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  1. Got some Chestnut being cut at moment with lots of hop pole material in the stand. if anyone is interested send a pm Cheers Steve
  2. You will have to order the elbow from a dealer and I got rest sent over with other bits from states. So eBay for cover
  3. Nope need a different carb to air filter elbow
  4. if the dealer doesnt fix it i will get an echo 620 and the fact is i need reliability and husqvarna cannot provide this service anymore with the 550/560 saws
  5. Mk 4 hi lux usually find one cheap and will run well if looked after
  6. 390 is slightly heavier than a 576 I think and lighter than 395 but 395 is better in the cut. If for forestry 390 all the time but for arb I'd say 395
  7. Had 2 1000th till start of year great machines but expensive for parts scary quick on road for old tractor
  8. think il go find a 361 and stick with that
  9. Reliability is the main problem with them, its at a dealers and has come up with " same common fault codes " in simple terms the carb and electronics are shot so new needed and should be covered by warranty. Problem is that they are getting about 2 saws a week with the same fault codes surely husqvarna must try rectify the problem
  10. good to know, il see who's closest to me for to get a trial on one, anyone run them on 3/8 chain 15" ?
  11. saw will run on choke flip it over and will run then cut out when trying to rev? any ideas? Had lots of these now and just sick of problems can anyone recommend an alternative as its my most used saw, what is the dolmar equivalent? any others recommendations ?? Cheers
  12. I have some firewood only down road in goudhurst 07751057259
  13. 20 inch down to 2-3 inch cut to 2.5s about 10% chestnut
  14. Have an arctic load of alder ash birch and chestnut all on hard standing with good access for arctic. Not looking for much as need room for stacking
  15. Would kent be too far? How quickly do you need them? Re the alder im guessing if they are peeled you want them asap and whats minimum top dia? can do alder or chestnut
  16. depends where you are( kent) £250 - £400, so paling wood is lower end and heavy wood(rail/post) higher end
  17. try this i think all you have to do is make a donation by memory and ispretty simple to use. myForest • home
  18. I can just about get them to last over a year and that's felling with it pretty much 6 days a week then they just play up, im on my 3rd now thinking of getting a dolmar instead or find an old 361 !! What dolmar is the same as 560?
  19. 576 heavier but slightly more grunt than 372, i prefer the 372
  20. ive used one a fair bit, not mine though. great for moving about first thinnings with winch on and very low impact, some have different front loaders on ive noticed a lot, cab is cramped to be honest but if looked after they should be fine only clutch and pto clutch have been done on one ive used
  21. cheers for that il give them a call tomorrow
  22. ah okay il check the distance, are just before east peckham bypass
  23. Looking for a tip site in sevenoaks, kent for a few loads of mixed chip. Does anyone know of any in the area? Cheers Steve


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