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  1. Ended up doing domestic fencing jobs all week but having thought about it more wish I had just stayed at home or did a job bit more out of the way materials now difficult to get hold of
  2. For desperate measures - Hedges and lawns will carry on growing but with less amounts of firms coming out Many council tips now closed and so people have got nowhere to dispose of green waste (offer a waste collection service charged by bulk bag) you can get them for 3 quid each online Delivery job for diy/ garden shops. They are in high demand at the moment and many only offering delivery always domestic fencing and landscaping jobs to be found aswell
  3. back on 2T mixing just sling in the 50:1 mix before filling the can then swish it about a bit and turn it upside down a few times to ensure mixed thoroughly
  4. I’m Guessing that most people here using combi cans .been having trouble recently with the husqvarna ones and the fuel spilling out all over the floor and my hands. any one had similar problems ? In future I think I’ll just go back to aspen cans
  5. Been doing hedges this week .taking care though to try and minimise the risk , Probably won’t be working next week though unless an ideal job comes in Bit alarming to read on the news about a healthy 21yr old died of it .
  6. Jack.P

    Lock Down?

    Work dropping off now .some clients like on today’s job requesting for the work to be cancelled until things improve.local shops even smaller ones also now limiting buying to a maximum of 2 of each products and closing 2 hrs early .in a matter of hours the shops now looked half empty .potentially very uncertain times for those in this line of work
  7. Jack.P

    Lock Down?

    How would they ever enforce a lockdown like France? .and if they are planning a lockdown surely it makes sense to do it early to keep it more contained otherwise it’s little bit pointless in a way if they leave it too long the whole saga is becoming increasingly annoying especially for those self employed
  8. Looks like those rings would roll nicely down that slope into the bushes.problem sorted 😂
  9. looks like £550-£600 job to chop ,take away and tidy. whoever does it a big snow shovel will come in handy for all that sawdust
  10. Jack.P

    Small chipper

    CS80 machine mentioned looks almost identical to the one I’m looking at with the kohler engine .possibly both from the same factory with different engines and branding .
  11. Looking at ordering a new chipper this week for smaller stuff.I know a lot of people here recommend the cs100 but I’m looking at very similar ones a bit cheaper. a bit undecided if to go for a Kohler command engine pro or Honda gx390 Looking at reviews the kohler looks more powerful any thoughts always appreciated
  12. Looks like it’s nearly finished anyway with a Stihl kombi so bit of a pointless question . should be ok if main frosts have passed .more important with these too not cut them too hard with a hedge cutter and not on long dry spells
  13. I Have tried a few mowers in the 500-700 range and the latest ones husqvarna LC353V have been good machines for the money and probably the best value for money ones in my opinion .they are about £420 new and have found its more cost effective to sell them at the end of a busy season for 250 and buy new again The Honda hrx models are also ok but 3x the money and seem to be prone to gearbox issues and big heavy things to get into a van.
  14. Jack.P


    Just came across this on a local news site ....
  15. Apparently face masks selling out as soon as they are restocked here in diy shops . personally believe it was deliberately or less likely accidentally started from the nearby lab but who knows .


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