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  1. dancana

    Husky vs Stihl

    send me one quick please cut4fun!!
  2. dancana

    Husky vs Stihl

    Apologies for the spelling and punctuation !
  3. dancana

    Husky vs Stihl

    ooh, grinding fins ! Thank you stubby for the info and mild saw porn, think ill have a look for a second hand 4 series stihl . Cheers everyone and stay safe
  4. dancana

    Husky vs Stihl

    Appreciate the input , but is the 462 really £200 better than a 365xp? That's a couple of biners and a zig zag right there
  5. dancana

    Husky vs Stihl

    Hi guy's , I'm looking for a saw around 70cc , I want to stop using both my poor old 036 and replace an old 365 with one good saw. have been looking at the 462 and 365xp the only big difference I can see is the £200 price difference from Jonesie. I have to say I usually always pick Stihl but that's a big saving ! Any help would be appreciated . Dan
  6. Hi essential , do you still have those spikes for sale bud?


  7. dancana

    wadebridge school

    Must get in contact before coming anywhere near site do to H+S and Safeguarding. 07971372670 Dan
  8. Hi, would be interested in the bashlin's could do with some pics and a price if poss please htb

    1. htb


      Let me know your e-mail address and i will take some pics, I am at home tonight then working away from home for the rest of the week.


    2. dancana
    3. dancana


      Did you send me any pictures bud?

  9. dancana


    htb, would be interested for sure, is it allowed to contact through here or shall I put my mobile number/email up? Cheers for all the advice guy's
  10. dancana


    Hi Guy's , I've finally decided to get rid of my Klein spikes and am really looking for any recommendations on what to replace them with up to about £250. Cheers all and stay safe and busy in these winds Dan
  11. dancana

    gaffs !

    cool beans ! I wont be able to hide very far away, as my gaffs are blunt so wont be able to hide in any trees! Oh, and you will have my address and phone number coz ill text you in a bit!! Thanks again monkeybusiness,yours dan.
  12. dancana

    gaffs !

    yes please mate that would be spot on cheers ! how do we go from here? cheers Dan.
  13. dancana

    gaffs !

    If you can find them ill have them please,then maybe ill look for some longs to try out,not sure where to start on price maybe £15.00+ postage? Ill have my fingers crossed you can find them!Thanks for the advice too your a legend,nice to know there is still good people out there!Ill loggin ha loggin again tomorrow eve to check it out,cheers !
  14. dancana

    gaffs !

    Hi monkeybusiness, I think mine are short,what would you recommend, and how much are you looking a set?
  15. dancana

    gaffs !

    Ha Ha ! I got them very cheap in a job lot of climbing kit,I get on very well with them,they are comfy ,dont rub at all.The ony thing i do find is that they have to be very tight when you put them on as they can slip off the boot sole when manovering in trees(not so good )! Thanks for your reply oldmilltrees but Im really looking for at least one set of good second hands as to buy from across the pond is ridiculous money,but i will check the ads on the right too,cheers


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