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  1. Martin du Preez

    Stolen timberwolf recovered in Essex

    i meant they'll be out to replace the chipper they just lost
  2. Martin du Preez

    Natural Screens...

    Even if they look a bit exotic it doesn’t make it a bad choice in design? If it’s around a lake with a bathing spot etc, probably going to used mainly in summer so the likes of bamboo and laurel could be a welcome exotic addition? We always sneak into the old chalk pit lakes in summer and the main point of them is that they make you feel you are somewhere other than England
  3. Martin du Preez

    Stolen timberwolf recovered in Essex

    Well I guess that means they’ll be back out tonight looking for another set up
  4. Martin du Preez

    Greenheart pile removal

    that has to be one of the most interesting videos that i have ever watched. the things i would do to own that company!
  5. Martin du Preez

    Grounds Technician (Arborist) required

    my youngest most inexperienced groundie gets paid more or less the same as that and i have to tie his shoe laces, get him out of bed and more times than i like buy his lunch ahaha
  6. Martin du Preez

    Any second hand 880's for sale?

    As title says, looking for an 880 preferably in the essex/suffolk area, TIA
  7. Martin du Preez

    small scale processing

    Especially if you are handling decent size cord wood which can go through a 4 way splitter. And with 50 cm logs you would probably do all 15cube in a day
  8. Martin du Preez

    small scale processing

    A swinging saw horse and a decent hydraulic splitter would do you for 15 cube a year of you really wanted to make your life easier. I’ve use a cone splitter and they are a pain in the arse/lethal on long lengths of wood. If all the timber is ringed up with two chaps on the splitter, one on the levers and one handling the wood through the wedge I’ve turned out 10 ibc cages in a long day
  9. Martin du Preez

    Heave / subsidence from oak on clay soil

    If everyone thought that way we’d have no trees left and unfortunately it’s starting to become a trend. Is not worth trying to keep and maintain the tree? A good reduction every 4/5 years work out to 150ish a year to keep what looks like a glorious tree, and being in London not many of them left!
  10. Martin du Preez

    Anyone done hit and miss boarding on a shed?

    I used 4x1 with 2 inch spacings. With the back of the shed backing on to a row of hornbeams and the opening facing the prevailing winds only one side is subjected to driving rain. Not a great deal gets through and if you stack it right up it’s only the end logs which will soon dry out with the rain
  11. Martin du Preez

    Land Cruiser knowledge

    I had a lc4 2004. I’ve towed 4/5 tonne behind it on a tri axle trailer and it’s was a beaut. However the rear differential on the lc4 was a joke. About the size of a saucer as I found out drifting it in the snow. Rust has started to creep though underneath and it is one thirsty girl
  12. Martin du Preez

    Cypress and horses?

    Any seed pods from acers are poisonous to horses, same goes for acorns and over indulging in sweet chest nuts. The other ones are yew and laurels. Conifers absolutely fine, some just dislike it if it’s really sappy as it can stick to the rugs. Horsey women are well know to me the most difficult breed of cattle so do as they please [emoji23]
  13. Martin du Preez

    Whats your least favourite tree to climb and why?

    I don't mind any takedowns but reducing walnut and chestnuts has the lads stepping on tiptoes around me incase i have a meltdown
  14. Martin du Preez

    Estimated quantity of logs from tree sugury

    Always looks like far more timber when its standing. Tbh if you wanted to log everything over say 4 inch instead of chipping the additional cost wouldn't justify you keeping it. If it fits in the chipper it goes, Rings left. How comes they left the chip on site in bags?
  15. Martin du Preez

    Arb Body

    Did you add barn doors?


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