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  1. Goaty

    I'm really sorry for your loss , remember the good times.
  2. Inconsiderate Parking

    Re the number plate. We drive around all day with them on view, anybody can see them. They are filmed or photographed by cctv speed cameras anpr etc. It really is a non issue.
  3. How to crosscut limbs longer than bar length.

    PPE is your last line of protection. Most times some training in safe working practice is necessary, ppe as a suit of armor does not make one impervious to injury. End of lecture.
  4. Echo CST-610EVL

    Twin cylinder echo on ebay (item 162527777211)Not mine.Seems pricey but they don't come up often. If I win the lottery tonight i'd have a punt.
  5. Best Chainsaw Sharpener

    Odd first contribution, are associated with the site you linked to?
  6. Small dog teeth

    Sawbits have some non genuine big spikes £15
  7. Valtra Slave Cylinder

    Whatever you do don't inter change dot fluids and mineral fluid The seals of the system will not like it, use a higher spec dot
  8. Carraro alpine spewing oil

    Thanks for the replies, one more question where is the breather likely to be? The owner had changed the oil but couldn't get an exact match, he commented that the arms had become very slow to drop when cold.
  9. I've been to see a carraro alpine tractor today, all looks good except that in top gear flat out on the road an awful lot of oil wells out through a perished hole in the pto lever gaiter . Should i be concerned? would a new seal and gaiter solve the problem? thanks
  10. Rate My Hinge.

    How cold was it? Looks like you were on the shaded side of the valley.
  11. Where to buy 562xp parts

    From my invoice: Topcover no 587 24 87-01 Yellow air filter 522 675 002 Wrap handle 505 15 69-01 Nick
  12. Where to buy 562xp parts

    Your local husky dealer should be able to get you them, I'll find the part number in a minute
  13. Need to hire a 3 Furrow Plough...

    Sub it out to a local farmer or ag contractor on a price per acre. 40 acres with a 3 furrow on a mog will soon become tedious;-)
  14. Saw to run 13in bar

    I don't think autotune saws are aware of the length of time they are not used. I'm sure my 560 doesn't play up because i have used another saw:)( ps echo 280wes or similar)
  15. Stihl BR400 leaf blower hot start problem

    Air filter ? is the pre- filter sealed with re inhaled dust.


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