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  1. Bar oils

    Yes mate, pop me through your address on a PM and Ill get you over a sample. Jon
  2. Either me or the saws are going nuts?

    Oi I am not sure whether I should take this personally or not
  3. Bar oils

    HI, just to let you know we do a 100 c/s option for running in cold weather or for people who struggle to pump the 150 c/s product. I am happy to pop you a sample over to test. Jon
  4. Firewood supplier Hastings area

    Thanks for the reply. Big thank you to Phil aka Flarris for delivering a load on Sunday. That will keep us going for a while cheers for your help. Jon
  5. Firewood supplier Hastings area

    Hi I am looking for a delivery of nice dry logs to Hastings. Approx 1 tonne bags worth. Can you let me know prices delivery turn around etc. Many thanks Jon
  6. Emergency Call Outs

    Massive tree across the ridge in hastings last night. Sorry no pics as it was 2.30 and i was ferrying my daughter back from the gig. Be interested to see who got the call out.
  7. Danish Oil

    Hi all, thanks for all your help in our R & D. Pretty encouraging results from everyone that has tested it. Thanks again Jon
  8. Whats the price of red derv now thanks

    Prices are generally headed up at the moment. There is a double whammy of higher crude prices and lower pound. As all oil is bought in dollars it makes it more expensive. Expect to start paying high 40's and lower 50's for bulk deliveries. Jon
  9. Question about cedar cladding

    Hi, I was hoping to get some advice from someone who has had some experience with Western Red Cedar Wood cladding. We have been selling a UV resistance wood oil for some time and had loads of positive feedback. The oil is clear and is designed to keep the natural colour of the wood. We have had a customer use it on freshly milled wood and it has darkened the wood in patches. The pictures show before and after shots of the wood. I know its difficult to tell from a photo but if anyone has got any ideas what may have happened I would very much appreciate the input. Thanks Jon Rye Oil Ltd
  10. Danish Oil

    It may be something we will look at in the future, its a relatively new area for me so lots of research and testing, but if there is a market for it I don't see why not. Cheers for the heads up. Jon
  11. Danish Oil

    Hi Will, it all comes down to the finish, our decking oil is mostly suitable for soft woods, so pine and cedar etc. When you apply it to darker hardwoods the finish can be affected and may produce a patches of darker finish. It still protects the wood and prevents discoloration by UV but I know for a fact it doesn't work on Iroko as I had that tested by a local fencing firm. I cannot say whether this is the case for other peoples oils just ours. Hope this is of assistance. Thanks Jon
  12. Danish Oil

    Great there's my three people. If you PM me your address's I can send over some samples next week when I have it blended. Thanks Jon
  13. Danish Oil

    Hi have recently started selling a range of wood oils, ie decking oil, tung oil and the like. I am in the middle of formulating a Danish oil which is a mix of tung oil and a high UV napthenic base oil. It would be great if I can find 2 or 3 people who are familiar with other peoples Danish oil to test it and let me know how it performs. If you can let me know next week I will be blending it I can send a 5 litre sample out. Thanks in advance Jon
  14. Bentley Woodfair

    Thanks for the feedback. Its different than the majority of shows we do so may be worth a punt. Thanks for the burger heads up Mark, if your a burger connoisseur you should check out Half Man Half Burger in Hastings, its amazing, best burgers I have ever eaten and they do wicked chili cheese fries as well. Jon
  15. Bentley Woodfair

    We do a number of shows through the year, mostly vintage vehicle shows but we were thinking about getting a stand at the Bentley Woodfair. Is this a good show and would it be worth us having a trade stand there? Thanks in advance Jon


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