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  1. Mr. Squirrel

    Which poplar species is this?

    I met a guy who built cabinets, furniture etc for yachts, he used mostly Poplar and Tulip wood. I was amazed it got used for anything, but makes sense. Light, innit... Can't help on ident though...
  2. Mr. Squirrel

    OPM Course

    Ah dear, that's a rough number like... Yeah I've had a lot of contact with them and have a pretty severe skin reaction which gets worse with each exposure. I hardly sleep for about five days and it usually lasts about seven. After years of having a terrible time I tried anti histamines and had a mild itch for a day, that was it. Highly recommend soaking to a doctor and getting done strong anti histamines.
  3. Mr. Squirrel

    OPM Course

    'didn't seem a big issue' somebody obviously didn't do their homework eh...? Germany have spent millions spraying forests with helicopters, and they're still spreading. Thing is that they don't spread 'thinly' either, when they're present, they seem to be present in large numbers. Harsh as it seems I think they should be creating an exclusion zone. Draw a ring on a map and fell a 4 mile wide strip in the oaks throughout. Only issue is they can diversify on tree species. I've found them in red oaks and heard of them in hornbeam and sweet chestnut.
  4. Mr. Squirrel

    OPM Course

    As Khriss said, hairspray bag and burn. I've met guys who wear full waterproofs for it and have someone hose you down afterwards as the hairs can get through the cheap white suits. Invest in a half decent respirator. Where did are you, out of curiosity? Just wondering how far they've spread. I'm so bitter about opm in the UK, it should never have happened, and when it did they should've tested it seriously. It really is horrible stuff...
  5. As said, it's better in almost every way except size, but even that isn't noticeable, particularly not once you're climbing. The tending is amazing, and being able to easily use it right or left handed is a nice improvement. I'd highly recommend it if you liked the 2.1. My only criticism is that you can't just chuck your rope round a stem without either putting a cambium saver in or putting an extra carabiner in to maintain proper rope line. But I rarely do that anyway so it's not really a big deal I guess.
  6. Mr. Squirrel

    Emissions, Global warming or a scam

    Hmm, yes... but the baseline right now is pretty good. I went to the doctor this morning as I hurt my thumb yesterday, was x-rayed, confirmed fracture, splinted and out of there within the hour. Though admittedly the services you get vary from region to region, and still more in specific areas. I guess I just feel it'd be a whole lot less fair if you just got what you paid for?
  7. Mr. Squirrel

    Emissions, Global warming or a scam

    But then we'd be separating the nation into very distinct class systems, where the rich could afford better education, health care etc. while the less well off would be left to struggle. Hardly seems reasonable? Anyway it's off topic. As said I think that carbon taxes etc. can only do so much before government have to start pushing for pretty major change. From manufacturing, as Echo said, right through to recycling. We're doing it all wrong right now. We need fewer phones/clothes/cars being built, sold, driven. Better, cleaner public transport. Better infrastructure in towns to allow people to cycle safely. And that's still just the tip of the iceberg.
  8. Mr. Squirrel

    572 users - experience

    Well I have to say I'm loving the 572 on a 20" bar. Only had 5 tanks or so through it so it's maybe not really settled in yet, but it knocks an unported 560 running 18" out of the park. It's not too heavy, extremely manoeuvrable in a tree and super smooth cutting. We'll see how it lasts but it certainly feels like a good, solid machine.
  9. Mr. Squirrel

    Emissions, Global warming or a scam

    Hundreds, perhaps thousands of climate scientist from all over the world are saying global warming is indeed real, and a real threat. I don't think any of us here are in a position to argue with that. What we can actually do about it, as consumers, is another matter. In order to bring things under control carbon taxes on individuals will just make us poorer. I'm not sure how they work but you have the right of it, they'd need to be on big business in order to encourage change. What it will probably take us a dramatic shift in how we live and lead our lives. So what we really need is a global change in behaviour. How does that come about? I've not a clue. But my guess is it won't happen until the current generation of people in power are out of the picture. edit: smart phone, turning global warming into clonal warning...?
  10. Mr. Squirrel

    Best kit bags? Courant?

    I have a cross Evo which I've never used. Having little dookets for everything just seems a hassle and it looks pants for rope. I have a black diamond touchstone I've been using for 6 years and used to fly with loads. Seriously tough. I chuck my 70m access line straight in the bottom, and can get my harness, 45m climbing line, 2 throw cubes and a helmet in on top of that with some room to spare. It's brilliant.
  11. Mr. Squirrel

    Ripped off??

    I spoke too soon. Just got an invoice for £95 from the plumber. It's no an unfair price but the fact it took two and a half months for them to invoice me is a bit ridiculous...
  12. Mr. Squirrel


    I have a 20" bar on mine and it's a ripper. It could run a larger bar but I'm basically setting it up as a dismantling saw so wanted it to cut like a demon. I think a longer/heavier bar would balance it a bit better, it's a touch machine side heavy with my setup. But it's also awesome.
  13. Mr. Squirrel

    Ripped off??

    Sounds like a dodgy bam. A written quote is pretty basic, and getting you to order your own parts is just counter productive to doing a good job. It's like with tpo applications, yes the customer could do it, but I'd rather do it myself so that I know the wording is correct. I had a plumber come check my boiler in December as it wasn't working at all. He said it might be sensor, so he ordered that in and fitted it the following week. Works fine now. He never invoiced me at all. I tried chasing him but he never returned my calls. Bloody plumbers...
  14. Mr. Squirrel

    Climbing helmets

    Crap. I've been completely wrong. My apologies everyone I've so confidently told was wrong... I'm surprised though, I've seen construction workers wearing kask and petzl lids which clearly aren't actually up to spec. The side protection thing is still nonsense though, it's tested as an impact 30 degrees off vertical. Hardly the side...
  15. Mr. Squirrel

    Climbing helmets

    Yeah, but the Protos meets the same standards as any other climbing helmet in arb. Climbing helmets are totally fine to use on the ground, ground helmets aren't ok up a tree. The only difference in forestry and arb Protos models is the chinstrap.


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