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  1. Rates

    We would be on different teams but I have worked with a lot like him who had some very funny stories to tell. I used to work with a very homophobic Zimbabwean twat who was constantly needling a very camp old dealer from Brum. He put the Zimbabwean bloke very nicely in his place by saying, after the umpteenth accusation of his being a pervert, " I might be a pervert but I still wouldn't shag you."
  2. Rates

    I did nearly 20 years in the casino business before I started tree work. I bet I could make him blush without too much effort
  3. Rates

    It's exactly why I joined.
  4. Wolf bypass tree lopper

    They look like the ones Steve had. Nicely found.
  5. Wolf bypass tree lopper

    Blimey, must be bad.
  6. Wolf bypass tree lopper

    PJ back in town?
  7. Fings wot broke

    Ouch! Hope you heal well and quickly.
  8. Stopped by VOSA

    You've lost me there, Swinny. I meant that an employee should be paid their hours from starting work at the yard until when they leave it. If the company owner books work in a long way from base, they shouldn't expect their staff to do a longer day for no extra reward. I'm a subby and I work on a swings and roundabouts basis with the people I work for but it generally works out to my benefit, or at least not to my detriment. They're happy as the job is finished to a proper standard and they get home earlier too.
  9. Stopped by VOSA

    They're still not free to leave though so you are controlling their time.
  10. Stopped by VOSA

    PM sent.
  11. Stopped by VOSA

    Assuming that your blokes are on the books, do you do a short day or pay the extra hours for travelling?
  12. Making the news today....

  13. Qualifications

    In which case the tickets are the employer's responsibility, along with holiday pay, sick pay etc etc.
  14. Stopped by VOSA

    I understood that you don't need a tacho within 100km of base and that you were within 100km of base so how could they do you for not having a tacho? I would be getting some legal advice on that if it was me.
  15. Stopped by VOSA

    I'm probably missing the point here but how can you be prosecuted for an offence you have yet to commit? In criminal law, you need the intention (mens rea) and the illegal action (actus reus) to have committed the offence.


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