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  1. With my hs86 unit with ap300 battery . I have used it in light rain but also used in heavy rain about 7 or 8 times and still working fine (I wrapped it in a few bags and tape it up) generally they are not recommended for any wet though i was tempted at buying more cordless kit but this puts me off a lot but saying that the unit has had a lot of use and remains my preferred cutter (usually got about 3 in van then see what weather is doing )
  2. a few hours south and hardly no rain today .i use to be like that with rainy days but it’s a bad habit to get into .only thing can’t do in pissing rain is mowing lawns 😅
  3. Now for some sound practical advice.get a few learning to drive books then get driving theory test done then at least your halfway to getting a car but nothing comes on a plate insurance for a car won’t be that expensive as your not as high risk I.e just turned 18 The insurance itself can even be paid monthly Nothing funny about this Andy ,perhaps explain yourself
  4. I heard through the grapevine this person currently not driving ? Surely that is the most basic thing to have own reliable transport to jobs
  5. It’s all the same 😂. I’m a multitasker and prefer it that way as never get bored ,doing trees ,gardens ,landscaping,property refurbishment ,painting ,and part time motor dealer . What’s long term goal then get fully qualified with all equipment and run a company ?
  6. There are companies which only pay minimum wage but also pay for some of the tickets (basic ground based type ones ). In most cases Purely a slave though working long hard days for less than stacking shelves with limited skills to learn . why not just do your own thing gardening and small trees etc instead in London? basic start up gear could be acquired for a few grand .
  7. After removing it earlier had realised the roots had completely broken away in one big chunk.still cannot work out what exactly happened.it could be elaeagnus with thorns not pyracantha not sure .will get a picture of a leaf as interested now what it is
  8. Yes had to trim a load of big blackthorns a few weeks back.seemed very springy/tough stuff to cut even with new chain.possibly the tree in question just got old and gave up in the heat .agreed to remove said bush tomorrow so will probably soon be complaining about the thorns
  9. Pyracantha tree fallen over and partly broken at one side of the base of the trunk .(tree about 6m heigh) it still looks to be alive and apparently had just randomly fell over last night .just interested to know what could have caused it fall over and was not top or leaning and still seemed healthy.we had to cut one of the smaller roots slightly to get a fence panel in but it’s unlikely to be that as that was done earlier in the year and never seemed to affect it
  10. Not sure if the laurels were recently bought but would suspect the roots are not fully established /came out of small pots .mature shrubs like this can take a while to acclimatise to new spots with more wind etc .These things are usually almost impossible to kill
  11. Did a job last week with small overhanging willow all over the wires .all done with pole saw at longest height.could possibly partly remove limbs then winch them down
  12. If there are 30 loads then the stuff is just full of air and not jumped down much or squashed.green bin would be an idea . Also when it’s on floor piled up it’s easy to mince stuff with a hedge cutter and just turn it over a few times .
  13. Could always just keep a compost loo in van for when it’s needed .I made one a while ago with a compostable bag so the whole thing could just be chucked in bushes if it was a no2 .makes much more sense really compared to traditional methods (flushing away good drinking water ) which now will be in short supply in not so distant future .the system is just a plastering bucket set into a wooden chipboard frame with an opening lid and normal loo seat on the top .its perfectly useable and doesn’t stink like those nasty chemical loos found in caravans
  14. Jack.P

    Tree id

    £10 on Scott pine😆


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