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  1. Great bloke, very easy to get along with. Cracks on, approaches work intelligently, works to a high standard, and good with customer relations. Enjoyed working with him.
  2. Shame about all those nails! How're you getting on with the Logosol? I have my eye on the same model and wondered what you thought of yours? Cheers. Will
  3. Very nice, they'll turn out really well I'm sure. Hope to see the finished product!
  4. Beautiful. What're your plans for it?
  5. Sounding very tempting! Looking at the pictures of them there's a little first aid symbol on the back of the trousers, is that on a belt loop or is it an attachment point for a first aid kit?
  6. Cheers for the suggestion Mike, I hadn't come across those ones before. Definitely a reasonable price, don't mind the red actually! It tends to dull down after getting covered in muck a few times fortunately.
  7. Cheers Alex. I'll take a good look at the Innovations too.
  8. Cheers David. In terms of weight, are they pretty standard for type A's? Side note - Interesting looking tree in the picture!
  9. As per title. Anyone had experience with these? Pros, cons? After some new trousers and these caught my eye. Cheers in advance!
  10. Good specs on the new Defender. Just a shame about the price - too precious to consider doing any work with. I don't think it looks awful though, it's grown on me. Do prefer the old shape though. The 90 reminds me a bit of the new SWB Landcruiser.
  11. A wooden, belt mounted holster wouldn't be difficult to make either
  12. Theraband Gold is great stuff for the twang. Bicycle innertube is decent too. If you're any good at sewing you could knock up a pouch out of some old canvas perhaps.
  13. We did have in mind sorting out work with Hi Line, which would certainly warrant the tracked chipper. But we don't have any intention of putting our eggs in one basket, and a piece of kit like that would need to be regularly paying for itself and earning it's keep. This is very much an idea at the moment and we're looking into other avenues of work too. Thanks for your input!
  14. Hi Steve, thanks for your thoughts. Hard truths and outside perspective are what's needed- it's easy to get wrapped up in your own ideas. Yes it would be a 50/50 split. In terms of rates, do you say that based on our area, or is it just a general industry wide issue? I definitely understand what you're saying about being lucky with the clientel. May I ask if this is from your own personal experience doing similar? We're clearly very much in the realms of this being an idea, so this is very helpful in deciding whether it's something worth pursuing. Cheers! Will


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