal in 3 weeks and have a few days a week to fill with work. I have spent the past 6 years mostly as a freelancer. I climb and fell safely, professionally and to a high standard. My climbing experience is 3 years climbing and 2 years as a groundsman, in this time I have been involved in most types of arb work and have used a variety of equipment. In-between arb work I have worked as a hand cutter and over the past couple of years I have had a fairly even split between the 2 sectors. I am able to fell efficiently and tidily and am experienced in using a variety of machines and appliances. I’m 26, can think for myself, am mechanically minded, have a sense of humour and enjoy my work. If you need a hand then please private message me on here or call my mobile, 0798 6894 012, to discuss things further. Better I work for you than your competitor… Cheers, Dave
  14. Thanks for the reply's chaps. It's definitely for the linkage on a compact tractor. Nice to know the correct use for it, it's great for moving timber and grubbing out roots too!
  15. Hi guys, any idea what the item in my photo is? Mole plow? I picked it up ages ago thinking it could be modded and used with the 3 point linkage to lift timber. Cheers


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