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  1. Martin du Preez

    Splicing Cambs area

    Where abouts are you? Pretty please I’ve got the same rope
  2. Martin du Preez

    Any clues what this is

    I’m still backing apple
  3. Martin du Preez

    Any clues what this is

    old gnarly bit of apple?
  4. Martin du Preez

    Tree roots and water pipe

    i must also be the exception! i have seen this a fair few times, having worked for a drainage spares firm as a kid probs gives be the inside edge
  5. Martin du Preez

    Tree roots and water pipe

    100 % a possibilty we had the exact same problem. water started coming up in the field so we could pinpoint it, right under some massive poplars. Dug down and the pipe squished underneath roots, it must have applied enough pressure on it to force a stone through the pipe
  6. Martin du Preez

    Wire rope winch on steep slopes

    Look tirfors are great for some heavy lifting when you need it, but for extraction? I'm 24 and end up in a heap after using one for than hour (spent a whole afternoon on mine pulling ash heads out of a moat). way i see it is 3 easy enough options. 1. get them to river/stream and float them to a landing 2. we all love working in the woods but the engine was invented for a reason, set up a red direct pulley and run along the bank. 3. you'll probably like this one. set a pulley head height in a tree on the bank, run a line from the log through the pulley on to level ground, get yourself or make up yourself a 3:1/ 5:1 pulley system, anchor this to a tree then attached to the drag line with a friction hitch(VT, Prussic etc) then pull the system all the way, then once you run out of rope advance the system on the friction hitch and so on. (respect for cutting up dead oak with a handsaw, i was cutting up some petrified oak the other day with chainsaw breaking a sweat) best of luck!
  7. Martin du Preez

    Thorn in knuckle

    . Where that white bump nodule is I had a thorn in there about 7 months ago, still hasn’t gone down. Also had a 200t go though it before which probably didn’t help [emoji23]
  8. Martin du Preez

    How to submit an application for a conservation area

    Quickest way and easiest way is through planning portal which sends the application straight to the intended LA
  9. Martin du Preez

    First SRT (rec) climb

    Sounds like you’re doing well but know you won’t be able to use SRT for the climbing courses, especially climbing and Ariel rescue
  10. Martin du Preez

    Tip Site Near Kelvedon

  11. Martin du Preez

    Tip Site Near Kelvedon

    Give us a shout, nearer Braintree though
  12. Martin du Preez

    Large processor needed

    Out of interest if you don’t my me asking, how much does the splitta 400 set one back?
  13. Martin du Preez

    WANTED: Cherry 'Bars' - Top prices paid

    pm sent
  14. Martin du Preez

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    surely no one does that???? [emoji23]
  15. Martin du Preez

    Why I hate feminism


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