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  1. andy cobb


    I don't know, I think if you feng shuei'd her cervix it could happily accommodate a small family!
  2. andy cobb


    Seen more japs eyes than a Nissan wing mirror.
  3. andy cobb


    Would be nice to find out if a squelch has an echo!
  4. andy cobb

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    My s1 8210 has clocked up 10,000 hrs and still on original block, doesn't get hard work often but when you do need some torque it really makes you smile. Friend has a 3050 and it's a lovely tractor to drive but alas wrong colour for me.
  5. andy cobb

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    The other thing to consider if it's only for light use is to buy a future classic so it appreciates in price as you enjoy it. 10 series fords or 50 series jd's for example.
  6. andy cobb

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    50k! Don't think I have anything that goes above 30k and that's including the landy!
  7. andy cobb

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    I run a k Reg zetor 7245 with a loader' think I paid about 4 for it 4 years ago but it needed clutch and brake cylinders and battery and tyres, all done for about 2 grand. its a really good little heavy tractor that's easy to maintain and cheap parts in abundance but the brakes on zetors are shocking. As somebody mentioned earlier same's could be worth a look. For your budget I would say to stay away from electronic gear selection, electronic pto selection or electronic linkage control, basically if it's got wires forget it! maybe case 895
  8. andy cobb

    Tipper mudguards

    If you could tell me radius of a mini super single that would be great.
  9. andy cobb

    Tipper mudguards

    Cheers, I'd never even thought of mini super singles.
  10. andy cobb

    Tipper mudguards

    Think transit tipper rims are quite a bit smaller, and are they not dual?
  11. andy cobb

    Tipper mudguards

    Hi all, I'm doing a bit of tidying up on the landy. Wanted to put a set of plastic mudguards on the tipper body. problem is I'm struggling to find the size I need. I'm running 235/85 16 . I tried bison parts thinking they would be certain to have some but parently not. So .... Does anybody have any suggestions where I may find some, or has anybody come across similar and found a certain size of 17 inch mudguards is suitable for landrover wheels? thanks - Andy
  12. andy cobb

    Stihl 090 or other big saw for milling

    If anybody's interested I've got a 075 I'm looking to get rid of. Based in North Yorkshire if it's any good for anyone.
  13. andy cobb

    What genny to buy?

    Ive got a pramac 6000s, think it's a kubota or hatz diesel in it. It's a grand little genny that runs the compressor and 9 inch grinder with ease. It's not completely silent but it's bearable when your 10 foot away. Isn't there a member on here called genset Steve, he might be able to help on any info you need.
  14. andy cobb

    Netting logs

    He's already a very industrious young lad, helping his dad with fixing cars, vale ting them and now starting a log packing empire. me and his dad talked about him helping me building (our main work) but the insurance couldn't be worked out for someone his age.
  15. andy cobb

    Larger processor for making smaller logs?

    I don't think I could make it pay if I wasn't buying timber standing and felling myself. The guys that are having to buy in at £65+ a ton must be feeling the pinch, and I can't see it getting better anytime soon even with ash dieback.


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