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  1. From what I saw of the issue it appeared that some fairly minimal internal wear was the culprit. Not sure how cleaning would help that? Seems as though it's a fairly small, but significant design issue with the steel spring wearing on the aluminium body.
  2. I told the client that if they can sell it for that, please give me the buyers number. I look forward to retiring 😂
  3. Some varying opinions then. I’ve told them I can do something with it anyway, would be a fun project. Unfortunately some pesky joiner has told them the stem is worth £7k though, so they’re now planning to get rich off it 🤦🏻 Funnily enough he isn’t offering them that…
  4. Hey folks. what are your collective thoughts on making outdoor furniture, benches and the likes, from freshly milled oak? I have a client with an oak down that wants something done with it; but can’t really be bothered waiting years. I thought milling 2-3” thick and building it green would probably be passable. Interested in others opinions.
  5. Ditto what others have said about just cracking on. Sometimes all of the sudden panning and kit in the world won’t help, and you just need to get on with it. If you can’t get out of it, get into it.
  6. Interesting idea to use coffee as a filler. Never come across that before. Do you use it just for the dark colour, (it certainly looks good), or is there some other benefit as well? Aye it's all about aesthetics really. Personally I really don't like the look of resins with dye/sparkle in them. The coffee soaks up but also stains the resin, so the resin doesn't stand out. It sands down really nicely and for a natural looking texture/finish and is spot on for what I look for in a bit of furniture. Tried it out years ago on a bit of cherry which would otherwise have been for the log pile and loved it. Been doing it ever since. Not wildly different to using some sanding dust mixed with glue, but sometimes trying to hide obvious flaws just makes them look 10x worse. Use the finest ground coffee you can find, espresso spec as a minimum. I went to a friendly wee coffee shop and asked for any old unusable beans ground as fine as humanly possible. Work fast 🤙
  7. I’ve always found going too fine with the sanding has, in my opinion, a negative effect on the finish. It depends what you’re looking for though. I’ve chased a ‘perfect’ finish up to 600 but then it’s hard a really polished look, which I’ve not actually liked 😂 Stopping at 240 seems optimal to me. I tried various oils and waxes before using Osmo top oil which is spot on. Our coffee table is finished with that and it’s so hard wearing and easy to clean. Brings out the grain just enough without darkening too much either. Cracks I fill in using epoxy mixed with really finely ground coffee. It seems a subtle option which doesn’t try to hide the fact there are imperfections, but doesn’t scream about them either. Edit: realise now you don’t need/want any further recommend on finishing as you’re pretty well done with it! Looks good!
  8. Second time 😬 I suspect that’s why they got a bit of a spanking.
  9. Never trust someone dressed head to toe in hiflex is all I'll say... 😂
  10. Nothing wrong with a portawrap in the right place. Light and easy to setup, they’re a bit more flexible too in terms of the angle the rope’s coming from. For big stuff, fixed bollard, no brainier. For small/occasional rigging, a portawrap will probably do just fine.
  11. I think the intended purpose of these is purely on the lifting and lowering front, ie not snatching/dynamic rigging. I know a couple of people who have them and use them as a secondary winch, eg for tensioning the top line of an english reeve, with a grcs for the 'running rope'. It look like a much smaller bollard than on the grcs/smart winch, and the whole thing is probably a bit more compact. I get your concern though, it's a bit odd just being flat metal with holes in it...
  12. Damn straight. Sooner people get back on Amazon and help fund Bezos’ spaceship empire the better.
  13. Total opposite. I feel like the day flies by and it’s dark before I know it. I’d rather be out working till sunset than clocking off at 5 and not seeing any natural light all day 🤷🏻
  14. That's the corner I'm in. It's an utter balls up. I had my test booked for the week before they stopped it as well, but it was cancelled as all the assessors walked out. Now booked a load of stuff in based on the change coming into play on the 15th. Now what...? Total incompetence coming out of Westminster as usual...
  15. Just a wee lift to help even out that transition? That might be the most useful thing I’ve ever read on here.


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