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    As above really. If you have experience and knowledge of felling then that's a great start. You'll have tree knowledge beyond what most start out climbing with and probably better than some who've been doing it for years. I always say the same to people considering a career in Arb, but don't neglect the knowledge. Learning how to climb is great, but knowing what you're doing to trees is just as, if not more important. Go for it.
  2. I was put off Salewa by the old version of these, which in my case fell to bits way too quickly. All the hooks snapped off within a couple of months, and they punched holes through the goretex to attach new ones. Not an enormous deal, but it was a shoddy fix for a dear pair of boots. La sportiva on the other hand, have always been solid for me.
  3. Wow. Read through a fair bit of this thread and I can't decide if you're serious. You keep calling him unprofessional, but YOU poached a client of his. It doesn't matter how great your tool is, you've ****************ed up. You don't have a leg to stand on. Own up to it. 'probably knew it was wrong?' bloody pathetic.
  4. So loads of people were saying the folk breaking lockdown to protest for racial equality were selfish, awful people etc etc. Then this crowd of knuckle draggers came out to give us all a bit of perspective...
  5. Perhaps, but it's extremely telling that a large number of businesses had essentially shut down before the government introduced lockdown measures. They were going on some mad 'herd immunity' at the time, completely ignoring what was happening in other countries which were being hit hard. They were following what many of the public were already doing rather than having a bright idea. On a side note though, the UK does seem to have been hit disproportionately hard by covid. Yes, the governments strategy was a joke. But the likes of Germany have been less strict on lockdown, and have fared far better. Their health system obviously plays some part, but I wonder if they're just generally healthier too?
  6. I understand where you're coming from, but you've not given examples of racism. That guy sound like a prick, but there's an enormous difference between someone being unkind to you and living your entire life at a disadvantage because of your skin colour. Racism is more than these incidents you've mentioned, it's this power and oppression that's normalised in society. No matter how unkind someone is to you because you're white, they still won't have the same power. Since you've used that example, are you therefore of the opinion that Western countries should shoulder less responsibility for slavery, as they were just buying what was being sold?
  7. As shitty as that is, even if it was a racially aggravated attack, it still isn't the same. A white person can be mistreated by a person of colour, but that's very different to the systematic and institutionalised mistreatment of an entire race. There isn't the same dynamic of oppression against white people in Britain, and so there will never be the same power. Which is what racism is, it's power over another person or persons because of your skin colour. So I'm not saying what happened to your friend wasn't racially aggravated, but there's quite a large difference between experiencing that as an incident and being marginalised your entire life.
  8. Anti-white black racism? Cry me a river. Racism against white people isn't a thing in the UK.
  9. Not having a go. Tbh I think you've taken some degree of unwarranted flack in this thread.
  10. You have a lot of opinions about this job considering you've never seen it in person.
  11. I took down a few with this last year, I'd never heard of it in ten years on the tools. I only realised how bad it was when we were done, didn't have any issues but a heads up from the boss would've been nice eh...
  12. What sort is it? You basically want it to be long enough that the wrench can't be pushing on your knot when it's facing down. ISC have an official recommendation for clearance, but I can't remember what it is... I got a shorty at first but it didn't allow enough space for the knot, and worse, I kept pinching my fingers in it. Bloody awful.
  13. Everyone has their own ideas and as said that's fine. Some companies are better able to deal with some jobs than others. That being said, £4,500 seems steep. Are they planning on getting a crane in or something?
  14. Petzl and black diamond both do women's specific helmets for climbing etc. They're a bit smaller, slightly differently shaped and the band's round the back are designed to accommodate long hair tied back. You'd have to screw visor/ear defender mounts on but that's hardly the end of the world if the helmet fits properly. No idea if they're actually any better though tbf.


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