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  1. Husqvarna Technical isn't waterproof..
  2. It's great for looking at other people in the industry, gear, trucks and what have you! but that's about it!
  3. Yeah Ask John at Shades of Green Northwest.. Halton area.. Top, Top Bloke.
  4. I found when running my original 205/55/r16's at 50mph my truck was revving quite high. Swapping them for 235/85/r16's and driving at 50mph made a big difference on both engine RPM and fuel consumption. Also i think it pulled better more suited to the gearing i think..
  5. I've got a 2006 model and its mega! I've done 22k miles in a year of owning it. and apart from a service which cost me £30 I've not spent a penny on it. A friend has just got rid of his 2009 model after its stared using oil.. with 45k on it... Mine has covered 160k miles.. All in all they're good trucks.
  6. Evening guys I've a job in sandbach on tuesday and could do with A tip site near by! Could anyone help? Many thanks Shaun.
  7. Sburdy

    So Fed Up

    I've been down this path, I've turned my back twice on treework. Both times I've gone back to farming full time, and the longest i lasted was 6 months. I seem to come back to treework, partly because i think its all i know. But its getting ever more crowded in this game..
  8. Sburdy

    Fake or not?

    I think it was the colour of some of the plastics and the finish on it in some places. I'm not going round judging every second hand saw to be fake.. I've seen a very convincing 365 that turned out to be a fake, so i just wanted a second opinion.
  9. Sburdy

    Fake or not?

    This isn't mine guys, just seen it advertised.. looks a little suspect to me.
  10. Sburdy

    Fake or not?

    Alright guys Seen this advertised.. what's the general consensus fake or not? Cheers
  11. Very Quiet... Need to be much busier!
  12. You Sir must carry your knackers around in a wheelbarrow!
  13. Evening guys Is their anywhere i can check by name who has what NPTC certs? only iv'e got a lad wanting to start he says he has certs.. but cant find the certificates or his cards! many thanks.


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