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  1. Martin du Preez

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Any of you chaps know what this is and the prognosis for the tree, found all the way around an ash, pretty target rich area
  2. Martin du Preez

    Kiln dried hardwood supplier needed Cotswolds

    why do you need both? if you are getting properly seasoned air dried it'll be the same moisture content? always baffles me this
  3. Martin du Preez

    Kiln dried hardwood supplier needed Cotswolds

    What’s wrong with air dried?
  4. Martin du Preez


    I’ll leave this here
  5. Looking for a timber trailer around the 6/7 mark? Anyone know of any going about? And does anyone have any experience with 6-8 tonne eco botex trailer anddd does anyone know any grants for such? TIA
  6. Martin du Preez

    Hedge cutting pricing.

    3 to 4 man days for a 200m hedge? We’re tree surgeons not gardeners [emoji6]
  7. Martin du Preez

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    16%??? If your stoves can’t handle anything up to at least 25% surely you should be looking at the stoves not the logs??? The stove supplier who hands my name out recommends 18-25% and so does the booklet from the manufacturer. I mean obviously I stand to be corrected as that is our trade, just repeating what I’ve been told.
  8. Martin du Preez

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    First let me say I would never let any of my guys climb without someone with rescue on site. However when it comes to it doesn’t phase me. In the end of the day if it’s a serious enough accident to require rescue it’ll most likely be a severed artery... I stand to be corrected but I remember the pass time being capped at 40mins... as long as your groundies keep your ropes tidy self rescue is surely the only way... any worse than that you’re gunna be a gonna anyway
  9. Martin du Preez

    Young tractor drivers?

    Just took the corner to quickly, inexperience. Must admit I used to be a bit of a yob grain carting as a kid but bale chasers still made me nervous when they were coming the other way, but I know they were all always pushed
  10. Martin du Preez

    What are you paying your employees?

    For ground staff £80 if I have to tell them what to do the whole effing time or their brain shuts down. And a £100 when they start telling me what to do [emoji23]
  11. Martin du Preez

    Whats the point of wasps?

    I spent most of last week reducing 12 sycamores, a fair few nests in the garage roofs underneath, couldn’t be more grateful, rather the occasional sting over a mouthful of green flies
  12. Martin du Preez

    Splicing Cambs area

    Where abouts are you? Pretty please I’ve got the same rope
  13. Martin du Preez

    Any clues what this is

    I’m still backing apple
  14. Martin du Preez

    Any clues what this is

    old gnarly bit of apple?


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