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  1. Technically they are still valid, though trainers would probably recommend a refresher. Do you just have saw maintenance.
  2. Can you remember it hatching
  3. IIRC the handing out of methadone started before the SNP were in control, so its not happened exclusively their on their watch. By saying handing out Drugs I was referring to cocaine meth etc, not methadone
  4. I think he was considering the SW as well but someone put him off the idea🙂 Must admit Livingston would not be high on my list of places to move to, a bit like Ballingry/Lochgelly area of Fife.
  5. Didn't realise the SNP handed out the drugs, I'm not a SNP fan BTW. Was in Port Glasgow chemists the other day picking up a perscription for mum, sad to see the locals coming in for their methadone dose, what a way to live.
  6. Affirmative in the majority of cases
  7. Back to sleeps Stubbs, no rollers its a gravity fed machine....
  8. Foot ascender and a HAAS ascender or copy of the latter
  9. My 150 blades are torqued to 45ft/lbs IIRC
  10. What did you google, a M8 8.8 bolt or a 10.9 one as different torque figures for each.
  11. htb

    Neat Freak

    One for sale on treebay at the moment, couple of mths use for £60, says it all.
  12. htb

    576xp oil leak

    Yes. Probably need a splitter/press to separate push out crank @spudulike
  13. htb

    576xp oil leak

    Probably the gasket between the two halves.
  14. How blunt were the old blades?
  15. A Goshawk took a pidgeon in my mothers garden last week, fascinating watch for 20mins, this was in Renfrewshire, we also have them regularly at ours in Aberdeenshire.
  16. htb

    Chainsaw Spike Bar

    Is it the operator? Have you used both saws yourself or vice versa? Sorry if already been covered.
  17. htb


    Trainee sumo's by the look of them.
  18. htb

    Neat Freak

    At least it would be a nice coloured alloy and not plastic...
  19. Mine was clean when it came down to you............ish
  20. Was that just before they were due to snap in half?
  21. Thought that was a service you provided......
  22. Roys, you will be wearing a full blown tin hat soon.
  23. htb

    Neat Freak

    Mark your a tight git, fair enough if your from north of the border, but your in the affluent S/E.
  24. htb

    Neat Freak

    Think there was a thread on here about it a whilst ago, found it. General feeling was negative.


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