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  1. Hi it’s not particularly thick stuff.some of it about the diameter of wooden broom handle
  2. just thought brush cutter on a ladder might work ?
  3. I did wonder about the bar and chain but tried it on a different machine and working fine What would be correct tools for this if tractor can’t fit in and hedger trimmers no good
  4. Yes they don’t like this hedge .but they cut fine into normal wood without this problem maybe I am better off spending much longer going at it with loppers ? There is still about 15m of the tops to cut
  5. Been back on this today .had a go with the new pole saw which had the finer chain same as the ms150 it worked ok for ten minutes then same problem again chain jumped off .couldnt seem to get the get chain tensioner working after that which not good start with a new tool .its mostly hawthorn and dogwood and too big for hedge cutters .cut the back and front but just need to finish the topping job now
  6. Hi apparently flail couldn’t fit in there . I won’t be doing another hedge like this .laurel,conni and beech reductions much easier in my experience but this one turned out to be a bit of a swine . a 20’’ top handle might have a good idea .
  7. It is a neater job than a tractor hedger anyway .it only grows back anyway in no time
  8. Hi yes I tried a reasonably sharp hs82 and hl95 and neither were making much progress .the chain on the 261 was almost brand new and cutting bigger wood fine .also had loads of oil and correct chain tension.it Has never came of the bar like that before .i am sure the cutting teeth were too big for the diameter wood I was cutting but not heard of this before .
  9. Just to clarify ..no problems with the saws and all equipment is maintained .had chain tension correct but the chain was too big for the diameter wood . as mentioned I think I might try the pole saw on it ........
  10. Been tackling a large 40m native overground field hedge today( mostly hawthorn etc ) .apparently client couldn’t fit a tractor in so I have been there doing it by hand .it had to be reduced by about two thirds in size (mostly the top and back) .struggled a bit with it so far but it’s about halfway done now . i am intrested to hear how others would go about topping it as I found all the hedge cutters were not enough and I tried several saws with different chains and none of them seemed correct tool for small diameter wood .at first I tried a 15’’ chain on the 261 but found after a while the chain comes loose and off the bar .a smaller chain worked a bit better but took longer with a smaller bar .loppers worked ok but then that would take a long time doing it that way .i am thinking now try the pole saw? I only charging 300 for the job
  11. Jack.P

    Instant hedging

    Grasslands online nursery sometimes have nice bare root beech .laurel isn’t the best Choice but Portuguese laurel would be much better .also if they only want it to be 1m in height yew might be good idea and unlike some others it’s easily managed
  12. Sure ,I should probably have been more business minded particularly in that case . nearly everyone pays in good time with no baloney story and appreciates the job
  13. Hate it when A customers owing 100 quid ..you give them correct bacs details but never receive the job payment.she claims to have paid but probably didn’t pay enough attention and put the wrong numbers in .not worth an argument over 100 quid but will not work for them again .best advice move on with these sorts of people
  14. Yesterday took down v large apple tree .customer wanted the large trunk cut level about 1.3m heigh for a table base .didnt sound that hard but could not get it dead level even after a few goes but got it fairly close .is there any easy way to do this ? the ground wasn’t level which didn’t help
  15. Jack.P

    Small chippers

    But Do you reckon those Jansen ones can handle 6ft -8ft conifer hedges in one go without fannying about with a few twigs (if they are under the chipper max diameter load) .


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