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  1. Pump as they supposedly comply with trading standards and weights and measures regs.
  2. Buy some timber tongs/ pulp hooks then they take the wear.
  3. Came off gumtree £450, only 40 miles away, better than the portable ones. Picked up last night, took to bits to check over (cos I'm like that), back together now planing with it
  4. Just bought a 10" sedgwick planer thicknesser. Does anyone have a manual for it or a copy of it that they could send me. Does anyone know of a fence for it as it was missing. Thanks
  5. htb

    rising costs

    Its all about choices, we had a large Ash stem to fell last week could maybe of felled it alongside house on top of river bank, could of hit the house only had 8ft to play with, went safe aimed nearer the river and that's where it ended, pain in the arse getting 8-10T out of there but at least no damage to listed building. With regards to Merc versus Corsa, its all a numbers game, our business is just small fry in comparison. Suck up the increase and pass it onto customers
  6. htb

    rising costs

    Don't do work in Knightsbridge or cut smaller.
  7. Took an Oak tree out of a river at the start of the year. The whole tree root plate and all had slipped down the cliff, landed on top of 40K of wood bridge snapping it in half. It all ended up in the river. No access for large machinery took us 2 days with a 5t and a 2t digger to get it all out and on top of the bank. Bridge was burnt on site, Cost was over 2K. Oak kept for firewood.
  8. As mentioned check rod diameter and split dies are easier. IIRC do you not lubricate brass with paraffin when cutting threads?
  9. htb

    Hexa chain

    Lad I work with had 2 loops of it on his 500i 20", did not seem that impressed by it preferred standard RS chain.
  10. Nice looking, just keep them away from the marker spray....
  11. Fracture pruning?
  12. Like the extension on the ratchet strap.
  13. Pine martens breed in the wood stores, so need to alternate stores as season changes. Mind you the store is big enough to share being a covered silage pit.
  14. Was looking on fleebay as you do, reconditioned mcb for an oil Rayburn boiler £850 yikes, what price a new one?
  15. Nope multi fuel, linked to an oil boiler, which only comes on when the Rayburn can't cope on its own,
  16. Same with our Rayburn 355, Central heating, Hot water and cooking, Best £900 I've spent for a whilst, been in since 2010. Just looking for options for the future.
  17. Could not condone doing that, Greta and the thought police would be after me.
  18. No back boiler option I fear.
  19. I take it you can no longer get multi fuel Rayburn stoves? and Esse.
  20. htb


    Yes you can get them in the UK, but you wont be using them on my jobs too noisy.
  21. Think its a sambron, drove one in the mid 80's
  22. Not just me then, also too tight to spend the money on more chunks of aluminium.
  23. Yes. Mix Spiderjack 2 and VT on different ropes.
  24. htb

    What should I get?

    On or off road as well. 1-2 ton bags, filled with what sand or logs? 2wd or 4wd?


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