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  1. Theres Chris vickery at market weighton, just down the road, think he is running 2 big bells processors with something like a mtr capacity. But youd have to take the timber to his yard.
  2. Hi all, the mother in law has decided she wants a new multifuel burner in the kitchen. She's found an ecosy 10kw stove at a very good price, about £520 I think. I've never heard of them and just wondering if anybody's had any experience of them? Don't want her to waste her money on something that wont last. Or if anybody can recommend a reliable multifuel of around 10kw that wont break the bank. Thanks for any advice- Andy
  3. Sorry bud missed this, Fitted a tipper on her and had a bodyshop rebuild rear cross member and give it a coat of paint. Just need something with a little comfort now, and bigger payload.
  4. What about a loader tractor towing a big hook trailer with hiab, rock up at a job and demount your chip box, drop bolster pins in to chassis and load timber and take it back to the yard while the lads are chipping into the box. Then back for the chip box and home for tea and tiffin!
  5. Has it eaten the gears inside? If it's only bearings and seals it can be repaired quite cheaply, did 1 for the delimber last year for about £35
  6. Hi Chris, how you doing, funny you should post now, Daisy is coming up for sale if you fancy a bumpy drive down memory lane!
  7. I'm waiting for either an inheritance or lottery win so I can buy a belle warrior wheelbarrow, meant to be the dogs dangly bits
  8. Lengths of cast iron drain pipe with slots cut in every 12 inch and bung the end up. Then you can pile brash on top with the grab, works a treat.
  9. I've got the granberg aswell, it's a bit fiddly to set up but it's good for evening chains back up if you sharpen 1 side a bit more than the other by hand or if you find farmer palmers 4 inch nail collection in a hedge side tree
  10. I need to create a bit more hard standing in my yard but I don't want to dig out the grass and soil and fill with stone as its registered as grazing land and if its picked up on annual inspections it would have to be reinstated. I'm thinking of grading the grass/ soil as best as possible then laying membrane down and using gravel grids filled with 20/25 mm stone. It's only for stacking full ibcs on so not a lot of traffic. Has anybody any experience of using grids? Will they stand up to a 5 ton forklift running over them? Just want to stop it turning into a swamp next winter Cheers- andy
  11. About £70 Plus vat for 20" down beech delivered to yard, north yorkshire
  12. I'd say damage to either seal block on base of ram stem or to internals of outer cylinder/internal of next cylinder below. Could also be seal block coming loose and jamming in cylinder
  13. I think my main issue would be operating base, Although I have a yard, it's not secure enough to leave a vehicle there, a d I don't officially pay rent, so base would have to be my home which I think would present a whole load more complications.
  14. It's a 10 plate with 90 thou on it, I would have liked something newer but pickings are slim at the moment as regards tippers.
  15. Cheers for that, its maybe something to look into further down the line. When you look at YouGov websites re o licenses it's all very complicated, but when somebody who knows , like you, it becomes a little clearer


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