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  1. Looks like their are pros and cons to which ever way you deal with brash. But leaving it onsite in piles is good for wildlife, and perhaps cheaper for the customer than a long drag. Some interesting points on this thread though
  2. I’ve been thinking about this recently as well. Piling the brash onsite is the the best option as it rots down slowly and realises carbon slowly, it also creates anature pile good for the bugs, if you can’t then a bonfire is carbon neutral as you are not burning any fossil fuels, taking the brush away on a trailer then nature piling it would be next best but who has the space in a yard for that, taking it away on a trailer and burning it of site is probably releases less carbon than chipping and removing but you’re not supposed to do it, chipping onsite saves a bit of diesel carting it home. We need to make chipping and removing the exception, not the norm
  3. Thanks for that, I’ll let him know
  4. A friend of mine planted some lime trees a couple of years ago and this year they have developed black spots on the leaves, he would like to know what it is and if he can do anything about it, Thanks Will
  5. It’s only a medium sized ash, basic rigging gear could be just an old climbing line, use the trees crotches for friction or wrap around the trunk. That’s as complicated as it needs to be. You could add in a pulley at the top so you can pull cut branches up if need be
  6. So this means that when I’m climbing and pruning a small apple tree in Mrs miggins garden I will need to have two anchor points at all times and a third when I’m cutting? What is the point of that? I’ve been there done this when I worked for SSE and it just frustrates me and other climbers. It should be the climbers choice if he/she wants to use two lines
  7. If your planting them that big I wouldn’t have thought they need a shelter, that is a different way of planting trees but if it work then great [emoji106]!
  8. It wasn’t my job, I was asking for someone else, not sure whether it did get done or not
  9. Been using both recently, what you want is a cross between the two. If only forst would replace the touch buttons with the Timberwolf buttons it would be a great machine! I wonder weather you could do that yourself
  10. I won £100 arborwear voucher in the Arbtalk Xmas raffle about 4 years ago. Got myself 4 green polo shirts with my name and logo embroidered on them, so comfy, stain resistant and hard wearing great shirts!
  11. My cousin is putting in an application to build on this plot and has asked me for advice on whether or not the building will affect the trees or the trees will affect the building? I’m not sure which. I think he wants a letter from an arboricuturalist saying the building won’t affect the trees. Is there anyone in the bide/Bideford/hart land area who could perhaps give him some advice? By the looks of it the trees are just scrappy hedgerow trees, nothing special
  12. Mines rolled into an old type mini tyre, bit smaller and not as bulky as you think, it’s a good way to store it


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