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  1. htb

    Echo 2511 woes?

    Midges about tonight
  2. htb

    B license towing...

    Simon, By the letter of the law No you would not be done, but some plods do not understand the law, therein lies the problem
  3. htb

    Kit Checks

    S/J 2.1 drenaline and pulleysaver. Should retire from climbing but enjoy it, just cant do it every day, 3 days a week climbing is enough. Haas and foot ascender.
  4. htb

    Kit Checks

    Cheers, your on much the same trees as myself. Just questioning if shout go srt to make life easier at 56 going on 57.
  5. htb

    Kit Checks

    Still on my 2.1 but getting worn thinking of changing. Is it worth changing to a S/J 3, stay on a new 2.1, change to zigzag or go srt
  6. htb

    Brother arborists - Stolen Ford Transit

    Think E-bay is your friend for that.
  7. htb


    Very tempting. Nice new H12 for £250 at present.
  8. htb

    Foot Ascender Recommendation

    My pantin, just fits on with my spikes, straps could do with being slightly longer, but then got size 11 feet. Gecko alloy spikes and leather foot straps.
  9. htb

    Foot Ascender Recommendation

    Take it off as the ascender is rising up the rope, if that makes sense
  10. htb

    Ifor williams sides

    Job done, just to agree a price
  11. htb

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    He removed the cat because he is a rebel
  12. htb

    Beech saw log wanted

    Left 2 6m Beech monoliths standing as wildlife habitats in Aberdeen as could not be arsed dragging them home, they were about 5ft across. One had rot in it the other sound.
  13. htb

    Petzl Knee Ascent System

    IIRC expensive for what it is, buy a HAAS instead
  14. htb

    which rope with pulleysaver?

    Drenaline slaice falls through mine


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