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  1. I have tried various hedge cutter and didn’t really rate hs82 for similar reasons and thought it was bit underpowered for the bulky size/ weight .id say try the HSA86 with ap300 battery has a good weight and powerful enough to chop most stuff .hs45 is ok but I find the power control a bit annoying so cable tied down ! the cordless one would do around 3.5-4 hrs
  2. Flipped a few bikes over lockdown for modest profit mostly as a hobby .had a go on other stuff since then and been let down numerous times so loosing interest .one time waster cost me 200 quid in transport going to collect with loader and came back with no car .lots of people seem to say stuff along the lines of it won’t take much to get it going needs say £20 of parts etc and been offered X amount in scrap I.e 400 .or another is simply scrap car men in disguise trying to move on overpriced old tosh only fit for crusher .lots of con men out for themselves!
  3. I’d have thought trying to resolve it in a polite neighbourly fashion is the best approach if that can work once had a similar problem with a garden that had about a 10M bamboo hedge growing alongside neighbour wall .It came under the wall into next door and the neighbours of the woman got funny about it and threatened with legal action etc .next thing you know I had dug the whole lot out and checked next door for any roots ,seemed like the only way to guarantee nothing will ever return ,installing a root barrier wasn’t really an option there either . if no solution with neighbours is found I’d just keep spraying any new shoots with a strong glyphosate for now.
  4. Is that it then defeated by the ugly conifers.😀 Just chop the lot and hire a chipper
  5. Having read this with interest ,I’d say there is next to no point attempting this and will likely end in regret in one way or another ,if the one highlighted in green is the priority why not go half with the neighbor and just get that one lopped for now .
  6. Probably discussed many times with work gear but I’ve tried many different brands of trousers and there all not quite right for what I wanted and just end up being worn only a few times .Would like some very similar to the husqvarna classic ones in there old style which fit nicely but without the saw protection but still strong and reinforced for hedge cutting strimming etc .also needs lots of easy movement so not asking for much !
  7. Thanks .Yes Surprisingly hard to get good corners and grain etc which match up with design but still not quite right .thinking that I might sand the varnish off and might look a better colour 🤔 or just try another one at some point
  8. Then there are drive through trees as well now for the vegetarians 😁..mac tree trunk
  9. Interested in the debate to know at what point does a coppice become a pollard ? . Willow regrowth always like nice at about 8ft .
  10. I have got some heavy weight glass in there .held in with some strong glue overlapping on the back ,also sanded the overlap section .took ages and since decided it looks too much like pine and don’t like much anymore!
  11. My mtronic all over the place despite attempts to reset etc .sometimes too fast then too slow or hardly goes at all so load of useless shit .I blame it on changing between motomix and unleaded
  12. Better be careful.russians agents be tracking IP address 😂
  13. I guess what I was partly getting at is why it cost about 56p off the boats before any taxes etc .imagine the profit made on a single shipment
  14. I don’t think it runs that well in the car either .probably part of there attempt to phase out older vehicles .some random video the the other week said a gallon of unleaded in Russia is the same price as a litre here so we’re being mugged off again .next in a few months bp etc will be saying they made record profits


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