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  1. 3kg nets I am west dorset not far from Dorchester.
  2. The best I can get is 1.75 per net. Delivered. Anyone supply at a better price. I want around 4 pallets.
  3. I got mixed up got 50 delivered from bag supplies for 376 quid. 4 sided mosquito net with 6 loops. Not a bad price. Going to process ash straight into them in march and leave em in a airy barn or outside see how they season. If all goes well I will get another 50 or 100.
  4. Do many members on here. Do all of these processes and make it a viable business? I currently do the above with some help from contractors to extract, fell and process. I manage around 65hectares of woodland. Currently firewood will be my main revenue. But I hope to start milling and making basic stuff from the timber to sell it seems more profitable. I would be interested to hear anyone else who's doing the whole process as it were, or is it maybe more profitable to buy your firewood in? Regards Sirius
  5. I am putting my prices up. 75 bulk bag 140 for 2 All hardwood inc vat and delivered. Softwood 50 bulk bag
  6. That the company that quoted me just over 400 for 50 inc vat and delivery.
  7. Yes in vat. That was a total price. The price is cheapest on 100 I think. Which supplier do you use?
  8. I think they will suit my system too. Thanks, I was quoted £400 for 50 mosquito bags inc carriage. Does that sound about right?
  9. Thanks all. Yep its rated 6ton. However I am not winching anything close to that, but best to go with a over rated block.
  10. Hi is a jl601 so 6ton.
  11. There is a fair price difference between the two types. The vented are striped with just four loops. The mosquito have 6 loops and are made from mesh material. I want to store around 50-100 of these with wood which has been down for 3-4 months and is processed. So they can season in the bags. Any info or thoughts greatly recieved
  12. I am looking for a snatch block to go with my farmi winch. Any recommendations of where to purchase?
  13. I am keen to know also? Anyone
  14. I am trying to source lorries loads of hardwood for firewood in the round or processed. I have a shortfall this year and need to top up my stock. Any help, contacts gratefully received. Based in Dorset.
  15. Thanks for the input and replies. I don't have huge amounts of experience with legislation for machinery, hence my post. But when I started this job the machinery was here, and i feel i should take advantage of that. Most bigger operations on the estate I will be using contractors for. I want to start as I mean to go on, and that's correctly and safely. It's difficult when you inherit/ buy unknown machinery, as you don't know the history. The forwarder has a bent axle and missing platform for operator (controls on forwarder not in tractor and without platform your stood on drawbar) and the winch has been sat too long in my opinion and is missing guards and desperately needs a grease..personally I don't want to use them until there sorted and fit for purpose. That's why both crane and winch are being serviced by a agri engineer (I cant find a specialised forestry engineer here in Dorset) I will get manuals, regs and receipt all in a file once done.


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