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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates, although there hasn't been much to talk about. Well over a year on, they are holding out better than anything else I've tried. I've got the sewing kit out for a couple of small bits along seams, which is pretty standard with any trousers. Considering they are half the price of most of them, that's pretty impressive. As you can see from the picture, there is minimal tearing or snagging. Hiflex's by now would look embarrassing. Not sure what else to say, apart from i'm never buying anything else ever again. (as long as the price stays low) The price is still £99+vat.
  2. alex_m

    How much should a Foreman earn?

    Around Bristol it's £80-£100 for a foreman, that's for teams bringing in £450-550 a day for two men. If it was more I'd consider going on the books again.
  3. ^ignore that, didn't notice the pictures above
  4. Looks like a 609d or 709d, both of which are 5ton+ Good trucks, million mile engines if looked after.
  5. alex_m

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    'JAH 5' - the owner of the ferrari a rasta?
  6. alex_m

    General Tree pics

    Haven't posted anything for a while, so here's a copper beech reduction. The picus scan showed that it was buggered, but they wanted to retain it. Maybe we'll see them in a few years. Had to lower almost every branch, with a pull line for when it got snagged (every time).
  7. alex_m

    stihl v husky

    yeh no problem, would rather sell to someone on here than go through the hassle and expense of ebay. let me know, i am open to offers on that price.
  8. alex_m

    stihl v husky

    i have a 395xp for sale if you're interested. based in north somerset. Husqvarna 395xp 28" Bar ArbTrader Arborists Classifieds
  9. alex_m

    General Tree pics

    Just a nice view from the other day, even better that it's on the farm where i live
  10. alex_m

    the beauty of C.O.D.I.T

    Tree inside a tree from a beech removal a couple of weeks ago.
  11. alex_m

    Scavengers locked up

    Nice work!
  12. alex_m

    2014 550xpg or 560xpg

    My 560 is an absolute animal on a 15" bar and also gets confused and thinks its a 70cc saw with the 20" bar (it has no problem with this btw).
  13. alex_m

    Sensual Arbtalk Ad Banners ...

    I can't see it (Ad Blocker) Nice to see my 200t sugi bar getting more action than me!
  14. alex_m

    Petzl sequoia buckle serious failure

    Oh dear, i'll make sure i check mine tomorrow before climbing. Glad you didn't find out it broke the hard way!
  15. alex_m

    Opinions on this reduction

    It's an ok reduction, you have left alot of growth on. but try to stick to the thirds rule (the remaining growth should be a 1/3 of the width of the branch you cut) and also don't be afraid to cut a small branch right off if it isn't adding to the shape or if you cannot achieve a decent growth point. for example to achieve a 1m reduction, often a 2m branch has to be cut off.


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