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  1. My 357xp is in need of some TLC, which I will be doing. In the meantime I'm looking to get a similarly matched saw, what could be recommended? Currently had thoughts of the Husqvarna 560xp or Stihl ms 271, ms 291, ms 391 (I know the ms 271 is a smaller saw but seen a lot recently being used).
  2. Thanks for some of the tips, at the moment I was looking at having a base hourly rate, then from that an add on charge for petrol oil, time to service the saw at the end of the day that kind of thing. It wont be the only thing I do, mainly itll be dry stone walling and the like. Currently only have a small tree felling ticket, but hope to get the larger tickets before the business starts and will only do ground work rather than climbing (hopefully lessen insurance and not be too much competition to full tree surgeons)
  3. Looking at hopefully starting up as self employed/business fairly soon. What are people rates they charge/how do you work out the costings
  4. BeanWoody

    Tyre help

    Thats pretty good going, at the moment I'd be lucky to reach that sort of millage with them. Were thesse the Insa Turbo's or a different tyre?
  5. BeanWoody

    Tyre help

    The Insa Turbo Ranger's and Mountain's are meant to be A/T rated at 50% road and 50% off road. The others I've looked at were Malatesta Koala A/T, General Grabber A/T and GT Radial Adventuro A/T. Prefer A/T's rather than muds as I cant afford to have a mud set and a "road" set, plus in theory theyd have a longer life rather than the muds being shredded on the road.
  6. Wow a nice little mix, currently munch my way through a lunch box twice the size as it should be just to fill me up, so looking at other ideas in an attempt to get a little "healthy".
  7. BeanWoody

    Tyre help

    I'm on 265/70 R16 with a mix of old brands, thinking of getting Insa Turbo Rangers on 265/75 R16 or even sticking with the same size but on the Insa Turbo's. Hoping to get to the garage in the morning to see what they suggest/can get hold of.
  8. BeanWoody

    Tyre help

    Also, the current set are on alloys - would it be better to put the new set on the alloys or have them put on steels? - as will be keeping 2 of the current tyres due to available wear left
  9. What do people pack for their lunches other than the classics (sandwich, crisps, biscuit and fruit)?
  10. BeanWoody

    Tyre help

    Have a Nissan Navara, and need to replace the tyres. Will be working off tracks, through fields, green lanes, over open moorland and the like so will have to be all terrain. Current set (what I brought it with) are 16", and the manual states to use 16 or 17's - have people gone with anything bigger or better to stick to the book. Also what sets do people use: new or reclaimed? and specific brands that are good everywhere?
  11. Have a couple of Beech trees thats I've taken down and are ready to log up. How much do people sell a level pick up load for? Do people charge extra for delivery or set a small radios from the site/yard?
  12. Originally looking at a cheap splitting axe to start off with but come to conlusion it would be better off investing more for better quality. Many have said theFiskars axes are good, but what are peoples opinion of the new Husqvarna/Gardena axes?
  13. Have you had much feedback about the new husqvarna axes mainly the splitters?


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