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  1. Pulled the 54mm cylinder off being someone wanted it worse then me 83cc. Sold with 1 ring NOS piston. Rarer 2 ring NOS piston back on shelf. 50mm quad port 71cc going in it's place. Being someone wanted the whole saw that way.
  2. Cut4fun

    Orange makita

    Still blue over there? They went to makita name on the dolmars saws with dolmar colors a few years ago here. My ole blue one when makita was still blue. Then updated to the newer black covers when came out with prefilter in them.
  3. Cut4fun

    Echo 70cc+

    Is that the little light weight 2500 battery top handle one? I posted a thread on it about a week ago. Some video out there of folks running them.
  4. Cut4fun

    Echo 70cc+

    Nothing here yet. Just that they have been for sale across the pond now.
  5. Cut4fun

    Echo 70cc+

    Anything yet?
  6. Stihl plastic cases saws bar studs same way. Had to fix many. They even sell a oversize stud for fix.
  7. Yep 555 560 562 575 25 14-01
  8. Cut4fun

    GB Bars

    Friend runs a 44" and 60" and they are some heavy duty bars and the weight to prove it. Love working on his woods ported 3120 with unlimited coil and H side carb.
  9. Cut4fun


    Orange top cover clips, no primer, 45cc Grey clips, primer, 50cc Some of the NE 346 50cc did come with orange clutch covers too. So not a 100% sure fire tell tell. One dealer that sent me this one had like 5 come in with orange covers. NE 50cc pic
  10. Never really left. Just changed hands 2014. Did leave the US market though. Always been abroad. The end of Solo CHAINSAWREPAIR.CREATEAFORUM.COM The end of Solo
  11. Info on the 400 with mag piston Re: Stihl 400 MS400 C CHAINSAWREPAIR.CREATEAFORUM.COM Re: Stihl 400 MS400 C
  12. Pferd makes them for stihl if you want to save some $. Pferd ones are blue. PFERD Chain Saw Files & Accessories - CHAIN SHARP® CS-X - CHAIN SHARP CS-X WWW.PFERDUSA.COM
  13. Cut4fun

    Tanaka 7201

    Looks like a copy of the stihl 381 or 380 72.2cc


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