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  1. Hi bob, Its not in higher tier yet. And i want to explore doing the work prior. Especially for one wood. We have a quarry site for stone. Would love to get someone to quote.
  2. Dorset.. Its for skidder tractor and forwarder. We are going into Higher Tier also...
  3. I am after a ballpark figure per metre to construct a forestry access track. Not high spec but all weather. I am teying to put forward an idea of cost to my employer.
  4. Yes the warranty is worth it in my book.
  5. Echo is ordered, collect it this week, pretty excited to be honest. I hear nothing but positive stuff about this saw. It was a choice twixt Dolmar and Echo...and Echo won. Husky and Stihl are just not my bag, i am not sold on the tech and premium price of stihl. So let's see how the Echo it does in the woods over the next few months..👍👍 that's the real test. Cheers for input everyone.
  6. I have been quoted a good price from my local dealer for boyh echo and husky. Husky for £840 Echo around £100 more than the husky. But with a few sweetners chucked in. The echo has a good warranty, and the retailer is very good. Will lend me a saw etc if mine breaks, always over and above. So to my mind the echo seems to be winning as its not just the price it is the aftersales service too, and supporting local business. Sadly the 500i is just out of my budget. Well over a grand..
  7. I havent really looked at Stihl as there is a price hike. I have echo, stihl , husky and dolmar dealers close by. Dolmar have a 2 week delay cirrently on parts, which puts me off. What is a bonus though is both Dolmar and Echo have either a 2 or 4yr warranty on there saws..🤔🤔
  8. Too techy for me...lol but wouldn't mind a go lol
  9. Hi all, Looking at a few saws at the moment. Any input would be good from other foresters. I dont really like all the modern tech on saws but i am willing to give it a go ie: husky 57 In the running are: Echo cs-7310 Dolmar 7910 Husqvarna 572xp I already run a Dolmar Ps5105 and its pretty good no nonsense saw. The new saws for bigger felling.
  10. Hi all, I have 8ton tractor winch (farmi) I need to buy kit for redirects for winching at right angles. Continuous sling for tree anchor And a decent snatch block. Not sure what size is best and where toget the best kit? I am also after 10-20meter eyed strop breaking strain 5t or higher. Help advice gratefully received.
  11. Indeed, its ust finding a good lad or ladess....??
  12. Cheers for replys people. I am looking at getting a apprentice type deal. Not ideal as I will prob spend more time teaching him so productivity will fall. But I suppose if he can use a phone and do a first aid course it's better than a tracker imo.
  13. So what would you suggest to put it right? Our current procedure is call office to state where i am working and ring again when i move sites. Eachtime giving a specific position for operations. But like you say if it goes wrong i only have a few minutes.
  14. Yeah i really dont like lone working for safety but love it on a personal level. But even if i have a radio if i have a accident and cant use it, its pretty pointless...hard call
  15. Hi all, I am a employed forester on an estate, i work alone most of the time in remote places. I fell, winch, extract usi g a forwarder and tractor and process timber on my own. I cant say i am all that comfortable with this situation. I am concern that i need to be safe as possible. Often i dont have mobile coverage and cant use the three words app to log my position or stay in contact with the estate office. Even with mobile reception if something went wrong, and i couldn't use my mobile, i often think what would happen and how i would get assistance or help? My employer has also asked me to do aerial work in a cage on a telehandler. I am not keen, firstly as its not my bag, as i am a terra firma kinda guy and secondly as the machine hasnt been lola inspected i dont believe. So i have declined unless i am trained and machinery and operator is also appropriately trained. So do any members have any input to help? Should i request from my employer that i have assistance for operations? or a lone worker alarm? Or both? I am in the process of reevaluation of my risk assessments and procedures. So any help would be greatly appreciated to keep me safe. Kind regards Sirius


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