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  1. Didn't think KO2 brilliant in the wet, lots of understeer and easy to lock up, compared to grabber at2
  2. htb

    new 372xp problems

    Gone rather quiet. @jarnii
  3. You won't be selling it to me then, tight scot....
  4. Mick, tidy truck, TD5 and RHD is that not a pain over with you, mind you won't be doing much overtaking.
  5. As David says, would go for 15" bar and chain combo. Oregon for both is a good balance on price/quality, stick to 1.5 kerf as more robust for what you are doing. Personally I use full chisel 21LPX others prefer semi 21BPX when the wood is a bit dirtier, I would check these are compatable with your Stihl easyfile as I don't know as only use a file.
  6. Remember doing it with a Mk2 Jag. Started it up warmed it up. Lifted it up on trolley jack, into gear, mate lowered jack and away you go, took a good few miles of driving to free it off.
  7. Other advantage of 3/8 over 325 is can get the larger felling bar easier into the back cut. That is if you use on or use wedges. I know some with 325 widen back cut to allow this but it another cut.
  8. htb

    new 372xp problems

    That's what's crossing my mind.
  9. Majority of saws running on the same chain, one less reel to buy.
  10. htb

    new 372xp problems

    Any pictures of saw or its ID plate, should be beside the oil tank filler
  11. At least its not got a large rootplate like Sitka or Beech can have.
  12. Lack of Calcium, causes that.


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