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  1. wyk

    Anyone got a coil for a 288xp?

    Spark is rather easy to test for. I rewired it twice to be sure. Also used a tachometer. No spark.
  2. wyk

    Anyone got a coil for a 288xp?

    That's the device I'm talking about - the secondary.
  3. wyk

    Anyone got a coil for a 288xp?

    We'll just have to hope a round robin may pole barter session begins.
  4. wyk

    Anyone got a coil for a 288xp?

    I replaced this one less than 4 years ago. But it looks like it's had a short in the lead ever since. It was small enough no one spotted it, and I think that may have killed the secondary coil. I wouldn't have suspected it if I hadn't ran it in the rain where it died and wouldn't restart. It was living on the farm in Waterford the last 3 years. It was intermittent at first, too. They thought they were just flooding it(which was also likely happening). I have the saw in my possession now, and just finished rewiring it and replaced the aftermarket carb with a nice Tilly C model. I have been trying desperately to get them to buy a new saw so I can retire this poor thing, but no avail.
  5. I have a couple of new loops of new Oregon 84DL 3/8 chain for trade(I think they are 063 so one EXL and one 75lpx). I just don't wanna spend any more cash on this 288 as it's killing me as it is I was gonna say it was nickel and diming me to death, but I have a feeling that doesn't mean much here
  6. wyk

    572 users - experience

    This happened:
  7. wyk

    Husqvarna 395xp real or fake ?

    Was just down the local shop today. Was considering a 395 since our 288 is nothing but problems. The one we saw was made in Brasil, complete with the fake-looking serial plaque. €1250 for the PHO is what they wanted.
  8. wyk

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    This is out littlest boy. Some sort of a whippet lurcher, maybe crozzed with a rodent of some type. Hard to tell. Nearly blind, the poor lad. He's here giving a proud little roo for his walk:
  9. wyk

    Echo 2511 woes?

    Did you just insult Scotland? Speaking of, is it just me or are the midges already out? No more dresses then.
  10. wyk

    Echo 2511 woes?

  11. wyk

    Echo 2511 woes?

    As long as it isn't venting directly on to the plastic, these little Echos(361wes here) seem to enjoy whatever exhaust opening you can give them. I made a gap in the cover large enough to stick your finger in. I also drilled straight through the baffle that usually holds the cat(which I removed) so that the exhaust has a direct shot out to the cover. A bit loud, but not too bad. Runs freakin great, tho. And she likes to dance!
  12. wyk

    Husqvarna 395xp real or fake ?

    There's a pretty good metric most of us use for telling when a salesman is lying...
  13. wyk

    Husqvarna 395xp real or fake ?

    Perhaps this might help: http://www.gardeningaids.co.nz/promo/HusqCounterfeit-Warning.pdf ETA - if you want new stock 395's(until they are gone), you pretty much have to go with a Brazilian one. They stopped making them in Swedland a while back now. At least that's what my local dealer claims. And the date stamp on that 395 you have there is 2018. So it isn't NOS. If it's real...
  14. wyk

    Sugi hara bar

    Most of what I cut was second growth in Oregon and Washington states. BC still has some old growth, so you'll see a lot more folks up there carrying a 394 or 660/661 with a 36" bar. I assume the ones in the vids using 288's are putting us on. It's a pain to restart that thing all day long in the field(even though I now use one for firewood). A 390 or 385xp is a better choice. I mainly used an 046 or 385xp with a 28 or 32" bar wearing square chain. The local saw service in Willamina, OR would do 6 chains sharpened for 25 bucks at the time if you did the rakers yourself. I rarely went through 4 in a day cutting clean wood. I tried sharpening it by hand, but I was never happy with the results. If I had to resharpen myself I would often just grind it down to round with a Oregon battery grinder. I was, and am, mostly shit at hand sharpening with square files. ETA - Never cut thru the tape, but I prolly have pulled at least two dozen nails from the end of it. Very frustrating.


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