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  1. Hi yeah I’m bit unsure about one side near a main road with some monster ash set back far enough but in the worst case scenario the tops might land close to or over the boundary .i don’t think winching would be wise anyway as it could fall at any time unexpectedly
  2. Could it have been running on a generator or maybe just some kid trying to be funny
  3. Hi it is used for recreational purposes and currently unsafe and unusable with many diseased ash trees .as mentioned it is just the ash that’s the problem also depending on the quality of the wood some big straight chunks might be able to be sold for milling
  4. Also the monster ones are further in and not on the pics
  5. Hi again .on closer inspection the site is nearer 3 acres on a rectangular plot with around 60% ash a lot of which are very large meaty trees and probably nearly as big as ash can grow .also some smaller ones have already partially fallen and become hung up in the canopy and a few others 4 or 5 are in a tricky spot which I would be hesitant in doing without maybe having a crane in to take the top off first before dropping them There is reasonable lorry access but not ideal .also I’ve heard now the brash could stay i realise though 800 quid could easily be 10k for a thorough job
  6. Intrested to hear how does that Makita dolmor machine compare to middle range Stihl can it also still take a similar bump feed ? I’ve had a couple of badly made Stihl machines which were run on aspen from new and were only ok for first few months then after that waste of time and money trying to resolve problems .would not buy a Stihl Strimmer again but looking for suitable replacement which will last
  7. Hi yes it would be felling everything and leave it reasonably tidy afterwards i think chipping whole and sending for biomass could be the quickest way to get it done but less value in the timber
  8. Hi .yeah the 800 quid was just a starting figure which I came up there are many variables though like how much is the wood worth and is it more cost and time effective to just send it all for biomass and have everything chipped and taken away but if I was reading it right the value of it then becomes a lot less .
  9. Yes I would probably stack everything up and hire someone in with a big chipper for a few days it would take too long with smaller chippers and more cutting and more faf all wood would need to be hauled to roadside and sold for whatever I can get for it. it was bit dark when I went there but will get pics when I’m going that way
  10. tying to come up with a figure for clearing around 2 acres of quite dense and large dead ash trees for a charity group which are wanting to pay as little as possible for clearing the site .easy enough with no climbing etc and the wood can be sold at roadside but it’s not worth a great deal maybe £45 a ton or less and they are wanting all brash chipped or taken away and the site left reasonably tidy .they did get a high quote they couldn’t afford so the trees been left over a year . Im not sure if I want to be involved but would about 800 quid be fair enough or much too cheap ?
  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Tdzlop4p0vc
  12. Yesterday wasn’t bad and got good amount of work done but today it’s been raining hard nearly all day . Decided to stay inside today as it didn’t look too good
  13. Looking at the way that lower limb has broken off it doesn't look as though anything was rigged down ..they could have given the cowboy men the job in an attempt to save money which usually is a false economy. wouldn't have personally have given them a penny for that work if the remaining stuff was intended to stay.if they do come back and take the rest then fair enough if nothing is damaged
  14. Presumably they will be coming back to take the rest away?


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