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  1. Many thanks, appreciate it, would be a beer token in it that’s for sure being that local
  2. Hi there I’m in Wethersfield so just down the road, got a 72 inch mill on a 880. Give me a call on 075880048803, I can come and have a look on my way home if suited.
  3. We’ve got a rock machinery 22t splitter for arb waste. I’ve had it coming on 5 years now. Probably done roughly 1000 cubic metres of crap. Cost peanuts compared to others, few replacements here and there but nothing drastic. For the value I’d buy again that’s for sure
  4. This tickled me [emoji23]
  5. Up to you mate but I’d rather be in my box than 70ft up a tree with a 4mm left of my rope suspending. Can’t teach stupid
  6. Phils got his updated to hgv, I think it would nearly be over weight if not
  7. Just for the firms in my area still charging the same rate bottom end rates. We go out for roughly £300 per man per day and £150 for the chipper. £150 for additional vehicular and £400 for a digger given the right situation. These prices will have vat added on top. We win 90% of our work. No matter how low your overheads are going out 550 a day for 2 blokes is backwards. Owner operators never realise that they must also take a pay as well as the business. There would be very little room for sustainable profit if you were not onsite and employing two others…
  8. I don’t think I’d ever go back to manual in a truck or big vehicle, far too much work. Your trailer brakes should be doing most of the work anyway for the added load. The auto engine brake themselves, I wouldn’t have it any other way
  9. Why would you sell by weight? Surely the wetter the wood the heavier it would be?? What’s ever been wrong with cubic volume?
  10. This does annoy me greatly. What also annoys me greatly and I would live some one to clear this up as it’s the same topic of TO’s bending rules. For a few district councils when I place my notice of intent on the planning portal, about 2-3 weeks after that date I get an email from the LA saying they have received the app and I have 6 weeks from starting from the date on the email?? Surely not??
  11. Just get a new shape Navarra and be done with it Roy. I’ve driven both extensively, Nissan takes it for me. Far more reliable mind you, heard plenty of horror story’s about the ranger
  12. Thanks mate, always the source of all knowledge [emoji108]
  13. Many thanks to all for that [emoji108] I guess with the smart winch one would have to keep a big stein block for chogging the stem down


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