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  1. Subbies required for ongoing work , local and away work . Generous overnight allowance if working away or early starts . Usual quals and experience required . Must have less than 6 points on licence
  2. I spoke with my trailer servicing guy this morning and he has already had an increase in horse box sales enquiries. Going to be a nightmare as stated before 3.5 ton needs to be loaded correctly or you could be in a whole world of trouble . I suppose the price of rubbish old ifors ect is going to rocket in the short term also .
  3. Commercial tree staff required , the applicants will be flexible , experienced team players with a full understanding of commitments associated with commercial tree work . Friendly self sufficient environment . Nights away will at times be required with excellent accommodation and generous overnight allowance .Must be able to get to our yard near Wellington Somerset . Full time paye with company pension ect or Contractor status
  4. I've got a grcs with a damaged winch possibly for sale , from what I can make out it is only a few broken bits of plastic in the drum , it's been replaced wit a complete unit and was keeping a spare incase of a technical takedown and looking at repairing the drum but will never in reality get round to it . What would a back plate bollard and damaged winch be worth to anyone ?
  5. I've got quite alot of fencing coming up and quite alot of stock fencing also . Could you guys reccomend a nail.gun for staples and general fencing . Using dewalt cordless but dont see if they do a gun fir staples suitable for stock fencing .
  6. Chainsaw operative required to assist machinery and chip in the Bude area , 4-6 weeks work . Competitive rates
  7. I've ended up with this old girl , apparently runs so not sure if to sell or just use it with fertiliser spinner and harrows and such like . 1952 model obviously been restored at some point . The old fella seems to know his way round it so time will tell.
  8. Climber required for ongoing works , mix of commercial and little bit of domestic , must be able to get to our yard near j27 m5 , get in touch for details ,
  9. I've got about 10 ton of Wellingtonia to move from Plymouth next week . I've been let down last minute by haulier . We can drop on with a crane. Any one want large chunks of wellingtonia or can recommend a haulier . tia
  10. The winches for £700 will be for sailing and not industrial use are they not ? Although I am not actually sure the GRCS is CE marked so void in the UK should the shit hit the fan so you might as well crack on . Out of interest where do you get the winch for £700 as I could do with one .
  11. What are peoples thoughts , it seems everyone is very busy and more so than ever . The fact for years we all complained of colleges churning endless lads out each year and this de valued a mans wage for sure . Now as it seems colleges locally are not churning them out like they used to climbers and decent groundies can easily command a 30k plus salary which is about time .Even smaller companies in this area are looking for middle management roles at 30k or more a year . Is this the future or is it a post lockdown pre brexit adb bubble ?
  12. Have to say I have a job this Saturday , got to be done on a Saturday 2 teams out on it and double pay for all . I have to say I don't usually go double as Saturday work tends to only be a short day if we work at all . The client was made aware early on this was ok with it .
  13. Staff required due to retirement . Groundie required . Usual NPTC's and B+E driving licence (less than 6 points). First aid and machinery quals would be helpful. The ability to pass a Basic DBS The ability to turn up at the agreed time a must . Some nights away at short notice may be required with generous overnight rates and decent accommodation provided . A requirement to work under own initiative as is the ability to receive instruction from supervisors . This is a mix of work commercial and domestic from ground care and fencing to large tree work and site clearance .
  14. Anyone any idea who us currently providing TM training in the south west . Tia
  15. Due to retirement and current work commitments we are looking for tree surgeons/groundsman/grounds maintenance (general all rounders) . The usual industry qualifications required along with the licence to tow. Experience of commercial contracts and the understanding of industry compliance . 7.5 ton entitlement also an advantage and ability to drive and operate a tractor. DBS check undertaken


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