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  1. I do a fair bit of running and light strength stuff. This is the core work out I do regularly, it requires minimal equipment and has loads of scope to make it harder or easier, whatever you need. How to Do Core: Scott's Killer Core Routine — Uphill Athlete WWW.UPHILLATHLETE.COM Learn how to do each exercise in Scott's Killer Core Routine with good form. Core... And a handy pdf of it Scott's Killer Core Routine PDF — Uphill Athlete WWW.UPHILLATHLETE.COM Download a PDF copy of Scott's Killer Core Routine. Having a strong core is... Also just been doing quick challenges, eg. 50 pull ups, push ups, sit ups and squats as fast as you can. (6mins 15) I was aiming for 100 of each but was blowing out my arse by 50 and called it a day 😅
  2. I have private health insurance and loss of earnings insurance to cover my back in case of an accident. Costs a bit but it's a no brainer to have a back up plan if you're doing silly things up trees for a living. I've not checked yet, however I highly doubt the loss of earnings policy covers a global pandemic. So even those who've been paying for policies may well find they're not worth a great deal right now...
  3. Have the fimble climb and pulley saver. Both great tools, the fimbl climb sounds better for what you describe though. It's easily adjusted to stem size and makes a good backup beneath your lanyard. This is my primary use for it. That and smaller trees or species with tighter forks, eg limes, as it's a bit easier on retrieval. If you use a rope which is over 11mm or doesn't have a slice or similar constant diameter eye then the fimbl saver, as said, has slightly bigger eyes. An advantage of the fimbl climb/saver over the multi saver is it has steel eyes rather than aluminium. Less easily damaged if you rattle it on to a hard surface on retrieval.
  4. Absolutely. It's fairly indisputable that there have been massive abuses there for years. And as skyhuck said we in the west have collectively turned a blind eye as they're such a massive manufacturer, further perpetuating the issues. Broadly speaking I agree with all of this. My issue, as you say, is with the use of derogatory language towards a country whose people have suffered severely from the current pandemic. I understand that these are strange and frightening times for many but allowing that to turn into something closer to hate speech is incredibly distasteful.
  5. Eh, nope... I never said any of that. You're havering now fella. I simply called you and 5 shires out on your use of language towards Chinese people.
  6. I'm not contesting the countries track record. I used to live and work there so I'm far, far from ignorant to the ways in which the country works. I don't need to hear them from you. But tarring an entire nations people with the same brush 'filthy Chinese' is unacceptable and disgusting language. I know this is taking the thread off topic a bit and I apologise to the bystanders, but I just don't think it's ok to stand aside and turn a blind eye to this kind of thing.
  7. I don't understand what you're trying to point out here. You've been buying Chinese rubbish, thereby supporting said human, animal and ecological rights abuses, and now you're mad at them for it? Don't buy Chinese rubbish, I do the same, smart consumer decision. I don't understand how this makes 5 shires comment in any way acceptable...
  8. Aye, your attitude is. This isn't an attack on us from China. If anything, based on reports from there, they did a bloody good job of containing it as far as they have done. And if the UK had taken their advice we'd potentially be in a more favourable position now. Please don't turn this into an opportunity to incite hate.
  9. That's enough of that thanks. It's a crap situation without stooping to racial slurs.
  10. At the very least 'lockdown' last week when the death toll was already rising exponentially. China instigated it at less than 20 deaths, Italy and Spain were both around the 200 marks, Germany sub 50. And Boris waited until what, 350? The lack of testing, as WHO recommends is also a wild oversight as far as I can see. I was telling this to a friend in Italy and all they said in response was 'You're fucked'. All he cares about is the economy, which will be fucked anyway. He doesn't give a damn about the lives.
  11. I'd have a grumble. I already pay my fair share of taxes, and not a penny less. There's plenty of high earners and companies who go to great efforts to avoid paying any. That lot need hung out to dry for all they don't contribute. But yeah, lockdown. It's a thing. The AA statement is about what you'd expect. They aren't a government branch, they're just trying to interpret the government stance, which was pretty ambiguous for us really. Boris has fucked this whole thing up so badly, I hope he lives to see the end of it so he can get burned alive for his lack of even a hint of leadership or initiative so far.
  12. Yup, locked down. Down tools I think. I'll work tomorrow as I've got to finish todays job. May work later in the week as it's storm damage over a (usually) busy road. Depends if the traffic management are still running though really... Then that's me until further notice. Thoughts are with everyone directly affected by Covid. Just gotta do our bit and try to slow the spread...
  13. Sounds like a lockdown is inevitable. The sooner the better too, people are cutting about like nothing is happening. This shit is serious though. Regardless, I've called off all work from Friday, and will happily cancel that work if I'm told I should. BMC and mountain rescue teams all over the UK are telling people not to go rock climbing as they don't have the resources to respond to incidents at the moment. They will of course, but it will be stretching them ever thinner, and the level of care you get surely won't be the normal. With that in mind, I think it's in everyone's best interest of even we, the tree guys, stand back for the time being. This also doesn't sound like it's just affecting the elderly and vulnerable. I've been told by a nurse there are otherwise fit and healthy people in their 30s in the icu who don't look like they'll make it. Shit's real folks. Stay home. Stop smoking.
  14. You never seen French protestors on the news? They make us look spineless. If they can make it work in France they can sure as heck make it work here.
  15. Least we spend most of our time up trees and not interacting with the public. The lads are making their own way to site, (for which I'm offering a bit of extra cash) and I'm not shaking hands with or spending much time speaking directly with customers, but otherwise it's business as usual. I'm not doing pubs, crowds or visits. But I don't see any reason not to work...


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