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  1. I’ll try and find a better video later, it’s far better than what’s seen in that. Seems to glide seamlessly. With that pushing tick one can push it about standing up while it’s set up on the ground
  2. Seen some good Stuff here, makes it look like a doddle
  3. Alder is a cracking fire wood to mix in with something like oak. Dries really quickly, lovely to process. Leaves a good charcoal put in the burner aswell
  4. Thank you! this has been really helpful, i Shall give it a go first thing tomorrow
  5. Cheers really appreciate that! yes full did piss out when i removed the carb. I did notice a work rear av mount in the process as well. don't know whether thats caused any other issues. Thanks again though!
  6. Just wanted to pick your guys minds on this. Ms460. Turns over on full choke, Move to half choke, Fires up and then dies instantly. Just take the carb out and cleaned it right up. Same problem. Not much of an expert yet but keen to do it as it was my first saw! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. Man and chipper can be provided, 7 1/2 inch chippers, can take loads back to yard. Based near Braintree. 075800 48803
  8. Tuckwells will sort you out, ardleigh in Colchester are dealers
  9. i write the latin names into my quotes in brackets tends to get me practiced and make me look a tad more like i know what i'm talking about to my customers.
  10. yea i personally feel one should be the same price but at a fraction of the time. after all otherwise you are just spending more money on kit for the customers to reap the rewards/cheaper prices, wouldn't be much incentive of investing.
  11. I’d always would of thought that bigger mechanised kit should mean you charge the same but carry the job out quicker, ie get two jobs done in the same time as one would take another standard gang?
  12. If you can take the timber off site/convince them it’s cheaper to do so which tends to be the case over ringing up. An avant or same sort can be a god send. Less cutting, less sawdust, less fatigued.
  13. Surely “folks” should be terrified of tree quotes? If they are already expecting a high quote they won’t laugh us away when they hear ours? If you have none of the kit how do you know it shouldn’t be thousands? And to the OP, if you haven’t completed a job that size before or often, stick a high quote on it and enjoy it. Nothing takes the fun out of the job quick than knowing you’ve under quoted. Definitely want 3 blokes, one on the lines and one chipping/stacking. And if possible convince the owner to let you take the timber away, rig it straight into a trailer. One day 3 lads takedown, two trucks. one short morning 2 lads grinding/cleanup £1,650 but may be wrong hard to judge from pictures
  14. They stopped manufacturing 880’s earlier this year, husqvarna 3120 and 395. All to do with eu emission rules


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