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  1. As already suggested they are not that great really but of course better than no protection .wore the Stihl ones which took there toll after a few days then never worn again...out of interest I weighed them and they are the same as an ms261 16’’ 😂
  2. Jack.P

    which pole saw

    133 great machine .wouldn't personally bother with cheaper alternatives
  3. Haha .yeah considering charging halfwit responsible for any damage I guess it would likely get progressively worse with regular use but unsure about this .will take it to the shop for there advice , they might just say run it for a while on normal mix and see what happens
  4. No wrong mix here ...😁
  5. I have noticed that ebay seems more in the buyers favour now for any issues and less for sellers so in with a good chance of full refund especially if paid with PayPal .
  6. Interesting but hard to believe they got away with no engine damage .was that anything like the new HL94 unit ?
  7. That’s what it said 😀 must be getting old ... Anyway I suspect there is some damage to a certain extent.may take it for a mechanical written report
  8. Just found out there was a mix up the other day and been running brand new Stihl long reach hedgecutter on normal unleaded (run for about an hour and a half ) it didn’t sound quite right but didn’t realise at the time about the wrong fuel as 4t had been put into the 2T can 🙄 it seems to run ok but could this have done much damage to the engine and what should be done before running it again Thanks for any input. Jack
  9. Seemed to be loading chipper and some ground based saw work aswell as using Strimmer and hedge cutter .all a major faf for less money than supermarkets
  10. I was surprised to find a few larger employers I noticed recently only pay minimum wage for ground workers on saws and chipper strimmer etc .its definitely a poor business plan which will see high staff turnover and end up costing the employer more when they are paying to get all the tickets etc only to loose staff after a few months . maybe it’s like council work where they hardly work at all though ??
  11. Jack.P


    £7.39 (or £6.35 after all expenses factored in ) JOB ad stated around 25k maybe that would be for a experienced climber though lol .
  12. Jack.P


    Going for interview then being offered £85 day rate for a 05:30-5 pm job with a firm then got to get there and back so actually 05:00-6:00 plus - expenses Complete utter joke nothing like advert
  13. General area mentioned above 🙄 interesting part of the country must go there again soon
  14. Read online there’s a whole load of abandoned property near here . some are very interesting big country houses untouched for many years
  15. reminds me of some french milking stools made a bit crudely from chestnut about 200 yrs old and these were similar money but could easily be reproduced out of a bit of firewood


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