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  1. If you get a call tomorrow with me in tears, I won't even need to explain!! Could you PM your number please? I'm sure Drew has it but would be good to meet for a beer if you're keen?
  2. Thanks! We've only had them out in gardens etc. I'm hoping there's only one area that may cause issues now. It once was a pile of logged up something or another which has now reverted back to compost. I've dug out what I can with the avant. There's boards and plenty of timber on site to get us over it.
  3. Hi all, I cant seem to find any info on the ground pressure of the avant. It's a 528 with standard wheels/agri tyres, with 180kg rear weights. Doesn't need to be super exact. We've got a tracked mewp in tomorrow in a woodland tomorrow, with a few soft areas and trying to judge whether there is a danger of getting it stuck. Cheers Sean
  4. Sweet thank you! I'm starting to think it's only the colour! Haha I'm going from airstreams aswell, mine have disintegrated after a year which isn't impressive. Hmmm black or red then?
  5. I'm in need of some new boots, going to go with Andrew Cervinos bit I can't seem to spot the difference between the Wood and S3. Does anybody know? Apart from a tenner or so difference in price? Cheers all
  6. Great thanks for all the responses! Ah I didn't realise AVS were operating again! I'll give them ago. Thanks for the offer of the sweet chestnut, if I can grab them from AVS, they're only up the road from the job. Ta
  7. Thanks! I will bear you in mind if I can't sort something closer to home. Cheers
  8. Hi all, Hope people are keeping safe and busy! I dont suppose anybody has any suggestions on where I can get hold of 5 oak (or alternative, naturally rot resistant) sleepers 200mm x 100mm min length 1.83m around Haslemere or Dorking, Surrey? Cheers Sean
  9. Wicked! I think I can figure that out. Thank you very much!
  10. Morning, A bit of a longshot perhaps but has anybody got the dimensions of the a530 rollers? The parallel bottom roller diameter, and the diameter of the smaller and larger end of the tapered top roller? I've had ours built up and reground them a fair few times and would like to try and get them machined back to original dimensions. The price I was quoted for a new set was a tad eyewatering! Cheers for any assistance.
  11. Thank you very much! Appreciated!
  12. Morning, I was wondering if anybody knew the Jensen orange colour code and the grey if possible please? It's time it had a spruce up! I've tried to have a search, albeit on my phone, but can't seem to turn them up. Cheers, Sean
  13. There was a longer video a while ago. Calm as you like, lets his side strop off and descends on his mainline, in no particular hurry, and seemingly without much distress! I can't tell if he's got a fire retardant jacket on though? Prime job for battery saws
  14. Thanks for all the responses! South Devon is a tad far unfortunately, thank you though. The knocker does look good. I have seen a couple of videos of the protec one in operation and thought it looked pretty capable, I'm guessing they were fitted with 180kg hammer having looked at their website. I did think about auger and back fill but felt it would be more economical and stronger to ram them? I think I will probably go down the contractor route to be honest, saves messing around and getting used to a piece of kit I doubt I will be using regularly. If the posts start deflecting off stone or twisting I'll likely be throwing my toys out the Avant every 20 minutes. Cheers guys
  15. Hi all, I'm currently pricing 200m of nailed post and rail, not something we normally do but is part of a bigger job. I was wondering if anybody knew of someone who hires a post knocker for a Avant in the West Sussex/Surrey/Hampshire area? Cheers, Sean


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