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  1. How are your stocks holding up?

    Down to about last 16 ton of really dry ( sub20 % ) billets, but ran a few that we processed in September through the processor just to see what they were like and syc was coming out about 22 and ash about 29. hopefully will have enough dry stock but thinking that if next years billets are mid 20% at the end of the stack they should be even drier at the beginning of the stack having had a bit longer to dry. should add that the timber we billeted in September had been sat on a windy hillside for 8 months, unfortunately we don't have a magical machine that drys while it splits!
  2. Posch S - 360 Blade sharpening

    I send mine in after about 150 ton for sharpening. I'm running an old Palax rocking table processor so I think I feel it sooner when it starts to loose its edge. im running eddesso blades as there about half the price of Swedex but maybe not quite as long lasting. as for sharpening costs, it depends how many teeth need replacing. Can be anything from 20 quid for a quick sharpen to 85 for a dozen teeth glued on
  3. Which winch rope?

    Looking at putting some new wire rope on the winch and an online supplier has suggested 6x37 instead of the 6x19 we're currently running. just wondering if anybody is using it, is it more flexible? Longer lasting? Stronger? is fibre core OK as long as it's soaked in oil before use to keep moisture out. Don't want to fork out a few hundred quid just to find out it kinks up real easily.
  4. Making the news today....

    Ooo that's harsh!
  5. Making the news today....

    Eww. Is he a Spider-Man apprentice?
  6. Making the news today....

    I don't know about anybody else but it would take a tug boat and a boughton to make my arse move in reverse at the point of "release"!!
  7. Proximal 8441 tractor review?

    Matthew has basically hit the nail on the head for the older zetors. I run a 7245 and as he says brakes are horrendous plus they are very slow. Good points are , cheap parts, virtually no fancy electronics to go wrong, can be fixed n field with basic tools, compressor and centrifugal oil filter. if they have improved the brakes and fitted high speed transmission I think zetors make good forestry tractors. oh and the cabs are big enough for 3 plus saws which is always handy. not sure if same' s have true four wheel braking, which would be a bonus. Maybe Matthew knows?
  8. Fitting hydraulic brakes to timber trailer

    Thanks for the pic gg . I'm lucky enough to have rytec in the next village so going to go see if they can give me a price on a pair of braked stubs.
  9. Fitting hydraulic brakes to timber trailer

    Wish I could afford to GG but unfortunately we are half way through doubling the size of our house due to a population explosion and some t*%t ran into senior managements car while it was parked then drove off, so pennies are at a premium at the moment.
  10. Due to having a contract coming up that requires us to move approx 200 ton of timber along the public highway I'm looking for options on adding some anchors onto the forwarding trailer. was thinking of having a pair of braked stub axles fitted in place of the existing front stubs. Problem is if the ram assembly goes on top will the actuator rod be trapped when the axle pivots up and if it's underneath its stands a good chance of getting ripped off. has anyone successfully converted there trailer or have any pictures of there brake assembly I could gain some inspiration from. thanks in advance - Andy
  11. Hardwood

    Charging £75 a cube in North Yorkshire , every year a couple of new guys start up and sell real cheap, they only last a couple of years but by then another couple have fired up with equally low prices. trying to educate prospective customers about quality of wood verses price frequently causes my blood pressure to rise.
  12. Best/Fastest seasoning of firewood

    The problem is it's not very practical to leave all brash on trees unless you have masses of room, would be easier to ring bark the trees to be felled 6 months before felling. neither system is workable if your buying the timber standing though as the landowner wants you to buy as much moisture as possible.
  13. Spec for forestry guarding on a tractor

    Hi everyone, thought I'd resurrect this old thread as I'm after a bit of advice. looking at putting some guarding on my 8210 in the new year and wondering how best to protect the exhaust which is right on the nose end. thinking about mounting the silencer on the underside of the bar that spans between the cab and the nose cone then linking the manifold and silencer with some flexi twin wall tube. any ideas, criticism, constructive or not, welcomed. Pics of similar set ups would be grand. p.s I know big old fords are numb as buggery in the woods but it's a weakness I have. thanks - Andy pps merry Xmas everybody!!
  14. Charcoal hand warmers

    If only they did a liquid fuel hand warmer that would run on 2 stroke!
  15. Charcoal hand warmers

    Never used to bother me but the last couple of years I've really started to suffer, don't know if it's just age or the beginnings of vwf or something. once I come in from work it can take my fingers a couple of hours to feel normL again.


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