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  1. weald in kent and all went up to midlands somewhere
  2. parcel went for 5.75 a cube a while back and it was fencing grade upwards!
  3. build quality is excellent and are slightly lighter than sugihara!!
  4. Around £5-6 a metre for labour and materials on top is best i can advise
  5. from what i can work out from the picture you show is an oregon 73 lpx cutter so all your doing is getting drive links and tie straps from somewhere else without oregon on them?? so really isnt this an oregon chain??
  6. wheres best to bulk buy around 800 litres?
  7. Cheers just a few bits! oil pump, clutch cover and tensioner, whole chainbrake and handle, rubber grommet for carb plus base plate it mounts to!! Il take a look at green stripe
  8. Looking for some more parts for a pre xtorq 372 can anyone recommend where to buy online or even better if someone has a clapped out one there willing to part with for some cash?? Cheers Steve
  9. Tops are still free thats just what that cutter gets. I'd never get 22 for mature oak
  10. yes it would be just for timber and firewood 15-17 a ton, brash piled up for burning
  11. If they are mature then will be the low end of the scale
  12. Depends on size of trees? is it thinning? how are they getting it out? terrain? around 18-22
  13. heres a few interesting ones
  14. having owned and used both the 460/461 it is a great saw but wouldn't want to use it every day as noticed the vibes are higher than the 576 husky
  15. Where did you get the bars from pete??
  16. find some box that will fit in another, thats what i used on my trailer then cut the ends turn 90 degree weld them on and put a strap round for good measure. use two tabs for bolster, its crude but works
  17. Isn't a tsumura bar the same as a sugi hara as seem very simlar apart from lightweight versions? also who sells GB bars in 20" thats not in australia
  18. I know what you mean, oregon always seem best for money and wear. Cant justify the expense of a sugi as can get 2 oregons for £10 more of one sugi!!
  19. Looking for new options on bars for handcutting, Ive tried most out there oregon, stihl, sugi to name a few. just seeing what everyone else uses and why?? Cheers
  20. give english woodlands a call may be a bit far kent/sussex
  21. Im not stating colleges are teaching production cutting, its just how wrong an idea of it they have of it so when people come on site they dont have a clue. You get what you pay for, so most will shop around as there isnt enough money in the job
  22. Problem is that colleges give students a false idea of what the industry is like and as soon as they do a week you never see them again!! Yes its bloody hard work and you have to take the rough with the smooth but unlike other apprenticeships where your skilled in a manner of years, Handcutting your skilled by the time your bodys given up and your just about still productive. Rates range from £90-£200 and ive worked from portsmouth to dover and all over the south east. Everyone who wants to become a handcutter just dont want to do the time/effort to become one.
  23. DONT GO THROUGH AN AGENT!! deal direct with the landowner is the best way as you wont be paying stupid high standing prices for timber
  24. All depends on size of trees and what spec your cutting to. Firewood by the lorry you mean? Its tough, many buy from people they have been dealing with for years,some dont like mixed loads other want pure species and only processor size material so you have to grade it out. Chestnut you could sell by the blank but most only cut to fulfill there own orders and sell as a finished product as get a better return. If you have all your wood cut and cant get it roadside its a lot of money sitting on the floor.
  25. Il second the sip innovation, cool and lightweight compared to the pfanners


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