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  1. Deff duck from the flack incoming from the wee krankie's supporters.
  2. Least they would not be Iron deficient.
  3. Bolt, you must be of a similar era to myself.
  4. Type c's up here although its cooler. We just wear C's on ground and climbing either pfanners or hi flex type( similar to your arbrotec). They are a lot better than the old Oregon type C or the Stihl kneeflex, they were awfull, but we survived, showing my age. To be honest when climbing I don't notice the weight what with all the other clobber. I know its different where you are as its quite a bit warmer in the summer and would prob go with type A when its too warm.
  5. www.lancasshiresportsrepairs.co.uk 01282439109 did my haix resole for me
  6. What make and model of trousers are you using at the moment. Some may say man up. lol
  7. Burn't contacts if its drawing too much power and blowing the fuse, 25 amp is a fair fuse. The switch only connects to the no stress unit and then the forward reverse solenoids, but they do not draw much power, on my 150 anyway. Could tag into timberwolf as they are normally helpful. @Timberwolf Official
  8. Whats going wrong with the switch they are pretty robust, just they don't like water in them. Is the gland nut on the cable present and intact.
  9. If you are thinking of connecting it to an existing central heating look at Heating Innovations homepage WWW.H2PANEL.CO.UK Allows either of the heat sources to work independently or in conjunction. Had ours working with no problems, Rayburn and a condensing boiler.
  10. htb

    Porting chainsaw

    That's what he said, he was old enough then as I am now. I have no reason to doubt him as I used to do a lot of work with him, he has now retired, though the mog still features on here.
  11. htb

    Porting chainsaw

    Know someone that insured their mog with them as a mobile crane.
  12. Never happen, without a lot of evolution and Darwin awards


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