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    Stihl 462

    I have that filter on now must admit it is a lot better but still get fines through!
  2. I did see that as im a subscriber!! Do you think it could handle that size bar 24/7 ? is the clutch cover magnesium as some have said?
  3. steve collins

    Stihl 462

    I haven't had a chance to use a 572 yet, I have ordered one but no answer yet!! , I missed out on one and ended up with the stihl equivalent. the 462 is a great saw on a 18" or a 20" and the anti vibes are great, just feel they have tried to shave too much weight. The first thing i noticed was how the back handle was fixed and even said to my dealer that will come apart and it sure did. I know they test saws in real world but im sure its only on birch, clean beech and fir! what about knarly spruce, hornbeam, ash, oak, larch ?? I have heard about 572 side covers breaking but i believe this is due to it being so light( magnesium?) sure someone will answer that and a few others having nightmare autotune problems. saws now days only last a few years till there worn out and become non economical to fix, the old 3 series husqvarna's are a hard benchmark to beat but will become hard to find soon
  4. Bit of a hijack what is the saw like on a 25" in timber like oak, ash, beech, hornbeam, larch?? cheers
  5. steve collins

    Stihl 462

    Good saw all round- would not use for production cutting tho as too fragile! weak points are the top cover you mentioned with the 90* twist locks hd2 air filter lets too much small particle through-there is another filter available!! Fuel solinoid can be troublesome-there are different types available Rear handle has come apart in my hands twice as only mounted by prongs so clean the recess should solve this. If it lasts a year il be happy, these are just my findings from cutting a lot of hardwood!!
  6. il try to remember to take some photos when back near where i cut the coppice next week, there are simple different ways to prevent deer browsing the shoots
  7. oak can be coppiced ive been lucky to cut some over the years, have your trees been previously coppiced? if yes crack on and get a rotation going, if single stems then its a thinning programme but you could cut cleft oak and rail fencing from the thinned trees and firewood from the lower grade
  8. yep the black , white and a green i think
  9. spoke to a stihl rep last week regarding a idle problem, asked what the most common problems were back handle, anti vibe and fuel solenoid
  10. What did you think of the build quality of the saw? anti vibe/ air filter/ back handle
  11. Stacking in chestnut is important!! as could you tell the difference looking from a machine from 6' stakes 5'6" stakes 6''6" posts 7'6" struts 8' strainer 9'posts and 9'6" rails?? some things need to be stacked 90 degrees to others to avoid confusion, also your not learning nothing your learning to set you wood out right and in turn means if its spot on then the forwarder driver would rather pick yours up than someone who is rather untidy and you will get paid!!
  12. I own a 462 and have run it hard for around 6 months, personally its a great saw with plenty of power but its just not well made, the anti vibes are too soft, the hd2 air filter clogs up like nothing and allows particles into the carb elbow and the rear handle came apart in my hand! plus the chain tensioner mechanism is suspect as im sure it doesn't hold tension either that or the sthil chain expands when it gets hot causing constant sag and re tensioning
  13. Looking for an extra experienced?? hand cutter, must have own transport first aid +f, cs 30/31/32 and windblow a bonus Work is mixture of cutting in front of harvester, coppice and hardwood/ timber Message on here or 07751057259- if i dont answer leave a message i will get back to you
  14. some forestry work going on around brentwood if interested good 2-3 weeks work day rate
  15. https://www.stihl.co.uk/STIHL-Products/Chainsaws-and-Telescopic-Pole-Pruners/Petrol-chainsaws-for-forestry-work/279876-130/MS-462-C-M-Forestry-Chainsaw.aspx They dont, from stihl uk
  16. latest version 2017 are good, i use one most days(forestry) and no problems whatsoever and it has over 700hrs on it.
  17. just on paper they are totally different!!!!!!!!! as the 461 is 76,5cc and the 560 is 59.8cc thats over 16cc difference which is HUGE
  18. I would go for a 462, to replace the 560/562/362. Ive had many 560 over the years and they have been great saws in the 60cc category but there is hardly any weight difference between the 462/560 and only difference is its a 70cc saw. Ive owned one for over 6 months now it just gets better and better, plus its been worked hard! once my 560 has had enough i wont get another
  19. has anyone else info that this is true, that the 390 will no longer be available after January as a new saw is on its way??
  20. It is worth using for the health benefits but, i average around 800-1000 liters fuel a year Pump fuel costs av £1.40 L down here so £1400 a year Aspen is £3.04(bulk pricing) L so £3048 a year £1648 a year difference - to make this work id have to cut at least an extra ton/m3 in the wood a day I have seen the can and used it. Its well thought out but wouldn't want to damage it though
  21. The problem is saftey and cost go hand in hand tho, lets hope there are no accidents on this job !!
  22. The article on the Fisa website deals with the use of wedges whilst felling ash suffering from dieback - the advice is not to use wedges to knock the tree over. The vibration caused by hit the wedge risks causing dead branches etc to snap off and fall onto the chainsaw operator. The advise winch assisted felling or use of a hydraulic/ratchet type wedge "It is essential then that operators retreat fully into their escape route when the tree begins to fall and that the use of traditional wedge techniques is minimised." " If traditional wedges are used then it is preferable to use wedges with a more acute angle than traditional high-lift wedges these are driven into the tree with less force, the thought being that this will create less vibration and will therefore dislodge less deadwood" cant see anything about winch assisting, the way i read it is they still allow the use of wedges all down to how its interpreted really. https://www.ukfisa.com/assets/files/alerts/Safety Guidance Note - Felling dead ash - April 2018.pdf
  23. we only use skinny wedges and stack them if needed or use winch. There was a memo stating to not use hi lifts but cant remember from who.
  24. Yes your right it was the objector who was saying fell at 2m but from what i can gather is that he is also the owner of two of the woodlands so id hope he gets a say in whatever process they choose. They should just identify the worst trees and come in with a thinning programme which may take out pockets of trees but leave the remaining trees for monitoring/inspection and less chance of windblow, also the retained trees can be identified easy for ongoing works. Harvesters are an option where they can cut the easier material(cleaner/straighter) but the head/machine does take a hammering, personally its a hand cut and winch job. Im sure the job has gone out to tender, be interesting to see who won it and how its being completed


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