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  1. That sounds like a good set up! Would be nice to drag a hooka lift trailer or something of the sort behind it
  2. I’m sick and tired of the stress of running over weight transits, it’s not fair on the lads either to expect them to do so. Planning on getting a 10 or 12 tonner with a hiab, the only thing that I’m just finding impossible to find out is how much can I tow behind a say a 12 lorry?? Thanks in advance
  3. Ct foot ascender is the best there is in my opinion, couple that with a haas ascender for longer ascents. Rope wrench on my zigzag. I use a tape sling with an accessory carabiner as a chest tether. Canopy anchors allow you to achieve a more static line, I use drenaline
  4. Cutting, splitting on a horizontal splitter and filling cages 2 blokes do 10 cube a day, 8inch logs. 1 bloke 6/7 cube
  5. As far as another team goes, get them out a few days if the week with a subbie, build from there. Never back off your prices , you’d till want to be getting at least £900 a day for 3 blokes. Build it up, it sounds like you’ve got the perfect set up with a brother and a good mate that you can trust, I assure you that that will be all the stress dealt with
  6. I think what people are trying to tell you about the chipper is that it increases productivity and thus the hourly rate. The more efficient the site is the more work you can get cleared and the less lads that you have. Snedding is a ball ache and takes time, you end up with an extra lad. We’ve got an 8inch Jensen and it runs absolute laps around a 150 of which it’s work alongside. You get leylandii to the rollers and it’s gone, thorn and fruit wood no problem. Saves us heaps of time and is still what I would consider a small chipper. I’ve used 150’s quite a lot and I can assure you that a bigger and better chipper is worth it. Even for reductions with 2 blokes
  7. i Ping a picture of the stump with my foot next to it to my bloke and he gives me a contractors price and i add my margin on. if its a full dayits £400/450 from him. i dont know if thats to high or low as i've only ever used him
  8. I would say that’s pretty lucrative.... I know two contractors around my way in north Essex which just do stumps and they charge £400-450 a day...
  9. The only difference in between air dried and kiln dried is that a supplier can create a finished product in 2 weeks not a year plus. it is not better at all, its the same thing. just some have space to air dry and some don't depending on volume of sales as well
  10. 4:1 gap ratio, make sure that the slays and gaps are vertical on horizontal. You will have to leave one long side open for access into the bays, will be a nightmare without. Will also speed up drying. Slope the roof down to the open side. I’ll get a picture of mine later, on a nice windy exposes spot. Gets most timbers down to 15% in 6 months
  11. If you want to build yourself a good name, don't buy from travis perkins, find an actual fencing supplier, their uc4 is horrendous. you will also save yourself a bit of money. Augers are brilliant but on diggers, anything smaller and they are only quick in soft ground which a lad could dig with a set of spoons and go through hardcore and roots which little handheld ones wont.
  12. £150 plus vat per bay for concrete post and panel. £80-85 plus vat per m for construct close board fence.
  13. I disagree, we win the majority contradicting the customers spec, they trust us. I personally don’t find it difficult. The only exception is commercial works, then yea it’s reduction time with a 460. We do a few McDonald’s in London and they want all the tress turned into squares, definitely a day to leave the sign written clothing in the van aha


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