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  1. Looks like you have some nice timber there! Good luck to you !
  2. Hi we’re based just outside Derby not to far from litchfield. 07817897582
  3. Based in Derbyshire. i can get you some pictures if you like ?
  4. Hello I have one that I am selling 07817897582
  5. Climbing Arborists - Derbyshire | Arbjobs.com | Find Arb Jobs / Tree Work ARBJOBS.COM Wanted Full Time Arborist Climber in East Midlands (United Kingdom) click to... Looking for team members to join our company. Good rates of pay, good team, varied work, good equipment . based between Derby & Nottingham. Get in touch for a chat via Arb jobs - PM or 07817897582 Thanks Tom
  6. I want to say mulberry morus - Morus Nigra
  7. I missed it might try on the next one. Will it be put on the web site to rewatch / listen ?
  8. Always a winner on a Friday 👍 yeah just working with a smaller team mate which seems alright at the moment works still tricking in and got enough to do when we get back to the new normal whenever that will be ? stay safe mate and keep posting 👍👍
  9. No messing Don ! Did you leave timber on site or cart it away ? Hope your keeping well !
  10. Here’s a yew log we felled last week about 5.8 feet long and 25 inch across at its biggest point . What would be the best thing to do with it ? Alaskan or get it to someone with a bigger mill ?
  11. Thanks to those who offered to have a look for me but judging by the feed back it would be a waste of your time. Thanks anyway! Tom
  12. Cheers fellas thought it looked to good to be true!
  13. Tom Richards


    Palms 8 Tonne Forestry Trailer With 6.8 Metre Crane Tractor Forwarder WWW.EBAY.CO.UK It has 4 timber bunks, 8 pins, is braked on 2 wheels and has a steering drawbar. Evening just seen this on eBay . Do you think it’s a scam ?
  14. 👍 looks like a good bit of kit if your knocking plenty of nets out. are you based in Derbyshire duffryn ?


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