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  1. Benterrier

    Oil leak

    After a 20 minute cutting firewood spell, only a drip oil I would say that has come down from the drive sprocket the following day. Not the soaking all over every surface of the saw that touched the shelf.
  2. Benterrier

    Oil leak

    Thanks Paddy, interesting I filled the oil tank and was surprised to find no leaks this morning. My dealer is local, will give him a ring and enquire. Saw is brand new only done 2 hours work if that.
  3. Benterrier

    Oil leak

    Been out to check this morning. No oil leaks. Could it be syphoning out with bar /chain fitted and saw dust in the oil route. Will assemble it tonight, cut some wood and see how it goes.
  4. Benterrier

    Oil leak

    Took chain and bar off, cleaned all surfaces. Could Just see lub oil in port. Started engine, drive sprocket was turning and oil was pumping, engaged chain break and oil stopped pumping. Topped up oil ... Was half full. (Rotatec medium viscosity). Put the saw on a clean bench will see if leak occurs overnight, .
  5. Benterrier

    Oil leak

    Just thought someone had had a similar problem and was a easy fix without it having to be sent back. Really appreciate the 2 expert helpful replies.
  6. Benterrier

    Oil leak

    Stihl ms241 C-M. Excessive amount of leaked chain lub oil on shelf every time I go to get machine. Would expect or accept a couple of drips but this is annoying. Is this a warranty issue. Regards
  7. Used to do this on the very first Flymo mowers. What ever happened to them?
  8. Good news. Took the plug out, held the saw upside down and cranked it over rigourously, about teaspoon of fuel came out!!!!!!!. Warmed the plug up with a blow lamp and started up as per cold start instructions for m-tronic. Fired up first time. So yes guys it was flooded. Thank you all. I'll be back playing with my new toy tomorrow, all being well. Regards
  9. Thanks for the reply, all flued up correctly. M- tronic saw just put in cold start position, decompress button in and pull but no joy.
  10. Benterrier


    Hi guys, new to the forum. Brand New 241c-m won't start 2hrs after previously perfect. Bought yesterday, on 2nd tank of gas. Luckily I purchased locally. Any ideas before I take it back Monday. Regards


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