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  1. andy cobb

    New cut off saw

    I'll be honest bud it's not tatty, it's fucked! Most no all plastics will be marked or damaged or slightly melted. itll get sent to the old mans house for him to play about with, see if he can use it for spares. If it doesn't start tomorrow morning with battery drill it will also have a landrover tyre mark on it.
  2. andy cobb

    New cut off saw

    No not stripped it. Starter ate itself today, looked like starter housing has worn through.but ongoing injures that it's been limping along with include cracked exhaust , knackered AV mount , cracked air filter cover , temperamental trigger linkage and low compression. basically the poor things been pleading to be put out of its misery for quite some time. but it has some paving to cut tomorrow so it'll have to have a jump start with drill on flywheel. Think I'm gonna order a makita at weekend.
  3. andy cobb

    New cut off saw

    I always think that stihls have the air filter in the wrong place, if your cutting blocks dry all the dust naturally goes to the handle end of the saw where the filter is.
  4. andy cobb

    New cut off saw

    Yeah I guess the warranty is probably not worth all that much as I'm sure they will have a long long list of reasons why the user has voided it.
  5. andy cobb

    New cut off saw

    Think it's a ts 400, also have an obscure Italian thing called a baurmant or something like that, that we use as a second saw or anywhere there's a chance of it getting nicked or run over
  6. andy cobb

    New cut off saw

    After 16 years of abuse and lack of servicing my old Stihl saw has finally given up and no amount of swearing at it seems to make it go so..... Been looking online and the new makita EK6100 can be bought for £415, which is a weekend on the beer cheaper than the Stihl 410 but,...... are they any good? Do any of you guys out there run 1 and can give me a bit of an idea how they compare to a Stihl or husky. can also get 3 years servicing and repairs with makita at the moment which is a bonus.
  7. Do you think that with it being quite a small machine punching above its weight, it may be more prone to break downs and premature wear in pins and drive train?
  8. andy cobb


    They said I would never be able to do poetry because I'm dyslexic. ive proved them wrong though.... live made 3 mugs and a vase this week
  9. I had the exact same problem, only it would affect the chain after only a couple of cuts, sometimes halfway through a back cut it would get so tight the clutch couldn't turn the sprocket.
  10. andy cobb

    Northern Arb ...... Please wake up .

    I placed an order for a few roto tech chains with northern arb last year. unfortunatly they turned up!!
  11. andy cobb

    Log drying kiln idea

    Instead of the big lump of steel as a heat sink could you not use the heat bricks from old storage heaters?
  12. With the price of timber rising and rumours of farm subsidies being more biased towards environmental stewardship post brexit, could a small tractor powered skyline set up become viable again as landowners look to cash in on poor access hardwood without the impact of heavy machinery?
  13. andy cobb

    Had to be done...

    Richard. Love the vertical log storage! Such a simple idea that works, and with the right logs also looks good.
  14. andy cobb

    2wd Forest Tractor - Opinions

    I think small 2wd will always have a place in small scale forestry. Most of my work is felling for game keepers to create gun tracks, shoot pegs etc. Although we have a big 8210 the double drum lives on the back of the major, it's so easy to wiggle into the tightest of places and, worst case scenario if it decides to lay on its side for a little rest you just rarve it back on its paws, with no broken glass , fancy dashboard in tatters just the usual walk of shame to go get help.
  15. andy cobb


    As someone mentioned earlier the poacher alarm mines that fire a blank 12 cartridge are brilliant tools, until you forget where you've set them, go storming into the yard stressed and in a rush to grab something, set one off, drop to the floor like a Vietnam vet, crush your phone screen and pooh your pants a little. a friend told me.


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