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  1. MrNick

    390xp hd air filter and cover?

    Ransom spares, l&s engineering. You may not notice much difference, but you might. The saw will look better of course.
  2. MrNick

    Thor magik 13

    L &S engineering look promising check them out.
  3. MrNick

    Tree trunk/log lifter/saw horse.

    Looks like a copy of the woodchuck one. (a woodchuck quad) Chainsawbars sold them for a while
  4. MrNick

    Log Goblins

    Questions were invited leading to questions asked. I guess Maria is not over sensitive about the subject.
  5. MrNick

    McCullough chainsaw founder.

    I too have just finished reading the article and found it fascinating.
  6. MrNick

    Advice on selling our Dolmar KMS-4

    I would suggest Shavey from this forum he knows his dolmars.
  7. MrNick

    Something missing !!

    I;m not familiar with the machine but there is an inner bearing race still on the shaft and part of the cast housing in the square. so it seems you are missing the balls the outer race and some housing. Take the bits off go to a bearing suppliers and from what you have they should be able to identify the size you need
  8. MrNick

    What animal would do this?

    Badger, as hard as nails and love to eat wasp grubs,
  9. MrNick

    Carburetor limiting screws

    I don't think there are any air leaks the saw ran well before. I decided to run it on aspen like all my others so put all new rubber on it, manifold, impulse line, fuel line and a carb kit. The limiters look as if they are an after thought to an old style carb to meet emission regs. I' ll take them off and retune again.
  10. MrNick

    Carburetor limiting screws

    I'm having trouble setting up the carb on a 372xp pre x torque and am blaming the adjustment limiters. They are a bit mashed up (second hand saw) and locating a screwdriver in the running saw is a pain. If i remove them what is left, a screwdriver slot? At the moment i have 2800 rpm at idle and 12250 rpm flat out. Thanks Nick
  11. MrNick

    Steel wedges?

    My hi lift is aluminium not steel.
  12. MrNick

    What is this

    Scale insects, sap sucking bugs, quite hard to treat as they have the limpet like shell. When the white fluff is showing they are easier to control. Maybe not worth trying to do anything.
  13. MrNick

    Stihl Combi Cans!!

    Yes the holders are interchangeable, I went the other direction and have two tool holders.
  14. MrNick

    polyethylene glycol peg

    I read a paper on this, found by a general search. The gist being the water in the wood is replaced by PEG ,done by submerging the wood in PEG and warming gently for a long (long) time. The PEG doesn't evaporate like water so the wood is less likely to crack.
  15. MrNick

    Chainsaws and warm/hot sheds??

    Saws have tank vents I wouldn't worry


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