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  1. Thanks, I don't know if I'd trust the over hang to not being broken off. I'll have a look at there requirements.
  2. I'll need ro see how delivery will work out due to the fact they are over pallet size... Smallest on average is 1400x1600 Larger ones are 1400 x 1900 or there abouts
  3. 2 possibly 3 sold, which includes the darker one pictured. Awaiting on confirmation as to which ones. Majority cut at 70mm, 2 x60. One of the 60mm ones is a bit wonky as it just wouldn't cut true in places. 7 in total
  4. There was only a small part that I did, I had it to hand so that was what I used. Its right inside a crack, that van be seen in the first picture right down the bottom
  5. Depending upon how you look at it. I threw it in the greenhouse and forgot about it, 15 minutes with the router and 20 sanding on a wet afternoon. Easy bit of money
  6. A round that I flattened with my router sled, been cooking in the wife's greenhouse all summer and is nice and dry! 540 x 370 x 50 Sanded to 120 and wet sanded at 120. Three coats of mineral oil, and some small areas stabilised with CA glue. Supplied with soft rubber feet. Hopefully this one is sold already.
  7. Nope, sanded to 80 grit only and finished with screwfix own brand clear decking oil.
  8. The last of my simple benches i made for around the fire pit. Again wrc and legs provided from same source as the others. Using my router sled I cut out 3" grooves across the outer edge of the slab for each leg identically.
  9. Wasn't that big Oak log was shared on the fb arbtalk page? The general consensus from the pictures provided was it looked rotten as hell, and that picture of you stood in front of the end seems to confirm that?
  10. Again, my apologies for another picture, but managed to mill the last 820mm wrc this morning and made use of last couple of boards from a smaller tree. So now have a set of wrc dining benches and table.
  11. Not milling as such, but made use of some of the wrc, new outside table ive been hassled about for a while and part one of two benches for it. The table legs are from Ebay, sufficient for the task just about but not as sturdy as I was hoping / expecting 🤷‍♂️ Bench stands where expensive, does anybody have any other sources of comparable options?
  12. Nothing much new to report on the milling front, got stuck in to a 820 wide WRC for some external tables. One will be for home, the long one on the back of the vehicle was for a client and one other sold of the trio.


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