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  1. I always took 5 mtr3 to be approximately the same as 37 mature hardwood trees. Especially when you get them on the grab trailer! They always loose at least 40 % of mass when they hit the floor then a further 15% when you cut to length. Honest guv
  2. I've found that if you do work for 1 landowner and do a tidy job with no big ruts or massive piles of brash left at Woodside they are more than happy to recommend you to their friends if you ask them to. Same as any industry it's easy to get good name, and even easier to get a bad name.
  3. After the current season is finished a local estate want light thin of decent sized larch and sp within a pen. We did some last year to allow the fencing contractor to get round and knock the posts in so the keeper is reluctant to alter or remove any fencing. I'm pretty sure I could get the major with double drum through the small gate. The question is, for about 25 ton of timber is it worth hiring a mill or a mobile mill contractor to convert to fencing products. Or does anybody rent or want to sell a auto feed peeler pointer in north Yorkshire? Keepers current plan is to fell to waste which seems a shame for 10"+ larch Thanks- Andy P.s merry xmas
  4. We buy standing, fell, winch and extract our timber. It's not our main business so we only do about 150 ton hardwood per year and maybe 200 softwood for mill or chip. Depending on the weather we usually get this done in about 4-6 weeks. Its would probably be more economic to get outside contractors to fell and extract but it gives me a nice break from building work and the estates we buy from like our low impact (old fashioned) methods. We then process and billet on wet days and at weekends through the year, although never seem to be quite as prepared as we should be when winter comes. Deliveries are a ball ache for me aswell, somehow seems harder work than actually producing it.
  5. I think fishing fleets and the like are still on non fame fuel, I also heard 1 refineries ery( I think in scotland) has lowered the % of bio in response to the issues we've been having recently
  6. A friend bought 1 of the cheap Chinese sausage briquettes makers a few years ago, It was more aggro than anything, it was constantly blocking the dies up solid even though the dust was kiln dried. He sold it 6 months after he bought it. Would a waste oil burner be suitable for a kiln? It would be a lot easier to regulate the temperature and maintain a constant temperature for 2-3 days
  7. Has anybody had any success using a sawdust burner to heat a kiln? After all it's a by product we all have, even if you needed an electric fan to get it to burn better. I'm sure theres a damn good reason everybody doesn't have 1, but I'm sat drinking gin working out how to waste some more money
  8. Well it turned up today so yours shouldnt be far behind Bob
  9. I kinda felt guilty ordering it but it's a biggish company so it is what it is
  10. Was browsing web last night (sad I know) for some hydraulic hose to use with reusable fittings for temporary repairs when in the woods and came across this on Ebay item 312623544419. When you select 10mtr of 1/2 " hose it comes up as only £27. Obviously a glitch in the matrix. Had emails saying dispatched this morning so I'm guessing they are honouring it. Might be of some use to some of you.
  11. A mate wanted to fit his cabinet in his new rental property but Landlord said no drilling! A tube of no nails on the back and mitre mated some bolt heads inside the cabinet for "decorative" purposes and all was fine.
  12. Peat free, carbon negative, dolphin friendly compost for growing your avocados on a central London windowsill
  13. Does anybody know of a company offering bagged bio char enriched compost as a way of offsetting air travel. If not might be a good business for someone.
  14. Just read an article in the daily mail ( don't know how to do link, sorry) A company in Yorkshire is offering to offset carbon dioxide created by air travel etc by burying charcoal in a disused quarry in Yorkshire. Guess where the charcoal is coming from? Namibia! Surely a local sustainable source of bio char could be found without the sea and road miles involved with cross continent travel.
  15. As per title, I've got a client that needs a double row of leylandii stumps grinding out. In the region of 80-100 small stumps (4-8") all closely planted. Access is excellent, trees will be felled to just above ground level and removed beforehand. Job is North Yorkshire yo17 postcode. If anybodys interested or has recommendations please let me know. Cheers - Andy


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