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  1. We did have in mind sorting out work with Hi Line, which would certainly warrant the tracked chipper. But we don't have any intention of putting our eggs in one basket, and a piece of kit like that would need to be regularly paying for itself and earning it's keep. This is very much an idea at the moment and we're looking into other avenues of work too. Thanks for your input!
  2. Hi Steve, thanks for your thoughts. Hard truths and outside perspective are what's needed- it's easy to get wrapped up in your own ideas. Yes it would be a 50/50 split. In terms of rates, do you say that based on our area, or is it just a general industry wide issue? I definitely understand what you're saying about being lucky with the clientel. May I ask if this is from your own personal experience doing similar? We're clearly very much in the realms of this being an idea, so this is very helpful in deciding whether it's something worth pursuing. Cheers! Will
  3. Cheers for your thoughts. Most people that we know of who we'd be interested in working for don't have a tracked chipper, so we had been looking at that as perhaps being a bit of a niche/ gain us some advantage. The firms that do have one are very large as tree companies go, and regularly have work (and quickly taking on big new contracts so need extra people regularly) which requires a tracked chipper. A mini digger has been another thought. Perhaps 1.5t. Being able to cut and stack, auger attachment for fencing etc. The quality of our work is high, and so to a point of course we'd hope that in itself would bring us work. Appreciate you taking the time to comment! Will
  4. Hello everyone, Myself and a friend are looking to start subbing as a two man team. We'd be happy to sub into domestic, conservation, forestry and utility work, possibly rail and highways further down the line. We're based on the Cornwall/ Devon border. Looking into equipping ourselves with a tracked chipper. I was wondering if any of you have done something similar, and what advice you might offer to us? Looking back, what would you have done differently to start out with? Many thanks in advance! Will
  5. Hello all. As per title I'm looking to do some work on saturdays if anyone needs a groundie, or help with gardening or woodland management work. I'm based in Gunnislake so local work is ideal, but will travel 45/60 mins to site. Will bring ground saw and rescue kit. Can bring hedgecutter/ backpack blower if required. I turn up on time and don't use my phone outside breaks. Please leave me a message on here for my phone number, or contact me at will.rj.ingleton@gmail.com £150 a day. Cheers! Will. CS30, 31, 38, MEWP, UA1 UA2, First Aid, RHS level 2, HCC Advanced Garden Design
  6. Thanks guys. Will have a look at them tomorrow. What type of grease is best for the task?
  7. That's certainly odd! I thought at first that could have been what was happening
  8. Hi everyone, As per title I've got an issue with my 2010 Ranger. If I turn full lock whilst moving, or bump down a kerb I get this nasty crunchy type of sound from the front left of the vehicle. It doesn't happen all the time, but fairly regularly. I've had a look underneath and can't see anything obvious, but I'm not that great with vehicles. Any thoughts are welcome and appreciated, cheers! Will
  9. So much to look forward too! Thanks for the great info. I'll be planning days out around theses places 😀
  10. I'll be indulging. Where would you recommend that's local for a real banger of a pasty then?
  11. I see myself as being a Devon crimpy sort of guy I think. Not fond of too much pastry on it's own. I'm learning a lot here!
  12. Is a crimp something different to a pasty? Or is it a 'style' of pasty with less pastry? I have a lot to learn it would seem!
  13. PS it wasn't too noisy/vibratey


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