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  1. Educated guess 70% of new cars are on PCP It’s how the motor dealer makes more of a wedge from finance than the metal [emoji6]
  2. The Jag will be on a PCP He won’t own it
  3. I have found it too Never worry and just burn it when dry
  4. Indeed Got a 2002 Toyota Hiace Van and no dpf malarkey etc Village garage that services it says it is the best era too and not to get rid They say it is a pleasure to service as there are no electronics and stuff New vehicles are a bane of their lives
  5. No, Steve it'll be something like a groundie 15" Stihl or Husky like a MS181 or the like We're finance brokers who specialise in the farm, rural and agricultural marketplace and we're 'branching' (pun intended) into the arb and forestry marketplace too
  6. Ok, will do that Or a £300 voucher for PPE, at a leading Arb Industry supplier?
  7. Our firm is exhibiting for the first time at this show https://www.apfexhibition.co.uk/ We were wondering about having a prize draw for visitors and giving away a decent prize like a Stihl or Husky 'groundie' saw for £300-£400 Is there any restrictions in giving a chainsaw away as a prize at an ARB trade show ? Is there a protocol we should follow - re professional users o18 only can enter? Looking for guidance and opinion from yourselves
  8. Most of the time you'll not have a problem I do 60 on A roads in my Invincible and pass quite a few Scamera Vans
  9. NFU reduced their premium at renewal by £100 per vehicle last month (all insured separately) Business ins came down House Ins came down too Happy days Phoned up this week to add my just turned 17 yo lad onto the wife's car and they'll charge a few hundred to add him as a accompanied learner Great service - the best
  10. Never heard a thing, but mine is the older Hilux 3 litre, so under the 2040kgs (Mass in Service is quoted as 2055kg on V5c, so once driver,fluids are deducted it's less than 2040kgs) However I did do a SAC Course last week (speeding on bike) and did ask them and took my vehicle papers along specifically They said 'generally' double cabs were allowed to do car speed limits....solo However as vehicles like the Willdtrak/Amarok v6 were getting heavier, it was something that was now coming under scrutiny They advised it was better to err on the side of caution and adopt LGV speed limits of 50/60/70 to be on the safe side
  11. Most popular is Hire Purchase in the rural industry
  12. My new Hilux Auto has covered 4500 miles now and the mpg (measured at each fill up, via the Fuelly phone app) has averaged 32.2mpg over that total mileage. No towing and has a Mountain Top fitted On a run it gets 35 mpg and the measured fuel is actually quite similar to the onboard monitor


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