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  1. done a job recently ..he told us he had his door knocked and asked if he needed any gardening work done...yes he replied ...borrowed tools from his garage to do work ...they then told him his house had damp ...ohhhh..can you sort it .....yes ..but it'll be 6k for the machine required......ok I'll get you the money ...never to be seen again......and he's a solicitor
  2. so is it ?....what do you reckon Steve???
  3. rumbled...🤣just that horrible leggy structure...horrible to reduce/climb and all just gets hung up ...anyway nepia youre normally on the money with an ident..
  4. they'd be watching and listening to your every word and movement if wanted ...a bit to big brother for my liking and you've got to pay 40 £ for the pleasure ....can they contractually make you commit to this ??
  5. I took down a sycamore that showed no signs of any rippling but internally was amazing rippling...or fiddle back as skyhuck said
  6. years ago working employed for a firm I drove the mog for 3 yrs doing all domestic work ..i hated it ...short wheel base ..didnt hold a lot of chip nowhere to put your kit when full ...stating it up ..waiting for the air to build just for a quick chip up ...so happy when I got a truck and chipper again
  7. I've had 2 pair of the innovations and I loved them so light and thin ...canopy air sound great
  8. had the cocoon pulley saver it got lost ....made one old split tale karabiner and pinto on a prussik cost peanuts compared to the 100 odd quid for the other
  9. think that's to do with the South downs not that they're pollards
  10. Hi essential , do you still have those spikes for sale bud?


  11. I looked online and then on here, then I contacted vesppassian and he taught me everything there is to know..
  12. And not paying them illegals much.......
  13. Why is Blair " certainly more successful " than Mick , seems micks done alright both sides of the channel ...but then I suppose Blair and his band of merry Mexicans are coining it it because he has a you tube channel


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