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  1. A mate wanted to fit his cabinet in his new rental property but Landlord said no drilling! A tube of no nails on the back and mitre mated some bolt heads inside the cabinet for "decorative" purposes and all was fine.
  2. Peat free, carbon negative, dolphin friendly compost for growing your avocados on a central London windowsill
  3. Does anybody know of a company offering bagged bio char enriched compost as a way of offsetting air travel. If not might be a good business for someone.
  4. Just read an article in the daily mail ( don't know how to do link, sorry) A company in Yorkshire is offering to offset carbon dioxide created by air travel etc by burying charcoal in a disused quarry in Yorkshire. Guess where the charcoal is coming from? Namibia! Surely a local sustainable source of bio char could be found without the sea and road miles involved with cross continent travel.
  5. As per title, I've got a client that needs a double row of leylandii stumps grinding out. In the region of 80-100 small stumps (4-8") all closely planted. Access is excellent, trees will be felled to just above ground level and removed beforehand. Job is North Yorkshire yo17 postcode. If anybodys interested or has recommendations please let me know. Cheers - Andy
  6. andy cobb


    Where are you based nutter?
  7. andy cobb


    I'd take a guess at 275 if it's nice and tidy and not abused. Needs sending to spud!
  8. If I remember back many moons to my apprenticeship, the 2 main issues with the 56 range were the 2nd gear selector wearing to the point that you had to hold it in gear. Could be fixed without splitting by drilling the rear casting to remove selector shaft and then core plugging. And people leaving the handbrake on, which on the 56 was a brake band round the main diff gear, meant said diff gear got so hot it could start to break up and chew pump and everything else to bits. Would love a 1455 but they are proper daft money. What about a maxxum, nice machines as long as correct rear end oil has been used
  9. Never mind the tank, I want a dumper with a wickle digger in it!
  10. I always think it better to knock gate posts in, may need a rock spike for hard going. We don't use gate post to strain fencing wire, instead fitting another straining post next to the gate post. The gate post will at some time get knocked by a tractor or piece of machinery, in doing so the fence loses all its tension
  11. If he's already chipping on site he's already a self supplier I would think. He'll just need felling licence numbers etc for his records incase of ofgem audit. Grand, all sorted then, thanks for the help guys. I was expecting a right carry on.
  12. That's surprisingly simple then, i was expecting to have to supply my mothers, aunties, next door neighbour's budgerigars shoe size, along with what everybody on site has eaten for the last month and if any swearing or meat products were consumed near the timber.
  13. We'll be doing some larch and sp 2nd thinnings next year and I have a customer within 5 miles who would like to buy the timber for his commercial rhi plant (he gets a contractor to chip at his premises). I was wondering if I needed anything in place to be able to supply him or is it easier for him to register as self supplying. It will only be about 80 ton per year so don't really want to have to be part of an expensive registration system. Are felling licenses and restocking plans sufficient or is it a bureaucracy minefield? Cheers - Andy.
  14. What with sustainable clothing, no swearing and vegan ppe, it's getting to the point we're all going to have to be cross dressing, binary sexual, LGBT pink flamingos before we can post on here!
  15. Would pure leather not be classed as sustainable? Although turning up in a full gimp suit may not project the professional business image your hoping to get accross it may make it easier to recruit staff from certain cross sections. Would also need to employ a talc boy!


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