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  1. The hobbets have chainsaws

    That's a pill box slit, not a letter box slit.
  2. Is there a good clinometer app for measuring trees?

    Fixed that for you, Mark.
  3. Self employed climber wanted for regular work

    Around Stansted.
  4. Happy campers

    Give Geoff a shout.He built an absolute cracker. Andy Davies knows a bit about them too.
  5. Arb show camping!

    What a shame it wasn't written by Pooh Bear.
  6. Stolen tools recovered Colchester area.

    Posted on Essex Crime page on Facebook.
  7. Tree surgeon fined over car smash near Truro primary school

    Doesn't count if you like it.
  8. Making the news today....

    So why waste your time trying to change him? He is just trying to provoke a response like all trolls.
  9. Making the news today....

    What's really unbelievable is that people keep massaging that idiot's ego, and the other one just like him, by engaging with them and then be surprised by the bolo that flows from them.
  10. Come on then own up, whats your record?

    Are you sure it wasn't a transplant?
  11. Come on then own up, whats your record?

    'Dear Lord, take away the pain but leave the swelling.'
  12. Come on then own up, whats your record?

  13. Nextdoor

    Looks interesting.


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