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  1. Furthermore, most the so called “kiln dried” logs I’ve seen or checked is over 20% and even advertised as such. They it’s for the better for the environment but all this is going to result in is people imported kiln dried from Eastern Europe, what about that carbon footprint and for what imagine the majority of which is unsustainably sourced.
  2. I’m with you 100%. The only benefit of kiln dried wood is to the supplier. RHI and the ability to turn a load of green timber into a ready product in a short turn around. I’ve pulled plenty of air dried logs out my barn at 15% and lower. The perception that “kiln dried” is better is a load of BS. As soon as the customer stacks their kiln dried logs in their outdoor log store they suck up the moisture in the air regardless.
  3. Falcon Tree Specialists is looking for climbers near Braintree/Dunmow. Must have Trailer License, at least 5 years experience, All relevant tickets and be able to perform reductions to a high level. Friendly firm with a Good mixture of work ranging from the domestic rural setting, site clearance and little to none street trees. You will always be accompanied by at least one member of staff with ariel rescue who regularly climbs. Always a pint/pints after big jobs well until the pubs are open around the bonfire. Please email your CV to info@falcontreespecialists.co.uk or call me on 07580048803/ 01371 829729 Kind regards, Martin du Preez https://www.facebook.com/FalconTreeSpecialists Local Tree Surgeons | Falcon Tree Specialists | Braintree Essex WWW.FALCONTREESPECIALISTS.CO.UK Falcon Tree Specialists based near Braintree in Essex, are experienced tree surgeons, specialists in Tree Surgery, Woodland Management, Seasoned Firewood, Woodchip...
  4. Thanks Matthew, Yes 150kg sounds like the better option. North Essex/Suffolk and around me is predominantly sand or clay. I just like the idea of how versatile the digger can be. Do you know what piping needs to be in the digger for the set up? its got hammer lines and aux by the look of it
  5. I'm looking at getting a P18 like yours Matthew, It will be going on a 2.7 tonne CAT, What weight would you guys recommend for that? will be mainly got banging in squaresawn post and rail? TIA
  6. This has made most rigging an absolute pleasure, so simple to set up. One can use the ring, or pass the loop through the for a pulley block.
  7. Isc small block and a 14mm sirus rope covers most with a tree runner 500 bollard. Isc swing cheek pulleys come in handy for lighter rigging or re directs. Rings really are the way forward though, easy to set up, cheaper, put more friction into the system. Best bit of kit is an old climbing line and a fork for light rigging! If you’re starting up i’d just buy it as you need it
  8. Treat yourself and get makita, last a life time, batteries are amazing, most of their other tools are top notch , I wouldn’t bother getting cheap orbitals if you think chainsaws are tough on the hands.
  9. Jensen held up well, imagine if that had been a tw 230. Glad everyone’s ok!
  10. 391 won’t pull a 36inch bar through oak or it’ll seriously struggle
  11. Google ‘beam cutters’ Prazi USA - Blades - Beam Cutter for 7-1/4 Inch Worm Drive Saws M.EBAY.CO.UK The vertical foot-plate and built-in sight allow smooth, exact square cuts and ensures gliding manageability while cutting perfectly straight lines. With a 12 in. Quick & Easy Installation - 60 Second Installation, Installs with Three Bolts (included), No Need to Remove Any Saw Parts.
  12. You'll pull the bricks out, no way would i recommend that. I'd soon rather climb it and dismantle. just get a ground anchor, a metal plate with some pins smashed in and a shackle


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