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  1. Why would they bother when everyone carries a bloody great tracking device they make phone calls on 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. Tool station should do a set, think open till 8
  3. Hi, we have a 50m line of conifers to remove for a site clearance, can anyone recommend somebody with a tree shear or similar in the Kent/ Sussex area who may be able to cut, chip and remove. Many thanks Chris
  4. When we ran utilities across some land we owned but planned to sell we had to have a legal agreement drawn up. It may have been called a way leave agreement, it was a few yrs ago but solicitor insisted on it as the owners of the new house we built may need access to their services running through their neighbours driveway
  5. I make it nearer 9.5% but my maths may well be off
  6. I also have a c8 and nothing stops it jumps around a bit if you find a brick in the ground though
  7. My ranger did that after 12k miles and was changed under warranty.
  8. I’m not against infrastructure improvements be it road or rail, but when it starts to cost 10s of thousands to move hedges and reptiles, I can’t help but think the money could be better spent. Build the infrastructure and accept the environmental consequences or don’t build it.but how much cheaper would it be if the archeology and ecology were taken out of the equation. I think there is a lot of profiteering using those as an excuse
  9. I expect a lot of environmental consultants will be ordering their new Range Rover now
  10. We used to use 30lb braid, 50 will probably anchor you to the wreck when you snag it. Use a weak link on the lead too. Used to get out regular before missus and kids came along.
  11. I have the Makita one brilliant and fast but I don’t think it plunges 12 inches you would have to flip the beam and come back in from the other side
  12. I don’t even need one and want one. Top bit of marketing
  13. Motor homes have gaslow cylinders that you can fill at the pump not sure if they are portable or fixed to the van though


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