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  1. Esarco 8x8 / SS300 all terrain vehicle (ATV) WWW.ALLISONS.ORG Esarco 8x8
  2. An Esarco as said made as prototypes for MOD. Chassis numberwill be something like Sabateur, normally just behind nearside headlight. Was avaliable as 6x6 or 8x8, front axle steered on both but on the 8 wheeler rear axle steered as well. They weremade with V8 engines, Perkins Phazor engines and 6cyl VM. Transmission was either Auto or manual mated to normal L/R transfer box mated to another L/R transfer box to give 8 wheel drive. Propshafts and radius arms allways. Thing of a 110 transfer suspension on a 110 or 90 and overlap another in between the gaps. They were made as soft tops or crew cabs. IIRC MWD werethe final company involved. Think army went for Supercats etc in the end. They were very interesting to drive on and off the road. Got an article somewhere about them will try and dig it out
  3. htb

    Stihl oil

    I think it does, not so much on bigger saws, but the top handles 200/201 run crap on supermarket stuff.
  4. htb

    Stihl oil

    Sorry. I use non supermaket fuel and Stihl green oil(HP super IIRC). All my saws are non autotune so less fussy.
  5. htb

    Stihl oil

    ditto that. Mind you we were clogging up Elm's last wk 3 70+cc saws in close proximity starts to make your eyes water
  6. htb

    Stihl oil

    approx £19 verses approx £7
  7. htb

    New climbing rope

    Variable as I lengthen and shorten depending on number of wraps/braids. I just buy 10m of cord at a time and make my own tying the ends with fishermans knots cut ends are taped and glued with superglue.
  8. htb

    New climbing rope

    IIRC Hedra is the same as Blue tongue. I run blue tongue with a VT and hitchclimber and 8mm OP and depending on the weather wet or dry I change the number of wraps and braids to get a nice performance from it.
  9. htb

    Jensen a540

    Don' t buy his replacement oil pumps, A friend bought 2 from him and they both went pop and nearly blew engine. Fitted genuine and its been brilliant since
  10. So your near 6k is this yrs tax bill plus a payment in advance for next yrs tax bill. Your tax bill next yr will be reduced by the advance you have already paid its a hurdle you have to get past. I agree the the £3800 seems high.
  11. htb

    Jensen a540

    The other side is cold surely because it is not energised all the time only when needed
  12. htb

    New climbing rope

    Was running blue tongue with spiderjack 2, worked well. Changed to drenaline and it slipped a lot but changing the worn out spiderjack body cured that, to be be fair it was starting to creep on blue tongue as well. Drenaline a bit harder to grip than the B/T but I wear gloves when I climb anyway so not a problem.
  13. Bob you not got a spare one lurking in a container somewhere.


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