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    <p>Hi Sean, can you please give me a call on 07824 667 456 regarding your 200T</p>





    <p>Hey mate, what price is the tractor? Do you have a winch for it?</p>




  3. Now there is a man who knows his mogs ⬆ :-)
  4. If any one wants 100% true answers speak to VOSA, this is not a GREY area anymore, it is VERY black & white. MOG used for Arb to carry chip on the roads = White diesel & O Licence......Simples
  5. Hahaha you took the words out of my mouth.
  6. I was told that a commercial vehicle over 3500kg with an operators licence can NOT be kept at a residential address in England PERIOD
  7. I know a guy who keeps his Mitsubishi canter 6500kg tipper on his drive with no issues
  8. Then park it at the side of your house but register it elsewhere. If it's not bothering anyone then you may get away with it
  9. Jon did you ever get an air rifle as I'm selling mine and trust me it's amazing
  10. Ask other people in here who actually run mogs as I o my fantasies about them 😂😂😂😍
  11. O licence then needed Jon, if you are hauling chip either on mog or in trailer then you are on white diesel and O licence applies
  12. Yes Dean, but then you MUST go down the O licence route
  13. All different from model to model, if your serious then talk to Alex price
  14. VOSA is very black and white about unimogs for tree surgery, its on their website. If a unimog is able to carry woodchip and its used on the roads then you need an o licence, no excuses. If your mog can not carry woodchip but has a crane of chopper or winch then it can be classed as plant but both instances must be ran on white diesel. It can only legally be ran on red if it is transported to a site where it will work off the highway then transported back to base on something like a low loader. People do register them as ag but arb is not ag therefore you may get away with it but it's not legal. Hope this helps, look on vosa website it's very clear :-)


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