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  1. Jack.P

    Stihl bt45

    Now sold .admin please delete this post
  2. Been comparing stihl and husqvarna hedge trimmers this evening.got several hedgers but considering replacing a Stihl HS82RC which I find it too heavy / not balanced well Looking at similar machines anyone tried husqvarna 226HD75S / 522HDR75X. or can anyone recommend a commercial 60-75cm petrol hedger with low vibrations/ low weight well balanced
  3. Not the best at identifying tree species but it looks a bit like a young horse chestnut ?
  4. toyota granvia are 4WD .small/medium sized van for not much money. they don’t get much mpg though being 3l diesel .they could maybe pull 2 ton depending what hills there is
  5. Wouldn’t personally bother with Stihl m-tronic.when I was doing some saw tickets the course leaded / examiner was very anti Stihl said they had copied the saw designs from husqvarna not as good etc .starting to wonder if he was onto something .to be fair though everything does break at some point
  6. Jack.P

    Stihl bt45

    Anyone want one of these ? forgot I had one which was bought around 2 yrs ago for a job that never happend .as new never used it got wood drill and small auger both new .willing to sell for half price of what it cost Genuine sale Copy of original recite can be provided
  7. Yeah a lot of people not prepared to pay the extra which is fair enough but they should at least try it first so they know the difference.I would say having run aspen for a while then back on normal briefly .it smells similar to burning rubber or plastic .still got the taste in my mouth .
  8. Been using aspen for a while now ...recently ran out and had to go back on standard unleaded today when I was waiting for delivery of aspen ...intrested to hear from aspen users which try standard fuel again and what different they noticed in the air quality..(when operator using hedge trimmers and chainsaws ) Had annoying headache this afternoon which I’m convinced was a direct result of using the fuel with some cheap looking 2t oil mixed @50:1 I got in some petrol garage ....it makes sense now as this use to happen to me before trying aspen .thankfully got the aspen now
  9. Jack.P

    Climbing ropes

    Fair comment.they are not brand new but I’ve checked over them and 2 of the 3 ropes seem useable.around 400 worth when new .for 30 quid bargain.looks expensive too post though if anyone wants them
  10. Good advice.also just noticed out off 2t oil and fuel .aspen not arriving TIL Tuesday .probably stupid question but will I get away with using mower oil in 50:1 mix for tmr only then back on aspen .
  11. Not much a tree climber myself but happend to find some arborist climbing ropes today in local market .look like good quality ones made by Yale .all seem to be 11.7mm .probably with a breaking load of about 3T anyway got 3 of them one 43m good condition no tears .1 x 35m with small tear halfway up rope possibly beyond repair .another similar length but only small tears right on the end so easy to cut off .Had bought them for a friend but apparently they are too thick for rock climbing.anyone want them for cost ?probably would have to be about 70-80£ by the time they are posted
  12. They are typically filled up with grass or hedge cuttings sometimes just leaves then dragged back through the Garden /path to the trailer then dragged out again when dumping .sometimes prickly stuff like holly will go in there which doesn’t help.I was going to order another 100 this afternoon but trying to find an alternative .as soon as the bag has a sizeable hole then the rubbish just comes out in the clients garden when pulling them .smaller purpose made garden waste bags I have found to be much too small and a waste of time
  13. Pretty much what I’m doing at the moment.i thought throwing away around 100 a year was a lot but maybe not compared to others that do similar stuff .just seems very wasteful that was all
  14. Anyone here have any ideas what can be used instead of bulk bags for green waste ? loading loose usually a faf we seem to be getting through around 70-100 a year and finding that they can only be used around 4 -5 times max before being useless and seems very wasteful throwing them away .have inquired about ordering stronger reinforced ones but so far companies I’ve asked weren’t that helpful .some just said there not designed for it / single use etc we are mostly using them for grass and hedge clippings.(bigger stuff and wood chip taken loose) Thanks.


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