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  1. felixthelogchopper

    What animal would do this?

  2. felixthelogchopper

    Helmet stickers

    First aid sticker..just in case you are in a situation up a tree... And someone can identify you as a first aider... Are you ex RAF? Not everyone's a climber.
  3. felixthelogchopper

    In ear hearing protection

    I will be using these for other things aswell as tree work. Woodworking in the workshop, riding the motorbike and hedgecutting! Just asking if anyone had experience with them. Riding the motorbike and hedgecutting? Sounds a bit dangerous plus it will be very difficult to keep a good level. Should be quick though.
  4. felixthelogchopper

    In ear hearing protection

  5. felixthelogchopper


    I'm pretty sure mine doesn't look bent like that but it might be a Buckingham, not ISC.
  6. felixthelogchopper

    In ear hearing protection

    Did you call my pint a slag?
  7. felixthelogchopper

    In ear hearing protection

    I didn't know you two were related.
  8. felixthelogchopper

    Identify this fuel

    Time for mein host to clean the pipes, I suspect.
  9. felixthelogchopper

    Identify this fuel

    You go first, Jilly Goolden.
  10. felixthelogchopper

    Bird nests

    So can Grey Squirrels or Woodpeckers.
  11. felixthelogchopper

    Red Squirrels North Wales

    Was in Anglesey a few weeks ago and saw 4 reds at Plas Newydd, including 1 youngster out with his/her mum. They're working on ways of reducing road fatalities among reds in the area. Lovely little animals to watch.
  12. felixthelogchopper

    Identify this fuel

    He needs to drink more water.
  13. felixthelogchopper

    Making the news today....

  14. felixthelogchopper

    Wire rope winch on steep slopes

    Depends on what you want it to do. Assuming you are dragging and not lifting, the worse that can happen if you overdo it is you will break a shear pin.
  15. felixthelogchopper

    Wire rope winch on steep slopes

    I have an Ace 1600kg model which get used commercially on a regular basis and it has performed perfectly. Don't dismiss it just because it's not called Tirfor.


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