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  1. Hi all, I have 8ton tractor winch (farmi) I need to buy kit for redirects for winching at right angles. Continuous sling for tree anchor And a decent snatch block. Not sure what size is best and where toget the best kit? I am also after 10-20meter eyed strop breaking strain 5t or higher. Help advice gratefully received.
  2. Indeed, its ust finding a good lad or ladess....👍👍
  3. Cheers for replys people. I am looking at getting a apprentice type deal. Not ideal as I will prob spend more time teaching him so productivity will fall. But I suppose if he can use a phone and do a first aid course it's better than a tracker imo.
  4. So what would you suggest to put it right? Our current procedure is call office to state where i am working and ring again when i move sites. Eachtime giving a specific position for operations. But like you say if it goes wrong i only have a few minutes.
  5. Yeah i really dont like lone working for safety but love it on a personal level. But even if i have a radio if i have a accident and cant use it, its pretty pointless...hard call
  6. Hi all, I am a employed forester on an estate, i work alone most of the time in remote places. I fell, winch, extract usi g a forwarder and tractor and process timber on my own. I cant say i am all that comfortable with this situation. I am concern that i need to be safe as possible. Often i dont have mobile coverage and cant use the three words app to log my position or stay in contact with the estate office. Even with mobile reception if something went wrong, and i couldn't use my mobile, i often think what would happen and how i would get assistance or help? My employer has also asked me to do aerial work in a cage on a telehandler. I am not keen, firstly as its not my bag, as i am a terra firma kinda guy and secondly as the machine hasnt been lola inspected i dont believe. So i have declined unless i am trained and machinery and operator is also appropriately trained. So do any members have any input to help? Should i request from my employer that i have assistance for operations? or a lone worker alarm? Or both? I am in the process of reevaluation of my risk assessments and procedures. So any help would be greatly appreciated to keep me safe. Kind regards Sirius
  7. Snatch block?🙂🙂 Go back tomorrow and free the pin and get it off the tree and soaked in diesel or oil. Might come good.
  8. 3kg nets I am west dorset not far from Dorchester.
  9. The best I can get is 1.75 per net. Delivered. Anyone supply at a better price. I want around 4 pallets.
  10. I got mixed up got 50 delivered from bag supplies for 376 quid. 4 sided mosquito net with 6 loops. Not a bad price. Going to process ash straight into them in march and leave em in a airy barn or outside see how they season. If all goes well I will get another 50 or 100.
  11. Do many members on here. Do all of these processes and make it a viable business? I currently do the above with some help from contractors to extract, fell and process. I manage around 65hectares of woodland. Currently firewood will be my main revenue. But I hope to start milling and making basic stuff from the timber to sell it seems more profitable. I would be interested to hear anyone else who's doing the whole process as it were, or is it maybe more profitable to buy your firewood in? Regards Sirius
  12. I am putting my prices up. 75 bulk bag 140 for 2 All hardwood inc vat and delivered. Softwood 50 bulk bag
  13. That the company that quoted me just over 400 for 50 inc vat and delivery.
  14. Yes in vat. That was a total price. The price is cheapest on 100 I think. Which supplier do you use?
  15. I think they will suit my system too. Thanks, I was quoted £400 for 50 mosquito bags inc carriage. Does that sound about right?


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