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  1. andy cobb


    I'm not saying its rough where I live...... But aldi are selling fathers day cards in packs of 5
  2. andy cobb

    Peeling and pointing on site

    It was more a way of persuading landowners to better manage a stand by giving them a usable product at the end of it. Just musing about it I thought 3 men could maybe go into an un managed stand and put 500 peeled and pointed stakes at ride side a day ( crop dependant obviously ) If that worked out at about a grand a day? It sounds expensive for fencing but the stand is getting thinned in the process which usually yields no profit.
  3. andy cobb

    Peeling and pointing on site

    Thanks struie, the idea came to me after I spent a week felling perfectly good timber in a pheasant pen to let light in and it all just sit there, best part of 80 ton, but because they don't want heavy machinery in it's just left. I know there are companys that specialise in low impact extraction but I think the land owner would be more encouragable if he was getting a product that he used.
  4. After speaking to a few farmers and keepers it would appear the quality of fencing stakes can be a little unreliable, so I was wondering if it would be viable to offer a service where after a first or second thin we would peel and point stakes to customers spec for them to treat after they have dried properly, either by dipping or sent for tantalising. I'd be aiming at smaller jobs ie hand thinning small plantations and shelter belts that normally don't justify mechanical harvesting and yield very little. We still have some good larch round us. I havnt used a peeler in many years so I'm out of touch with that side of things and just interested in your views. Thanks in advance for insites, advice and piss taking- andy
  5. andy cobb

    Wacker plate

    We've used an old bit of carpet fixed with 2 bolt on the front curl for years, always worked fine.
  6. As mentioned above the jaws would need widening , but for the price of 2 high lifts it's got to be worth a go. If you do buy one report back please. Like you say it's got to be better than swinging a sledge hammer all day.
  7. andy cobb

    Tatty bags

    I tried that a few years ago with pig net, it worked well but in the summer I just had piles of old wire all over the yard that the brambles grew through and then ended up having g to pull them out with the forklift. If I was tidier it would probably work well.
  8. andy cobb

    Tatty bags

    Best keep them undercover then cheers.
  9. andy cobb

    Tatty bags

    Good point. I'll ask farmer
  10. andy cobb

    Tatty bags

    Dont really have the room in the yard for a load more ibc cages all year, so got about 40 potato seed bags from a farmer friend. They're meshed on all sides 90x90x170 so decent size. I've filled a few today and they're more stable than expected for there height. Hoping logs will season well in them and just hang them over the tru k and cut the bottom out. Cant see any draw backs to them so I've obviously overlooked something, anybody else used them and can enlighten me. Cheers- andy
  11. andy cobb


    I don't know, I think if you feng shuei'd her cervix it could happily accommodate a small family!
  12. andy cobb


    Seen more japs eyes than a Nissan wing mirror.
  13. andy cobb


    Would be nice to find out if a squelch has an echo!
  14. andy cobb

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    My s1 8210 has clocked up 10,000 hrs and still on original block, doesn't get hard work often but when you do need some torque it really makes you smile. Friend has a 3050 and it's a lovely tractor to drive but alas wrong colour for me.
  15. andy cobb

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    The other thing to consider if it's only for light use is to buy a future classic so it appreciates in price as you enjoy it. 10 series fords or 50 series jd's for example.


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