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  1. Before I join in I've not read the final paperwork but I was lead to believe that on first ascent and final decent both lines had to reach the floor, once in the canopy a 2nd short line would suffice. Did I miss something that got changed?
  2. Thanks David, I'm intending on getting both clearer pictures and a segment the next time I'm there Sent from my HTC One M9 using Arbtalk mobile app
  3. Found on Holm Oak Stuck between Ganoderma sp. or Heterobasidion Annosum.. or am I way off? Thx in advance guys Martyn Sent from my HTC One M9 using Arbtalk mobile app
  4. All I know is the setup I was going to buy my little girl this summer has gone up in price due to it being a us to uk import, the larger impact will only truly start to show once it all settles down (possibly way after the actual trigger and likely the next general election) but as for now my littlen has to wait for her harness which she's a little gutted about as am I. #treelife #treeissues
  5. Cost me a tenner extra.. don't know if getting it sent to my residence made a difference or not.. when asked if it was business address or home I put home (because it is).. May have been sent as a personal item but do it my way and it'll be a tenner or so
  6. It's not too bad waiting for the flight over.. just bought a rope runner and worse for me was the weekend while it sat in Indianapolis haha I'm happy to use tree stuff, let's face it my phone case and magnet for car came from China.. small world nowadays
  7. My wife still comments after over a years use that she's amazed the fuel in the back of the car doesn't stink love aspen
  8. Standard call out repair is £130, however I'm not sure when alarms are involved.. Can't see it costing more to add a new line.. that said if anyone can make it cost more bt will haha
  9. Congratz on the lady Mr Fox, and of course happy Friday mate
  10. MWArb

    Sugihara bars

    Loving mine on the 540
  11. Couldn't care less about the price Rob.. Sugi bars.. Plus I click.. you send.. and I don't even need my brain to order the right bits
  12. I very much enjoy our conversations on training and the industry we work and play in, while every student takes away something new each visit.
  13. Awsome way to end the year.. nothing like a visit from silky fox to add an extra buzz about the place.. Fantastic day Paul as I've come to expect from your visits.. the students feed off your love of both training and Arboriculture, as do I. Great to finally ascend a tree together and never more fun than instructing at the same time.
  14. It's not a cs39 no, these guys are just wrapping up their first year of a level 3 deploma in Forestry and Arboriculture.. we also run other options, a good level 2 which gives 2 days a week practical and several options on both ie 1 year, 2 year and various numbers of credits on both... On all we train to nptc standard and give the options to take those tickets for fee of assessment.. Best to contact Riseholme College and ask prices, I'll get a full list of options and prices as soon as I can should anyone need.


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