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  1. I've just acquired a nice laserliner moisture master which has a data base of timber. Whilst the like of Ash, oak,.plum, cherry walnut and such are catered for but not some others. Is their a database of timbers which show appropriate similarity between them? So my meter has Poplar, but I've a slab of Eucalyptus I want to measure and that seems the most fitting option? Any help or opinions appreciated
  2. So a little update. The plank with the water on, at this stage looks ok but will soon take the water butts off. The one which was steamed with the floor steam cleaner I needed to move as it was a pain getting in and out of the shed. Now I am thoroughly impressed! Before I could get my whole hand under the cup, now barely a finger. There are a few areas which show a bit of it still but it has made the slab useful again. In the hot weather forecast next week i am going to wet it again and place under some butyl liner to get some good heat in. This method worked well the other day on a small board and feel that it may help out on the edges of the big board. Real pleased ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Better things to be doing ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. I spent a considerable time keepingthe board wet in a makeshift swamp out of some butyl liner. The weight was sufficient as the board was flat on the ladder. I've another nice board, and have experimented with a steam floor cleaner. I soaked the board with approximately 10 kettles of boiling water which I covered with more butyl as the sun was out keeping it warm. I then spent an afternoon steaming my plank. It worked extremely well considering with only one large burr not wanting to budge. Currently weighed down with two sacks of corn, dustbin full of corn,fence post mix and air compressor ๐Ÿ˜… Looks pretty good. Might need to underscore the burr to bend it though. Weather or not it stays true I don't know, wait and see I suppose ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  5. Board has been soaked, and currently has 350ltr of water in two butts on top of the plank. The plank was placed on a ladder section and wedged accordingly to make sure it didn't sag. Wondering how long ill need to leave it?
  6. Yes, lightly cupped and Crooked if that is the same as longitudinal ๐Ÿ˜‰ The majority 0f the other 8 boards are pretty fair and within tolerance. This being an outer board has moved a fair amount. I also was a little lazy on stickers as I was short and didn't strap the stack when stored
  7. It is the full longitudinal lenght, the more I've looked at it today whilst wire brushing out the burr, I think I'll cut in to quarters, then I'll level each sufficiently on one face and then I'll leave a gap in between each quarter when i do the resin. The cup over the length is 38mm in the center
  8. 7ft just under I think without measuring
  9. Sitting here thinking about it, I could I suppose cut in to a quater and resin infill the joints to make it look part of it ๐Ÿค”
  10. This is longitudinal cupping, so same procedure, cut in half?
  11. Some of you may recall 5 years ago a nice big burr oak I I milled, I've now taken a look at the boards and the majority have stayed within tolerance for working with one way or another. One or two of the outer boards with some lovely figure has about an 1-1.5" cup in the centre and with the board only 2" tops not enough to run out on a router sled. So, I am thinking or soaking the dry board in water for a few weeks again, then applying some weight as required to hold fast until It dries. Is this a reasonable assumption? I may or may not get the full curvature out but it would make working with epoxy possible I'd hope. Its certainly to good to throw away so any advice most welcome ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Big Beech

    GB Bars

    What chains are people running on the 54" bars? Standard stihl Rs or Oregon skip chisel / micro?
  13. Thanks, I've watched my fair share of videos on the tube too. Anyone have recommendations for a cheap router and what type of bit I need? Trying to keep the whole build as cheap as possible, as I'll need everythin from scratch. Ebay seems to list many varieties, what do I ideally need?
  14. Big Beech

    GB Bars

    Surprised that 880 has the balls to drag that, or have you dropped sprocket size and full skip or hyper skip chain?
  15. I've some big oak rounds I am thinking of doing some table tops with. My plan is to ring them in to 5" disk and machine back to 3-4". Firstly, do you think the rings would hold and not split down the grain? I'd then cover and fill gaps with resin, sand then clear apoxy to finish. Any insight welcomed and any pictures of sled or table rounds.


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