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  1. do a few large Strimmer jobs with very similar problems.all the juicy stuff ruins even the good Strimmer clothing gear and soon turns green .wearing a rain jacket and gloves helps a lot to keep it off the skin .another common problem was having to often wash the face visor off to be able to actually see properly.i usually more prone to conifer rash , aloe vera usually helps
  2. a lot of jobs on day rates will never go in your favour .Hourly rates can be better but never say it will be finished in x amount of time only roughly estimate .also say if you estimate a job £1500-2000 and finished in good time client will also want to pay low end.then asking near the end of the day if you can lop another tree included in deal which apparently only takes 10 minutes
  3. could have potted it up,worth a few quid for a specimen plant etc we got one about 20ft which was dug up about 5 yrs ago from mrs miggins garden and survived fine .
  4. Jack.P


    Yep Similar issues trying to source materials for a job .in the end I just said didn’t want the job as too much hassle sourcing everything - postcrete in particular impossible to get hold off ,even retailers which sell for nearly 8 quid had sold out and usually can be bought for half that price .should perhaps open a building yard ,the local ones in high demand keep increasing the prices aswell
  5. Jack.P

    Elm timber

    Work in progress....
  6. Jack.P

    Elm timber

    Been making some furniture from a few kiln dried elm boards ..there is no mention online about the nice smell of the wood but I’m sure it smells a bit like oranges / frankincense anyone noticed this ?
  7. Could just mash it up well with a chainsaw and put it in a small skip .someone might also want the logs if cut to size .to save on stump grinding just cut it level to ground level and put a half barrel planter over the top
  8. Jack.P

    Conifer logs

    I could hire a tow machine but all added cost and would probably just tip them instead .i seem to remember they can go nearly as hard as eucalyptus if left for too long ? some like that before had to be sawed down and wouldn’t bother with all that faf again .
  9. Jack.P

    Conifer logs

    Just been to look at a job and they want a large pile of conifer logs removed .it looks like they have been cut for firewood but not split and been sitting there for about 4 yrs .what are the chances of being able to split them by hand ?? otherwise will tip the lot but a bit of a waste of dry wood
  10. As already suggested they are not that great really but of course better than no protection .wore the Stihl ones which took there toll after a few days then never worn again...out of interest I weighed them and they are the same as an ms261 16’’ 😂
  11. Jack.P

    which pole saw

    133 great machine .wouldn't personally bother with cheaper alternatives
  12. Haha .yeah considering charging halfwit responsible for any damage I guess it would likely get progressively worse with regular use but unsure about this .will take it to the shop for there advice , they might just say run it for a while on normal mix and see what happens
  13. No wrong mix here ...😁
  14. I have noticed that ebay seems more in the buyers favour now for any issues and less for sellers so in with a good chance of full refund especially if paid with PayPal .
  15. Interesting but hard to believe they got away with no engine damage .was that anything like the new HL94 unit ?


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