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  1. Different times though Mick plus he wrote the book! It'll be a rare occasion to fell 7 ft diameter tree at ground level let alone at 150 ft. I'm sure he will graciously accept any criticism.
  2. Just as bad as ever up here in north Yorkshire, seems like there is no respite.
  3. must be one of those recurring dreams!
  4. Well said[emoji106]
  5. Ooof, your windscreen would drive me nuts! I suppose you use that less than the back.
  6. MrNick

    Forest track

    A couple of questions about the stone burier, is it just a rotavator with another name? and the auger in the rear roller is that to give it ridgidity? thanks
  7. Thanks but that's no help to me. B&S quantum 5 hp engine
  8. The B&S 5hp engine on my dads dr trimmer mower is pumping oil out of the exhaust when started. What are the likely causes? There did not appear to be any metallic glimmer in this oil. Not over full either. Thanks
  9. An apparently new stihl 090av on that there ebay (item no 264355252285) unfueled £2750 flipping heck is it for real ?
  10. They're not galls they are wooly scale insects ,hth.
  11. You are going to have some serious tail swing when turning, there is a lot of machine behind the axles. I don't think journeys will be stress free. Good set up all the same.
  12. I'm okay I've got my tin foil hat on 😉 (but it's really aluminium foil)


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