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  1. Thanks for the input, the intention is to leave 1 bag out on the base to create a channel for the hot air so it dries like a drying floor and dry it in sections 4 bags wide and 4 or 5 deep, I’ll be selling from the far end which got what little summer we had so I’m working my way to the back, I’ve found a few 1m (36k m3 an hr) axial fans online which should be enough to blow the condensation out the end and I’m looking to use Something like the yellow flexible hose that can be easily moved around. I thought about the vinyl tarps laid on top to hold the heat a bit but decided that might just create mouldy logs.
  2. £140 a cube hardwood £120 soft £110 90x90 hard £46 barrow hard, £44 soft incl vat and delivery
  3. With the airflow from the fans and trying to just dry the centre 4 rows I’m wondering whether it would work same as the drying floors, I’m not after 6 days Drying I have plenty waste I can use so 4,5,6 weeks I have enough to get me to Christmas I’m just going to be short the other side.
  4. Looking at the Talbotts 150kw and lasco 400kw biomass furnaces for drying logs and maybe some boards off the mill, anyone want to put their tuppence worth in? Whether the put out enough heat to dry in the polytunnel or if I need to buy in some containers
  5. Logsnstuff


    Open by arrangement. will take any brashed timber preferably cut as long as possible.
  6. No pics yet, can’t get machine across his fields as we have had about 6-7 weeks non stop rain, I will need a few days frost or a month of dry.
  7. It’s ring shake, it’s on very sandy ground on the top of a hill and there’s been a lot of movement with the wind.
  8. A parcel of oak is coming up 150yr old trees, thinking about making an offer but not sure what current value is approx 300 tons but there could be as much as 50% shake from the small sample felled.
  9. I’m charging £128 a cube bag and £98 for a 3/4 and if I had work for the forwarder I wouldnt do them at all, every year there’s more and more starting up slashing prices £60 roadside atm for birch makes you wonder how they can sell at £60 a cube delivered.
  10. What’s the running cost?
  11. If I remember correctly these were hawthorn I cut back in july.
  12. I bonfired 250 ton of the stuff, found it awful as firewood, only way I could get it to burn was mixed with some spruce. Stick it on the sawmill or chip it.
  13. more importantly they started fast food with street stalls advertising and trade marks calendar currency but you would have preferred roman concrete I believe the stuff used for the Colosseum is still fluid in the centre.


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