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  1. Thanks mate, always the source of all knowledge [emoji108]
  2. Many thanks to all for that [emoji108] I guess with the smart winch one would have to keep a big stein block for chogging the stem down
  3. Yea that’s the only thing that I want to check before I move forward, I wish suppliers were more detailed online!
  4. Many thanks, it’s the rating of the bollards I’m after, I can’t seem to find them anywhere
  5. i'm on the same set up but with the older shape but i use a notch quickie to attached the tether to the zigzag. put the pin through both the zigzag and tether. no sit back for me
  6. i used to think that, but i find it significantly easier doing reductions on srt. one can rub against and redirect of as many branches as possible and still have a frictionless system. also the ability to drop down and work the crown from the outside
  7. i use the metal husky mesh one with the bronze tinge. helps block the sun. i find the black plastic ones make me blind against direct sunlight
  8. Hi all i'm hoping someone can be of help. I'm weighing up which device we want, grcs or smart winch. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions? Also i have been trawling the internet looking for the swl of both devices, on the winch and more importantly on the bollard. it's a lot of money and i'm wanting to get the right device. TIA
  9. Had a “local tree warden” ask me to “reduce” her 12 Lombardy poplars from 80ft to 20ft. She said she didn’t need permission even though it was a conservation area because they were polars ahaha. Safe to say I didn’t do it
  10. I used a isc rope grab for years, on art positioner now (way better). I use a thick steel core flip line (I used to have a honey Bros one, can’t remember what I have now) you do get thinner ones which are more rope like (one of my lads has got one, black and yellow, it’s shit). Make sure you lean into the tree when you flick it up, make sure you have your hands each side on the line not hugging the tree. Trust your kit, I’ve gaffed out loads of times, never go far. If you get shaky at the top on a narrow stem put a carabiner over both sides to choke it. With the struggling to get it around the tree you can flick it around with a heavy snap hook quite easily but tbf I get a groundie to pass it to me. With the leaning stems it just comes with time they are awkward. All takes time, and it’ll feel second nature before you know it.
  11. You can reduce maiden ones or well managed ones. But as mark said that’s been butchered. Loads of leggy uprights, won’t be an easy climb at all. In fact that looks horrible. You won’t gain much by reducing what’s left in my opinion. The frame works been buggered. And yes I hate to say it but I’d fell it and replace with another eucy (I love them) and manage appropriately. Just my two pence. It can of course still be reduced but from my experience that won’t be an easy afternoon
  12. worse when you're out on the piss on a saturday night circa 7pm. 'yea no worries i'll see you at 9am'.
  13. Shouldn’t really tow anything above 60 though? I don’t know, 4x4 is great but if I didn’t have my 4x4 and tipper trailer I would still stick with the 3.5t van any day with capacity
  14. ahahha no, don't get too excited


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