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  1. Horrible looking things as Harvey b says just a defender by name , look like a jeep
  2. Well done mick, a hornbeam will tolerate getting hit hard
  3. Why did you buy another forst, if you were already having issues with the first one ???
  4. Tipmaster are quality and very expensive
  5. Think you got your sentences round the wrong way there mick
  6. No he won't, because in the next two days I won't be shifting that ash tree , I'll be home by 3 at the latest and after wages earn't more than they will
  7. Oh well , from 1200 to 3500 at least the client knows he could do a bit of haggling for cash now.
  8. All well and good, but we're all running business's, it's not a competition,
  9. So saying a decent climber would get it down in day and charging 12 -1400 ,yes you would ,but the trees worth double that , and that price is just devaluing the industry we're all trying to make a living from
  10. Surely if everyone had that train of thought ( better not replant because ganoderma was present in the vicinity ) then not many trees would get planted.
  11. Yeah it certainly took some Time , I did have a bit of ago with a sanding disc on a drill, I then put the drill in a vice and screwed the bowl to the disc and sanded by hand with the bowl spinning, but they're the first to I've made so pretty pleased with the result.
  12. No lathe, just a ms 150 using the tip of the bar and then sanded them and yes birch it is , amazed at the colour they ended after a good oiling
  13. So I made these with a 150 and dug the centre's out and then a lot of sanding ,surprised by the colour they ended .any ideas what timber ? I know, I took it down
  14. done a job recently ..he told us he had his door knocked and asked if he needed any gardening work done...yes he replied ...borrowed tools from his garage to do work ...they then told him his house had damp ...ohhhh..can you sort it .....yes ..but it'll be 6k for the machine required......ok I'll get you the money ...never to be seen again......and he's a solicitor


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If you would like to contribute to making this industry more effective and safe then welcome.
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