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  1. I just make a ring of of old pig net and sit it on the pallet, got to be careful moving them that's all. I usually put a second pallet underneath.
  2. Are you thinking of Kurtail its good stuff but you need to keep treating regrowth. the drawback is the price its ridiculous.
  3. do you find it easy to judge the weight of the limbs or are you super cautious? erring on the light side. Thanks
  4. Is that a picture of the dog and backup device ( piece of 6x2)?
  5. MrNick

    Chain oil

    There is plantoil based in Wetherby it is bio oil
  6. it's well intentioned good working method but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Long time since i've seen lobster claw gloves.
  7. Try wildernesslighting.co.uk they have a very wide range
  8. It's back on ebay again item number 153786988703.
  9. The chain may have been too tight i have been told to run a slacker chain on a solid tip bar, also what ESS says.
  10. MrNick

    Stihl MS391

    Perhaps you should do a test plunge cut to see how solid (or hollow) it is , a short bar may well do the job if hollow.
  11. MrNick

    Stihl MS391

    Do you really need a 36" bar? are you cutting a 6 ft diameter trunk?
  12. Different times though Mick plus he wrote the book! It'll be a rare occasion to fell 7 ft diameter tree at ground level let alone at 150 ft. I'm sure he will graciously accept any criticism.
  13. Just as bad as ever up here in north Yorkshire, seems like there is no respite.


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