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  1. Educated guess 70% of new cars are on PCP It’s how the motor dealer makes more of a wedge from finance than the metal [emoji6]
  2. The Jag will be on a PCP He won’t own it
  3. Maybe there is some truth in that Normally drug and vaccine trials take 5 years However with this, much of the base technology & theory was in place (mRNA in cancer treatments- somebody said earlier) Then every government threw £millions at it, people stepped up to be trial participants and drug companies partnered the scientific teams readily Normally you have start with an idea, sell it to a pharma company and then sign up participating people at every stage and source funds for research- normally this can take years and years This time they had research funding, pharma and trial participants in abundance Hence the rapid development
  4. Being indignant with us all, shows you have lost your plot Good night
  5. Linking with David Icke is not a good stance
  6. Oxford AZ are doing it at cost Covax is sending vaccine to 3rd world countries for free Show me where big Pharma is raking it in ?
  7. Covid is about 4x more infectious I got that from a Vet[emoji854][emoji6][emoji23]
  8. The Oxford vaccine technology was originally developed for MERs/SARS nearly 20 years ago and more latterly 3-4 years ago for Ebola They just tweaked the protein constituents for Covid That’s all
  9. I had AZ, 10 days ago At the 36 hour point I woke up at 3am, sweating and delirious Bad Tinnitus in Left ear (same side as jab) Went back to sleep and tinnitus went away Woke up at 9am Bad headache Vomiting 3-4 times during the day Back to bed, on a work day Felt so bad at 4 pm I rang the GP and spoke to a Doc Glands up in neck Swelling on my scalp in a small area above my right ear and developed neuralgia to skin and nerve endings Everything subsided after 3-4 days - but examined by GP, who was a bit non committal - I was 100% fit beforehand Some residual scalp pain - but easing Reported via Yellow card scheme to MHRA Elderly mum and partner had Pfizer jab and both had zero side effects 2nd jab is in early May
  10. Had the AZ 6 days ago, suffering a bit ever since & last Thursday was worst, in bed all day
  11. I have found it too Never worry and just burn it when dry


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