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  1. Will Heal

    small branch disposal South London

    Maybe have a small bonfire
  2. Will Heal

    Climber looking for work SE Wales

    My girlfriend lives there, so moving to be with her, it would be handy to have a few people to contact, thanks!
  3. Will Heal

    Climber looking for work SE Wales

    I am moving to Abergavenny in April and will be looking for climbing or ground work. At the moment I live in Wiltshire and I do a mix of my own work and subbing to other tree surgeons. I’ve been climbing for 10 years and have all my climbing tickets and HGV license. Have all my own kit including saws, climbing and rigging kit, 4x4 pick up and Pedestrian stump grinder. Pm me on here or my number is 07917725646 Thanks Will
  4. Will Heal

    Tree inspired silver

  5. Will Heal

    Tree inspired silver

    My girlfriend is starting to make silver & gold jewellery, here are a few of her pieces. The big ring she gave me for my birthday with trees on is sandcast, hence the rustic look! The other ring is also sand cast formed by hawthorn twigs we collected in the Forest of Dean with a sapphire set in it and the necklace is made to look like ivy, I think they’re great, but what does everyone think of them
  6. Will Heal

    Post and Rail

    Wasn’t suggesting stock net, just plain wire. We fenced fields for ponies on exmoor with it. Personally I can’t see the problem with using barbed, stop the buggers rubbing it so much
  7. Will Heal

    Post and Rail

    Bridgemans at Newton st petroc would as good a place as any to buy it.
  8. Will Heal

    Post and Rail

    That’ll be expensive! If they’re only ponies then post and plain wire fence should do
  9. Will Heal

    Husky vs Stihl

    Buy a 365. It will last you 20 years plus
  10. Will Heal

    Single pole technique

    Where can I get a hook like that for my stein poles?
  11. Will Heal

    Northern Arb ...... Please wake up .

    Ordered some saw trousers from honey brothers on Sunday, got a text Monday saying they didn’t have them in stock and would be a couple days, has them delivered yesterday. Great service, great communication. Thanks HB!!
  12. Will Heal

    Tree identification

    Maybe could be a rowan
  13. Will Heal

    Cypress and horses?

    Leylandii is perfectly safe for horses. It would be handy to have a list of species that aren’t tho. I’ll start it off with Sycamore Yew Laurel Cotoneaster Any more? What do people know about ivy? Some horse owners won’t have it and some say their horses enjoy eating the leaves and it’s harmless
  14. Will Heal

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Thanks David, is it quite rare? Or have I just missed spotting it !


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