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  1. felixthelogchopper

    Dog Fouling!!!!!!

    A gate?
  2. felixthelogchopper

    Squirrel Control

    Whatever the calibre, from .177 to .25, if you're accurate with a rifle near the 12ft/lb limit then you will kill a squirrel at a sensible range.
  3. felixthelogchopper

    Squirrel Control

    There are lots of responsible air gun hunters who are looking for permissions. You should have no problem finding somebody suitable to solve your problem. I would suggest a member of either BASA or BASC. You could try looking on AirGunForum but obviously choose carefully.
  4. felixthelogchopper

    thorn resistant gloves

    It's nothing compared to Berberis bollocks.
  5. felixthelogchopper

    pyracantha thorns

    Is that not Blackthorn?
  6. felixthelogchopper

    Sign language as part of a Student's Training?

    We're already part way there.
  7. felixthelogchopper

    thorn resistant gloves

    You were the one who put me on to them, mate.
  8. felixthelogchopper

    pyracantha thorns

    Always worth using a hay fork on jobs like that.
  9. felixthelogchopper

    thorn resistant gloves

    Try Ripeur 2 gloves, about £20 ish. I have only ever had one thorn come through and that was when they were soaking wet. Absolutely brilliant gloves.
  10. felixthelogchopper

    Are there any other women out there?

    I thought you only got them in Thailand?
  11. felixthelogchopper

    Are there any other women out there?

    I'm sure Jenny, his wife, will be charmed to be described as his worker.
  12. felixthelogchopper

    Life’s small pleasures.

    Waking up early on a Sunday morning and sitting, cat snoring on my lap, with a mug of builder's tea and doing the crossword from Saturday's Times. That, or taking my nephew shooting and having the plinking range to ourselves.
  13. felixthelogchopper

    Need a photo of a chip truck tipping

    Usual 'material' not doing it for you, mate?
  14. felixthelogchopper

    Winter Food Tips

    Got a food flask that holds a pouch of microwave rice and a pot of soup. That and a fresh brew makes the day more pleasant.
  15. felixthelogchopper

    Tip site for chip needed near Chelmsford please

    No worries. Lower Road , IIRC.


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