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  1. That is a funny video mate I should contact him . Retired climber you're right I can't get blood out of a stone but this company has some serious backing so it will be interesting how far they will let it fall . I can't believe there is no issues for directors . Surely if they are made to go bankrupt it would affect further business .I am asked if this has ever happened when getting finance or insurance ect . Is it a question wit no real consequence?
  2. Way too much for small claims , I will follow it until they are shut down if I have to . Every now and again you get a kick in the knackers like this and it just makes you a little harder nosed .
  3. I've recently had to take legal action against a limited company for a debt . They have not disputed they owe the debt but I'm getting g fobbed off left right and center so official it has to be . One of the directors of the company has just resigned and I am guessing to let the other take the responsibility of the debt . Because this is a limited company is this OK and he can just wash his hands of it and move on . Am I right to think this ?
  4. Due to a couple of lads taking some time out for personal reasons I am on the look out for some more help . I have full or regular part time work with mostly commercial tree work and site clearance work . This may require a some nights away although these are normally covered . Higher than average pay for the area for the right people . Usual quals required .
  5. I agree , I work on sites which require cscs week in week out and as long as you have green operatives card that works .Nptc and npors works . Can't comment for hs2 or Hinckley which I guess must be a little more full on .
  6. I have some work near Bristol for ground based opps . immediate start . Good rates [email protected]
  7. I remember hearing last year one if the university are doing research into the long term effects of arb work on the body. Leicester or Nottingham spring to mind . It would be interesting to see the results . There is probably a road gang or scaffolding forum with a bunch of old guys moaning about there aches and pains.
  8. WOOD CHIPPING SERVICES - Home WWW.WOOD-CHIPPING-SERVICES.CO.UK Wood Chipping Services in Wiltshire This guy.
  9. With rates like this being banded about , Chalets on the beach making hundreds of thousands and people paying 650 pound for a steak with gold leaf on it what can possibly go wrong with the economy. I wonder when its going to go pop ?
  10. Does anyone have any contacts for biomass chippers and disposal in the Uckfield area . Will have about 70 ton . Tia
  11. One of my subbies came to me a little while ago and we had a discussion about rates . He has worked for me for over 5 years and it was nice to have an adult discussion about this . This was in his terms based on no rise in five years which is fair enough and not based on the shortage of labour. Fair play to him for a bringing it up . Going to cost me up to another £1500 or so a month across the board . It sounds alot but it has helped me recruit and created a really happy atmosphere . Lads get out what they put in to any company what they put in gives rewards to employer and employees
  12. I agree with dumper , we are fully aware kit is not covered whilst left in a van overnight . We tend to do the same thing and stay away from mainstream hotels. You would be surprised the cost of manor or hall type hotels are often similar. Quite comical turning up to a posh house with chip trucks , chippers and a few smelly arbs . Again layer security , chain stuff up., back things into corners or park them up directly outside reception . That all said gonna happen sometime I'm sure .
  13. Agree with Bob on this , usefull as a little tipper for tight spots . How often is it we come back with not much chip in the back also . Just add it to the other twenty type of vehicles required for arb and your done .


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