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  1. I see folks here have no clue of the used saw parts market. Big $$$ in it. 😄😅 I ship parts to UK, Aussie, Japan, Finland, etc etc. Kaching.
  2. Hey you missed some. Now clean them good LMAO. 🤦‍♂️ Few more parts saws to clean there Becky. 😅
  3. 98.52cc I rebuilt a bunch of those for a local. Here is a nicer one. Then some I redid. Think he had around 12 at one time.
  4. Now this one looked good. Not stock cc either with stroked crank, wiseco piston etc.
  5. You said over 100cc. 2100 not over 98.52cc - Just teasing ya. Missing 1 84 in pic and 2 3120 I had too.
  6. Used for pressed pins that dont have circlip pistons. Wrist pin is pressed into and out of rod end.
  7. So you clean all your parts saws. What a laugh. Wasted time. Saw getting stripped for parts. 😅
  8. Ever heard of a parts saw. All parts getting stripped from saw to sell. Some went on other saws. So who gives a fly crap what gets down in there. But if you want to volunteer to clean my parts saws be my guest. 😄
  9. How many use this tool for old school piston removals? Guy in my FB group designed it. IMO better then the OEM one they had.
  10. Cut4fun

    592 585

    You guys didnt catch the differences in 85 92?
  11. Cut4fun

    592 585

    The unveiling of 90cc chainsaws: Introducing new Husqvarna 592 XP® and 585
  12. We get the ones like on box pic. Overseas guys seem to get the smaller spikes. I wonder why that is.
  13. One I owned back in 2005 or so Makita 7901. Woods ported with fingers in rear of cylinder by the late Dave Neiger RIP. Big Dave Back then they oiled 32" fine. I heard later on they started getting stingy oiling.


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