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  1. Will Heal

    pants shat

    Definitely someone pulling too hard
  2. Will do. If it is does that mean a new bar? I’ll try and get some pics tomorrow
  3. Cheers rough, I thought it was my sharpening! Might have to invest in a grinder, need a shed first thou! At the moment I only have a outdoor workbench
  4. Milling some oak today, it’s a bit rotten but hopefully be some usable timber. Why am I getting a rough finish on the cut, is it the way I sharpen? Saw cuts fine across the grain!
  5. Used to cut up a lot of wood with nails in it with my dad, we just used a saw horse and chainsaw try and spot the nails first!
  6. I would go with the 170, nice simple little saw, I had no problems with mine, I used to use it for hedgelaying
  7. Don’t think my 2” Alaskan would cope with that [emoji53]
  8. Having a barbi tonight, if I had my way I’d cook outside most of the summer
  9. That old Jonsered, skip tooth chain on a 36 inch bar and an Alaskan sawmill. Biggest boards there are 24 inch wide
  10. Was hopingthey might become splated but probably not. Need to cover them from the sunlight and paint the ends as well
  11. That saw milled the lot. Good old saw!
  12. Milled these beech boards up last week. I haven’t stickered them yet but was wondering weather to bother, maybe I’ll get some nice spalting?
  13. Looks like their are pros and cons to which ever way you deal with brash. But leaving it onsite in piles is good for wildlife, and perhaps cheaper for the customer than a long drag. Some interesting points on this thread though


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