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  1. Should never do that, especially not on the Stella.
  2. Keep thinking about getting a bsa meteor for vermin and plinking. I've got a bad habit of buying the airguns that I wanted when I was younger. I have a really nice Zephyr tuned Weihrauch 77k in a thumbhole stock along with a 90k and a Webley Omega.
  3. Tx200 is a nice gun. I've always fancies a Prosport in a walnut stock. I've got a BSA Ultra single shot, an SMK PR900W multishot , an old Logun Solo multishot and a Kral bullpup multishot, all in .22 and all with different pluses and minuses. There are as many opinions on air rifles as there are chainsaws so hope you enjoy reading. I've been spending a lot of time on Airgun Forum recently which is a good place to start reading. Don't bother with the magazines. I've never read a bad review on anything in them.
  4. Weihrauch 99s in .22 for post Xmas plinking purposes.
  5. Only just seen this, mate. Have pinged him a message on Faceache.
  6. It was a real shame to read about his car accident next Wednesday.
  7. I'd always been intrigued by the possibility of ghosts but never had any personal proof until I spent an evening at Hylands House in Chelmsford. Lively, to say the least.
  8. To me, porting makes the saw non-standard so offers an easy cop out in the event of an insurance claim. Whether I'm right or wrong, I won't use non standard saws on other people's jobs out of respect for them and their business. I have plenty of standard saws so I just use them instead.
  9. I have a couple of Spudded Huskies but do not use them on jobs where I am freelancing ie on somebody else's insurance.
  10. MPs vote to force Boris Johnson to ask for Brexit delay WWW.STANDARD.CO.UK Boris Johnson has been dealt a major blow in the Commons today after MPs approved the Letwin amendment, which...
  11. Sounds like you have given this a bit too much thought. Do I detect a whiff of Hemp bivouac?


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