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  1. Martin du Preez

    Need images of tipped wood

  2. Martin du Preez

    Chestnut post and rail.

    Try the uk fencing talk page on fb
  3. Martin du Preez

    Stock Barn

  4. Martin du Preez

    Looking for Ground staff, Braintree

    Looking for reliable ground staff, tickets and experience would be ideal but not essential, happy to take someone on out of college as long as they can tie their own shoelaces. Good mixture of work from domestic, commercial to woodland management. based in between Braintree and Haverhill Contact Martin on 075800 48803 Falcon Tree Specialists https://www.facebook.com/FalconTreeSpecialists/?ref=settings
  5. Martin du Preez

    Saw milling directory

    Martin du Preez Falcon Tree Specialists Covering Essex, Herts, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire Alaskan Chainsaw mill up to 64 inches Avant can be provided at extra cost 07580048803
  6. Martin du Preez

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    I run a Mf 3060, mainly with a 6 tonne timber trailer and all I can say is I can’t wait to upgrade to something that actually goes in 4th gear and doesn’t get over taken by cyclists. I think a tractors well worth the investment so spending a bit more that 6k would be a thought. You’d really want something that goes 50kph, it doesn’t sound like much but there’s a big difference between 40 and 50 on the roads
  7. Martin du Preez

    Today's milling

    Would lengths of 4x1 be ok as spacers? Does it matter if they’ve been treated? Got loads of off cuts from my last barn. Tia
  8. Martin du Preez

    Today's milling

    It’s was the final excuse I needed to get a mill, too heavy to pick up with a telehandler to stash at home and forget about. 13/15 ft long
  9. Martin du Preez

    Today's milling

    First time using the 64inch panther mill, intact first time milling ever, Addicted already. Any tips for storing the timber? 3inch oak slabs
  10. Martin du Preez

    Possibly Pseudotrametes?

    Phellinus Igniarius?
  11. Martin du Preez

    Isa Certification vs level 4 Arboriculture

    would is be over ambitious for me to just jump straight to level 4 having nothing beforehand? i reckon i have a decent understanding and got an A in biology for A levels, half of which is plants if that means anything
  12. Martin du Preez

    Rigging and climbing equipment supplier

    Doubt they have much of a site yet, But Jay(If i remember his name) in there is a top lad, knows his stuff, he used to run the BTS shop
  13. Martin du Preez

    Rigging and climbing equipment supplier

    Tuckwells in ardleigh by colchester
  14. Martin du Preez

    Poorly Horse Chestnut Tree

    The leaves browning is leaf miner. Pretty much every horse chestnut in the country has it, shouldn't be of concern. Maybe a good crown reduction to keep its size in check and potentially bracing if you are concerned about the union. Best bet is to get a tree surgeon out to give you their opinion.


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