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  1. Good question.have done groundy work and some forestry handcutting and got basic saw tickets cs30/ 31. Other regular work and experience includes hedges trees landscaping fencing general gardening and property maintenance .mostly hedges this month though and getting a bit boring .
  2. been thinking about this .guy in question not the most professional anyway and hardly worth bothering with anymore .i probably knew it was wrong and wouldn’t have happened if it were a more worthwhile company to stay on with him .he turned up just now to the house with his naff hedge cutters for me to borrow thinking they are more up to the job than my own machines. 😂 .even though previous message clearly stated no need but thanks
  3. All good points made here and do have enough of my own clients .just for the record though I am good all rounder and decorate to high standards but with trees not having climbing tickets but only units 31 doing the pine job wasn’t very clever Not sure which is worse though watching above douche bag with a chainsaw or angle grinder ha .
  4. Doing hedges for him on Monday so presumably he was on about hedge cutters . this is more of a handyman type person advertises for garden and trees /landscaping/home work . Once did Internal decorating with him and the work he did was done to appalling standard and I definitely don’t want to be associated with shoddy work .luckily for him the woman couldn’t see that well but I should have walked off the job
  5. But isn’t it different if Customer wasn’t satisfied on previous time with the price or quality of work (not mine ).he could have easily lost the client all together as he was going to phone another company. but to imply my tools are crap is some joke .and then says that yes they should be ok for the job .err yeah have tried and tested them on hundreds of jobs ffs i will do the jobs on Monday for him and nothing more after this Anyway rant over now lol
  6. And what about saying my tools are crap.that is some douche bag
  7. Well it’s easy to say that maybe It was unfair in hijacking someone else’s client but wasn’t my intention in potentially being unfair and client had requested to deal with him directly . unprofessional though for him to then charge the client an extra 150 on top of original quote .bet he looses the customer anyway . Have decided Getting rid of the guy .dont need to be working with people like this
  8. Just wanted thoughts about this please . have been doing various jobs for a local company on a subcontractor basis providing all my own gear etc. Firstly a regular client I had worked for a few times requested I deal with him directly and wanted my contact number so agreed to offering my services .then when I was on the job the other bloke spotted me there and threw his toys out the pram then insisted on invoicing client himself and payed me standard day rates but made 150 quid markup which was a cheek for doing absolutely nothing as I tried to explain though it’s entirely clients decision who they wish to give the work to and that he had contacted me. and tonight received text this eve from above douche bag implying my tools not up to the job for upcoming work and do I want to borrow his. find that pretty rude as he knows I’ve plenty of great gear and i was tempted to dump all the work and himself altogether .also had a strange call from his last week saying that he thought there wasn’t enough waste generated from a job maybe implying I didn’t do enough but job was done to spec. I don’t particularly need the work but maybe I should just say don’t be a jerk or I’m off?
  9. Maybe a 4 stroke .a friend had a similar ex hire one .didnt seem very powerful though compared to modern machines
  10. On this subject.i was looking at a few mountain ash /Rowan the other day which looked to have very similar issues like the early signs of the ash dieback .just interested to know does it spread to just the native ash? I often find ash saplings in peoples garden which they want gone so got a growing collection in pots .not planting them out for a while though
  11. I’ve found that If you don’t hit the ground and cutting clean wood then a new good quality Stihl chain will stay sharp and cut fast for at least 15hrs You could also buy some spare chains and get a local tool shop to sharpen them in batches
  12. Some Poplar I’ve seen is only on 7 yr rotation.sweet chestnut is a bit overlooked though .lucky to get 10 years out of any treated softwood fencing material
  13. Anyway I had put forward the formal complaint to head office of kfc Response is bit of a joke .not sure why I bothered complaining for Hi Jack, Thanks for getting in touch, we appreciate your concern for social distancing in our restaurants. Our restaurants are currently only open for delivery and drive thru orders at the moment so guests are unable to come into the restaurants at the moment. The security that we have at restaurants to protect our teams by making sure that guests don't enter the restaurant and the delivery drivers that do enter our restaurants, stick to social distancing measures and keep our team safe. If there;s anything else we can help with, just let us know. With All Best Wishes, KFC Care Squad
  14. I am still waiting for 500 quid from October.bloody con artist has since been re advertising for cutters probably trying to do the same or similar to others Some people are just self intrested cunts which will try it on . got to be firm and persistent but still professional .
  15. Agreed though.should have been avoided after realising what was being done wrong and just gone to Waitrose (usually where the more civilised tend to shop ) .some people do need educating a bit though only with a refresher on the basic rules everyone should be aware with.


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