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  1. Natural Eco Hardwood Charcoal in 2.5kg , 8kg and 10kg Bags

    looks like latvia
  2. Beware Stuff Inside Trees!

    more importantly they started fast food with street stalls advertising and trade marks calendar currency but you would have preferred roman concrete I believe the stuff used for the Colosseum is still fluid in the centre.
  3. how did you guys do it

    yes because quite a few come back and tell you how bad the logs were and then next cheap guy they are of again to try him
  4. how did you guys do it

    best advice is don't do it, as you can see there are many part timers who will undercut on price, there are very few loyal customers most of them always want to try the new cheap guy. couple of years ago someone supposedly started a rumour we had gone out of business and our sales dropped off about 50% without anyone ever contacting us to see if it was true and while you get this kind of thing in all sectors firewood seems to have very tight margins so it can really hurt.
  5. cardboard boxes for kindling

    I did carboard boxes about 5 years ago and like others have said was too expensive.
  6. How much slower to process hardwood?

    wish I could sell more than half a dozen bags of softwood a year, takes me anywhere from 12 min to 40 min to fill a 90x90 depending on where the hardwood came from, usually oak, beech or birch occasional sycamore. treated myself to an infrared thermometer few weeks back and I tested it on some 2 year seasoned beech from the polytunnel with the stove shut down was getting 359C I then tried it with doug fir that's about 7 year old out of the log store and was getting 371C
  7. Hybrid Poplar For Firewood

    I had about 200 ton of hybrid poplar and bonfired about 180 ton of it nobody would take it even offered it free of charge to a guy with a big chipper for biomass and he wasn't interested, from my experience one thing you will find is those saying it burns ok are very much in the minority.
  8. EU Imported firewood into the UK

    whos going to compete on price, if we paid wages like the Baltics it would be classed as slave labour.
  9. Firewood launcher

    what's wrong with a simple standalone conveyor
  10. Wholesale kiln-dried log supplier wanted

    nobody in the UK is going to compete with European prices when they pay their workforce 250 euro a month and all the other costs involved at similar levels.
  11. I'm using the hiab on the delivery truck and just make the strap very short.
  12. Posch log deck

    1m billets you gotta watch out being so short when you feed forward and back a few times they can get outa shape and fall between the chains but wouldn't have a processor without a deck
  13. I don't bother with pallets I do have a ladder but I find the bags don't move even when pulling on them to climb up. the few pallets in the pic were from first filling the tunnel I stopped with them after about 4 rows
  14. Firewood supplier Dalavich, Loch Awe?

    doesn't look any further than my runs to mallaig so I can manage that 8x 90x90 bags a trip with seasoned hardwood.
  15. Oak price

    I'm selling mine way too cheap then most of my oak goes at £3 £3.50hf


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