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  1. MS261-C (m-tronic) Hot -won't - Start

    Fuel solenoid, mine does it occasionally, if you're feeling brave and strong just drop started it with finger on throttle
  2. enhanced solar drying

    yea thats the one, you get the agricultural ones for sheep and pigs but i assume they are built with shade in mind, maybe a frame and some thick heavy sheeting
  3. How do you pick up firewood

    Well I'll happily take your hand me downs when you get one [emoji23] out of interest how much would a 5 tonne trailer like yours cost second hand? I've got a tractor that would drag it no problem
  4. How do you pick up firewood

    At the moment hand ball it into the back off a muck trailer, the things I'd do for a 5 tonne timber trailer!
  5. enhanced solar drying

    Sounds good that! Well thought through, you can get massive Ones 45ft by 65ft for about 4 grand or less. Wish my staff were as motivated and intuitive as you !
  6. Come on then own up, whats your record?

    i had the same with my 661, but was cutting disks off an ash stump with a 36 inch, dont know what happened but eh saw snatched so hard i caught my trigger finger on what may have been the on off switch and opened it right up, pissing blood everywhere at the time i had a heart attack thought id made contact with the chain aha
  7. what logs have you been chopping today!

    i'd certainly say its fast enough for commercial use with a good operator, to put it like this i wasn't prepared for this winter at all taking on two new wood burner company's who recommended me and i managed to churn out 300 ish cube, after work, at night
  8. what logs have you been chopping today!

    yes i would!! great value, perfect height, vertical and horizontal, road legal, easy to bypass the double handed safety bolloucks. downside is that the 4 way splitter that comes with it is made of chocolate but repaired it and strengthened it. also customer service is an absolute joke. it came with a wheel well on the piss, they told me we basically didn't know what we were talking about and the mud guard was out and if we wanted it fixed we'd have to organise and pay for shipping back to them and if they decided it was their fault they'd refund the shipping. Having said that i'd buy one again !!!
  9. Auto Return Splitter

    yea but we split ours crazy small. its what people love and its what the stove fitters told us to do for their customers also drys alot quicker just takes a bit more time. i did some larger 15 inch longs the other day and it was soul destroying how much quicker it was. tbh it just sounds like you need to get a big processor, tajifun 480?
  10. Auto Return Splitter

    hmmm fair enough ive got a rock machinery splitter, it auto returns cant say that helps much though, can fill a ibc cage every 30 with two people. have you thought about splitting into billets then through a saw bench?
  11. Auto Return Splitter

    shouldnt you be after a processor?
  12. Auto Return Splitter

    what are you processing? arb waste?
  13. Time to call it a day ?

    Don't worry bud, every tree surgeon in my area went hell quiet for a few weeks, but its picking up now ! i reckon it was all the shit weather put people off going out into their gardens to assess what needs doing !!! just try and find a side business for the slow times, i find fencing is ideal just effing boring
  14. Climber needed

    yea where abouts ?
  15. What type of wood is best for firewood?

    Thank you!!!!! I've got two stove fitters that recommend me to their customers and they both them selves recommend a mix of hard and soft as long as it's seasoned! Green ash will soon eff your chimney up !


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