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  1. Acer Forestry

    Arb arisings wanted, mid Kent

    Despite all efforts to obtain reasonable hardwood for firewood processing, I'm still running low. Anybody with work even remotely close to Weald area of Kent, if you don't do firewood and are interested in selling arisings to someone who does, do give me a bell Phil 07808 738097
  2. Acer Forestry

    enhanced solar drying

    I have been using a polytunnel to expediate drying for a few years. You would assume there could not be any argument that it works, but referring to the excellent book "The Wood fire handbook" by Vince Thurkettle (I'm pretty sure it was this title, I'll check) he mentions a professionally carried out test that supposedly proved that there was no further / faster drying benefit to timber in a polytunnel than normal air drying...as unlikely as that sounds. In the summer for example, how can say, a month of average 30 degrees daytime temp in a tunnel not be faster drying than 20 degrees, assuming there is plenty of wind flow?
  3. Acer Forestry

    Forestry literature

    And thanks for that Lynher
  4. Hand cutter available Kent / East Sussex, currently cutting last of the chestnut this season and will be available for firewood (or anything else) late April Phil 07808 738097
  5. Acer Forestry

    Forestry literature

    Again, thanks for the info John
  6. Acer Forestry

    Forestry literature

    That's very useful info, thanks will pursue those
  7. I'm looking for informative books on woodland management and forestry, recently read Chris Starr's Woodland Management which is probably the best so far, but can anyone recommend any others that deal chiefly with forestry in the UK as opposed to internationally? Quite a few that are out there are insanely expensive and libraries won't always stock them, understandably
  8. Further to earlier comments, comparable conditions would warrant £15 per ton down South, also
  9. Acer Forestry

    Growing firewood

    Ditto that, just don't over do the seasoning, it gets a little too light
  10. Acer Forestry

    Samurai hand saw

    Cool, let us know how you find it
  11. Acer Forestry

    Samurai hand saw

    I have known John the UK supplier for over a year, the product is apparently made to the same standard (I've heard it said in the same factory, but can't verify that) as Silky, and at only a little over half the cost have to be worth trying before commenting. Even the knackered older ones I have still go through roots ok if required. Pistol grip type handle suits some people more, some less I guess. Try one, you won't be sorry
  12. Acer Forestry

    Pickup truck query

    Fair comment Steve - LWB vans are obviously not easy to park either but the difference being not so many blokes with a van being their only vehicle. I'd still stick with my view here though that another 2 foot or so of load space would make the hassle worthwhile for a lot of us
  13. Acer Forestry

    Pickup truck query

    No idea if this has been broached on here before, but here goes, regardless. In the UK we can have panel vans, Sprinters and the like that appear to be as long a small coach, and probably as much of a nightmare to park anywhere. So we can have lengthy, small commercials. Why then, do we only see once in a blue moon an older extra / king cab pickup, when what we should have is double cab trucks with full load beds; like the yank trucks. Any ideas why, i can't think of too many rational arguments against producing trucks that are fit for the purpose a lot of us need- room for passengers, tools dogs and god knows what. But with a proper buck...?
  14. Acer Forestry


    I've been to Aus and NZ twice now, first time with backpacker permit, and second with the other half. One thing that's unlikely to change is, the common man can have a very nice, very comfortable life over there if a bit of effort is made, whereas here, well - if you work 14 hour days for years at a stretch you might get a plush house, pool etc., but over there it is more attainable and realistic; even for modest blue collar people
  15. Acer Forestry

    Delivering firewood

    Ditto that..sold an old school L200 single cab a few years back to a guy from the Cotswolds who reckoned trying to deliver logs in anything much bigger on his rounds wouldn't have worked - small, tight driveways. If there is plenty of space on on a lot of client's properties, going with a small tipper or an Ifor trailer with any 4x4 works fine


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