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  1. Might be worth a read. http://chainsawrepair.createaforum.com/husqvarna/50-husky/
  2. Have you put in a new carb kit yet? Dias get stiff and wont pump or flow. Try 1.25 to 1.5 turns out on your L side. IMO maybe try 1.25 on H to be on safe side till you figure out where you are. So not to be to lean. JMO One I had got for dad.
  3. I had a older Tsu bar 37" 119dl (sold as 36") that came off a guys 2095 that ran it hard. It was still a great bar for me and then traded to a guy later to be used on his mill set up. Notice the ole tip was 6 rivet.
  4. I was looking at one of my Oregon bars with that cut at back and wondered if that tail mount cut would help those longer sugi bars breaking and cracking. You might be onto something to save folks bars.
  5. Thats the break I was talking about. Cracks at mount area or right off like those.
  6. So you guys breaking the sugi LW bars over there? Been seeing some posted over the years and now a video. I like the Tsu bars myself. Dealer told me he sees way less Tsu breaking compared to what he called common problem with the sugi LW bars.
  7. Jason Egan is porting the 462 and 572 for loggers. The 572 seems alittle ahead with its long stroke it has. Sound real good. I want 1 of each still to try. But I keep buying used 😂 so keep spending the saw $ up. 2 more today. Jonsered 2163 and a 490. P+C in both like new still.
  8. some that were worse.
  9. Thats a easy one. I wont use acid anymore. My 3 step plan and 3 is a fresh crosshatching. Not needed. But I feel it helped in my racesaw rebuild so I do it in work saws now too. Remove with flapper, check by hand with emery clothe. Crosshatch. #3 not needed like I said.
  10. Measure your bore if you can clean it up. That way you can make sure on 44mm or not. http://s30387.gridserver.com/partsDiagrams/Husqvarna 50 Special.pdf
  11. Bet your cylinder could be cleaned up and just use a piston kit.
  12. Cut4fun

    Echo 70cc+

    Just wait to see the cost of that injector replacement in the ms500i. Have you had to do one even in the demo saw yet? $$$
  13. rim one https://www.ebay.com/itm/Partner-Farmer-F55-F55A-F65-Sprocket-Drum-Chainsaw-OEM/264185612917?hash=item3d82b08a75:g:bjsAAOSwhzhb7Mit Look at this oregon # shown here on new ones https://www.ebay.com/itm/partner-55-clutch-drum/273357287599?hash=item3fa55d30af:g:-WcAAOSwIeFbS2Vh&frcectupt=true rim one https://www.ebay.com/itm/partner-55-clutch-drum/273357287599?hash=item3fa55d30af:g:-WcAAOSwIeFbS2Vh&frcectupt=true rim one https://www.ebay.com/itm/CLUTCH-DRUM-FOR-PARTNER-CHAINSAW-F65-BOX-211-Z/362471268016?hash=item5464f89eb0:g:SlMAAOSw46Fb1BKQ:sc:USPSFirstClass!44833!US!-1&frcectupt=true
  14. LOL guess he dont want the one I have on hand. No biggie. Later Heck R.D. is right here in my state and I dont buy from him myself. He thinks everything is made of gold. 🤣
  15. I had a P550 too. You just want the clutch drum part number? Pretty sure 55 65 70 7000 650 550 all the same for drum use. Thread http://chainsawrepair.createaforum.com/partner/partner-550-p70-7000/


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