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  1. Yes use to cut 3yr re growth type stuff just with a sharp long reach hedge cutter with no problem but but it would struggle on some stuff I.e thick conifer but goes through most smaller stuff .new machine wouldn’t do this though,borrowed a KM131 the other day and this was a better performing cutter .been impressed with a Ht133 polesaw though ,plenty of power but definitely doesn’t like small diameter wood and learnt my lesson a few times and wouldn’t bother with cutting stuff which is too awkward a friend runs a bigger chain on his kombi which doesn’t come off as easily but leaves a very ragged cut.had a hs45 aswell i once used to cut 5ft laurels to 25cm stumps .did about 50 of those with no issues but would have been one of those annoying jobs with the chain constantly coming off and too fiddly for a brushcutter
  2. Yes had played about with the speed control thingy and had it on max all day but thought it was a pointless design feature and it doesn’t effect the db much for when working near houses etc when it’s on the lowest setting . anyway the Stihl kombis I’ve seen had trouble after a while getting the ends to engage with the engine hence why I didn’t want another one and also usually ends up with grease everywhere paid very similar amount for the older version of this machine about 6 yrs ago and that was a far more solid and powerful machine .this new one is comparable to the power of only a 4T .should have tried a husqvarna but needed one on next day delivery
  3. Yep I ended up getting a hl94 as didn’t want a kombi as they seem to go wrong more quickly.anyway had given the new machine a good test run today and personally found the hl94 underpowered and not worth the £650 purchase price.the older model was so much better and didn’t have this ecospeed crap aswell which is a load of useless nonsense.some of the Stihl gear is getting pretty naff really .
  4. Which petrol models is everyone using and can recommend ? I’m After a replacement long reach and normal type I found the hs82rc is a bit heavy for longer jobs and preferred the 45 but downside is it’s very shaky on the hands after a while .hsa86 is a good one which I’m also using but it’s not suitable for wet days The newer stihl HL models don’t look as well made as the older versions but only seen them online what about husqvarna or echo Budget about 800 for the two machines thanks
  5. Someone I was working with was like that and often put double or three times more in then needed so never trusted them using there fuel can but after a while there machines didn’t work as good then carb needed replacing and a few other bits Quality of unleaded does seem to vary a lot aswell and some will stink more then others.
  6. Just another hedging job with some height reduction.strange clunking noise then wouldn’t restart .should have not used unleaded ,it stank aswell all day did I message you a while ago
  7. Had very Nearly finished the days jobs then both machines sounded like they seized . Such a waste a time for a few hundred quid
  8. It wouldn’t be that much more to remove compared to just topping it.(probably about 250 + stump grinding ).it could be topped but it’s possible you could end up paying twice after then realising it’s a mess and doesn’t look like a tree anymore . Rowan are great low maintenance trees and will give you something much more interesting to look at. Some of them grow a bit bigger than others so research it first
  9. a much wiser option is to just pay the one off price for removal it and replace with a Rowan tree which won’t grow tall .
  10. I’ve had ideas for a similar bit of land and there could be demand for self storage park .typically £20-£25 a week here for a 20ft container 50 of those potentially makes up to £60k also importing Japanese /us vehicles is another money making scheme I’ve been thinking about .another of the ideas aswell though is bespoke quality garden rooms and offices which can be sold online in kit form and sold across the uk
  11. Had these spear n Jackson ones for about 5 yrs and been good for Small topiary bushes .not bad at all for 20 quid and resharpen well
  12. Joking aside If you ever need a hand on jobs seem to remember reading somewhere here your not that far away.
  13. Yes not sure why I bother .was just about to go completely solo but just had to spend out on new vehicle so not just yet.


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