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  1. Sterident, In laws used to use it on my thermos, only black coffee in it so does not bother me, survived so far.
  2. Nothing wrong with conifer, we burn tons of it each year, all goes in shed with hardwood, lucky dip what comes out. Put in 3 wood burners and a Rayburn, no problems over last 25yrs, before that used to hardwood only as that was what was available to us, got over that now. As has been said many times wood burns water doesn't.
  3. Pretty much all freshly cut wood soft/hardwood from Arb sources will be fresh/green/wet, all the dry stuff we keep for our own uses.
  4. htb

    Sthil 028

    All the bits are available on Ebay, quality variable. What bits were you after?
  5. Mick sorry to disagree, never liked Steve Wright, was one of the few I changed stations for.
  6. No idea re costs, I just pay it. When we started we just had PL for ourselves and winged it on larger jobs with extra bodies on site. As times moved on for bigger more pernickety customers who were more likely to ask awkward questions we started having EL and continued since, also gives peace of mind. Never bothered with equipment or hired in plant insurance as we are of a certain age and where you live and work.
  7. Wife and myself have always run as a partnership and both covered under PL, now have EL as well due to bringing in more labour to help out as we are getting older, let the young take up the slack.
  8. North Dorset at a guess.
  9. Still climbing 2-3 days a week. Mind you I ache a bit afterwards.
  10. No point for me 60 on friday.....
  11. htb

    File size

    If you think about your 201 its running 3/8 chain but its not needing a 7/32 file.
  12. Can you post pics and dimensions of the seal. Internal/external diameter and thickness.
  13. For a grand a tree, I will come down from Aberdeenshire and do them. Can you post some pictures to give us an idea, apologies if you have already posted pics
  14. A pleasant 19 in Aberdeenshire but winds is a bit of a pain.


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