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  1. No experience of chain winches but I would think it would be a hard day pulling 60 mtr of chain out through brash every 10 mins.
  2. andy cobb

    Getting ready for ash die back.

    Nice video, shows how efficient a smaller machine can be in the correct environment
  3. andy cobb

    Getting ready for ash die back.

    I think your probably correct on weight and hyd issues with an 8 ton. just can't bear the thought of winching thick end of a thousand stems off their stumps! Been looking on mascus at 13s
  4. andy cobb

    Getting ready for ash die back.

    That is a good point, but I'd rather be in a cab with proper guarding on than in a pair of boots with a husky lid on. i'll be honest driving a harvester would be a new experience for me so I know nothing. wondering if an 8 ton would be able to reach up enough to just take upper part of the tree where it was under 250/300 diameter. will have a dredge of utube.
  5. andy cobb

    Getting ready for ash die back.

    Would a stroke head be lighter than a shear or is it a case of 13 ton + for most heads of that capacity? at least 13s are easier to get hold of and I would guess would cope better with a flail aswell.
  6. I noticed while shooting this year that the estate I do woodland work for is, as many are, going to have a lot of semi mature ash to remove in the coming years. Got to thinking about best way for felling them without damage to neighbouring trees. The sheer number makes my back hurt just thinking about winching and turning them out of the canopy, so... what kind of capacity can a 8 ton machine with a shear head handle? Or maybe a stroke processing head. Can they handle a semi mature ash with a base of about 300 - 450 mm. would be good to hear from anybody running a set up like this or anybody that works for a manufacturer or dealer. thanks - andy
  7. andy cobb

    small scale processing

    If you have your own power source is tractor or hydraulic pack why not just buy a cheap hydraulic splitter and a saw horse? 15 cube would be fairly leisurely over a few weekends.
  8. andy cobb

    Pto winch for tractor

    I run a fransguard 6.5, crackin basic winches . I don't have the powered out feed or anything. if we are using it for repeated pulls up a steep bank we fasten about 50 Mtrs of blue poly rope to the end hook so when you've un chokered you fasten the chokers in the sliders and fasten them onto the end hook, then the guy at the bottom of the bank can use the poly rope to pull the wire towards him. probably not explained that very well as I'm slowly finding my way to the bottom of a bottle of sloe gin, but it does work.
  9. andy cobb

    Firewood, woodworm worry.

    Unless you live in a house with concrete beam floors with a metal composite roof on steel purlins you've already got woodworm in your house!
  10. andy cobb

    Igland double drum

    That's fantastic, thanks, as soon as I can figure out how to pm you I'll send my email address across . Thanks - Andy
  11. andy cobb

    Igland double drum

    Absolutely perfect, thanks.
  12. andy cobb

    Igland double drum

    Can any of you helpful people point me in the right direction to find an exploded diagram of the old Igland 4000/2 winch. or if anybody has a manual they would like to sell? just on with refurbing 1 and just want to check I'm putting it back together correctly. thanks- andy
  13. andy cobb

    Is it worth it?

    Yeah I think you've confirmed what I was thinking. Will try a few of the bigger estates that have there own grab trailers and mini diggers. Thinking they may have oversize timber from roadside trees they can't do a lot with. Thanks for your reply.- Andy
  14. andy cobb

    Is it worth it?

    Soo.... I've had a big balfor 40 ton horizontal splitter for a few years now and it probably only works for about 2 weeks a year. recently I've been wondering if there would be any demand for renting it out (probably with an operator). its a monster of a machine and if fed by a timber crane or 360 soon knocks big timber into billets or smaller lumps for bio chipper. could offer it with forwarding trailer to feed it and billet bundler for produce. Question is? Is it a service that any firewood merchants or estates actually need or have screw splitters on 360s surpassed what a hydraulic splitter can achieve? thanks for your opinions. - Andy
  15. andy cobb

    New cut off saw

    I'll be honest bud it's not tatty, it's fucked! Most no all plastics will be marked or damaged or slightly melted. itll get sent to the old mans house for him to play about with, see if he can use it for spares. If it doesn't start tomorrow morning with battery drill it will also have a landrover tyre mark on it.


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