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  1. Have a look at wherever you buy kit, you can still buy the old one. The evo is fine, but it’s a heavy bugger. The new front D’s are probably the biggest improvement imo, but again, at a weight cost. They released new buckles and then changed them as they slipped really badly. Personally I’ve no problems with the newer ones. The waist to hip still slips but they always did.
  2. I didn’t say not to, I was just curious why? Seems extra hassle to pull up and tie off a block that isn’t getting used, and I wondered if it was liable to be damaged by the ring resting against it. Or do you have both so that you can loosen off the ring and use the pulley for winching, or something along those lines?
  3. Nice job. What’s with the ring/block setup though? It love like the rigging line is going through both?
  4. And I would have, but my test was cancelled following this announcement. So that’s a problem.
  5. Might it be an option even just to do a couple of months with your old man? I know where you’re coming from, I started out working for family as a foot in the door, just a few months, then went on to other companies, studied arb then full time climbing. If he’s half decent it’s great to learn from someone who knows what’s what. It’s an incredible industry to be involved in with a diverse range of work. Nobody started out built for this job and as you progress you’ll gain the fitness and strength needed for whatever you find yourself doing. Good luck!
  6. It's bonkers really. And the hitching & unhitching part will be done at training centres I believe. Except that needs to be done off the road, and the people they expect to pick up the extra work here don't necessarily have the space for it. Not to mention peoples entire businesses have essentially just been wiped out. While in theory it sounds great, I think in reality it's a desperate, ill conceived move that will amount to nothing, if we're lucky.
  7. I smell a U-turn in the pipeline.
  8. That’s the crack. They’re also omitting reversing from the hgv test. Sounds like a lot of haulage companies and insurance companies understandably want nothing to do with people who’ve been fast tracked in this manner though. You can’t have a 17 year old rushed through a test like that and now driving a 45 tonne lorry. Sounds like it’s similar with trailers, though it might be legal to tow, when/if these new laws come into force, insurance companies will likely still insist on professional training. Our government couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. While it sounds great, it’s clearly a panicked decision and I’ll be amazed if any good actually comes from this.
  9. 😂 Hardly, we've got a massive driver shortage because of leaving the EU, so they're scrapping towing tests so that there are more tests free for HGV's. Just off the phone with a lorry driver who said haulage companies will probably be reluctant to hire drivers who've passed under these new rules too.
  10. I've got my trailer test booked for Tuesday the 14th too. Would've been nice if they'd given a better idea of when the new regs will come into play as I need to be able to tow within the next couple of weeks.
  11. To be honest I would do that anyway. They're both expensive bits of kit and it'll be a stinger if you whack it with a big bit of timber. There's some minor play in my winch bollard too. I think that's alright, but harken have a lot of info on winch bollard maintenance. It's not that complicated, and very common place in yacht racing.
  12. Ascenders are designed to be used on ropes. Don’t worry about it.
  13. How’d you get on J? I sold my transit custom earlier this year for roughly what I paid for it three years and 65k miles ago.
  14. Again, familiarity with site history is important. Though you keep talking about how the risks are incredibly low, there WAS an incident at scone involving SBD. Trees throughout scone palace and the events field are now regularly surveyed by a very competent person. I don’t believe this sign was put up as an arboricultural recommendation but more reflects the anxieties of the property owners. Surely the fact that they are regularly surveyed over rules a sign asking people not to sit there? I’d say there’s a higher likelihood of occupancy between someone walking underneath it (which I believe most people don’t, as there’s a banking on the other side) and sitting, perhaps having a picnic beneath it (quite likely as it’s close to the outdoor seating from the cafe. You seem very eager to criticise, which is easy when you’re spouting off on the internet as opposed to putting your name on a survey.
  15. You're very critical of the sign in the photograph, but are you familiar with the site history? You state in your SBD guide that 'If any of our trees have a history of SBD then we'll manage the risk to an Acceptable level'. So what's to say that this tree hasn't historically dropped a large section? I've witnessed SBD on 3 occasions, but I've never witnessed a failure due to decay first hand. Anecdotally that would suggest that if the risk of SBD is 'mind-bogglyingly low' then the risk of failure due to decay is... bamboozlingly low? I'm not sure what the technical term for this level of risk would be in the VALID system.


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